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On March 19, 2018, this creator contest was started. To submit your level into this page, put it into the table with your name and a link to the level.

The level name on Kongregate should have some indication that it is part of the Creator Contest. The use of multicolor and bouncy tiles is allowed in the level. These levels should be meant for use in the game, and in the description, the place where the level it meant to be played in the game can be mentioned, and will be considered.

Do not forget to test and verify your level to show that it can be completed.

Creator Link Intended Characters Desired position Discussion
Fivebee2 Just about anyone Discussion Bunny Discussion
Huggaso All Characters Discussion All Characters Discussion Long Jumpers Discussion All characters, but preferably Wormhole characters Near the Wormhole Discussion
DerpFace2227 All Wormhole Characters(and Pastafarian) Preceding some tunnel e.g. The Runway Discussion
Tanline666 Runner and Student Parts 17, 18, or 19 in The Runway Discussion Any of the characters going home Part 17 of Plan C Discussion
AK Cuber Student The Runway Discussion
T. AppleMan All Characters Discussion All Characters

(Except the Gentleman)

Mr.L213 Runner (Skater also but Runner is recommended) H-Tunnel Discussion
StarsOfTheSky Runner, Skater, and Pastafarian The Runway Discussion
Andonggeon Discussion
NP101Runner Gentleman Wherever the Gentleman and Lizard are going Discussion
Lovechinesefood Lizard and Runner Wormhole Discussion
bloonpopper102 Bunny Plan C Discussion
DaRareGames make sure to add tiles to certain places that are needed The Runway

(Part 19)


On May 19, 2018, this page will be locked from all edits, other than by Admins and Content Mods, and Player 03 will be asked to choose some levels which he likes for use in the game.


Some of the levels were added to the Coordination Challenge in the August 5th, 2018 update. Here they are:

Coordination Challenge 2 (by Huggaso):

Coordination Challenge 3 (by L the Boulevardier):

Coordination Challenge 6 (by Fivebee2):

Coordination Challenge 7 (by TheStarsOfTheSky):

Coordination Challenge 9 (by TreacherousAppleMan8):

Coordination Challenge 10 (by Huggaso):

Coordination Challenge 11 (by Tanline666):