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ThoroughlyLost Anonymous User Suggestions

Hello there. If you don't have an account registered, suggest your ideas in here.


The achievement "Topaz Snake" was first suggested on this wiki, on The Crystal Gallery, part 1. Make suggestions to Player_03 for changes to Run 3 and/or to any future Run games in the tables below. To suggest an idea, add a line to the appropriate table with your suggestion and your name after it, like these ideas.

To see accepted and rejected suggestions, go here.

Status of Suggestions

Status is either pending, accepted, rejected, likely, under consideration, partially accepted, partially rejected, not possible, unlikely, what? or already done.

  • Pending means that it is unknown whether the idea will be used (should be automatically added to a new suggestion).
  • Accepted means this idea has been added to the game or Player 03 says he will add it.
  • Rejected means that it will not be used.
  • Likely means that there is a very high chance that Player 03 will use the idea.
  • Under consideration means Player 03 might or might not use the idea.
  • Partially accepted means it will be used but with a few changes.
  • Already done means it is already a feature in the game.
  • Not possible means it can't be done or Player 03 already tried and failed.
  • Partially rejected means most of it will be rejected with a few small parts accepted or with major changes to the idea.
  • Unlikely means it probably won't happen.
  • What? means that Player03 will not use the idea due to how silly it is.

Note: Please, if you can, add your suggestions straight to the table, rather than posting in the comments. This is to avoid having too many comments because rows of the table can be deleted but comments cannot except by Admins and Discussion Mods. We have over 500 comments! Also, please add them to the bottom of the corresponding table so Mods can easily see which ones are new and which ones are not. Thank you!



Note: Please make sure it is possible before you add it to the list.

If you want to suggest achievements for Infinite Mode levels, go to Infinite Mode Achievement Suggestions.

Name Requirement Reward (power cells) Creator Status
Right isn't wrong Beat I-4 with runner (skier and Jack-o-lantern don't count as they make it too easy) 250 Eli Jelly Omega Pending, possible
Hold Your Breath Beat a level by spending half or more of the total level floating outside of it. 100 ArialWasTaken
Jumping Across Bubblegum Platforms Beat U-10 Without touching a crumbling platform 150 MiiMakerTopia Pending, Possible
Riptide Beat Level I-2 without pressing the jump button. 150 Haycat2009 Pending, Possible
Flying Straight Travel 300m in infinite mode in 3 gravity changes or less. 250 WalkerwarriorYT Pending, Possible, but a bit tricky
The Final Frontier / The Victory Lap Home Using the Bunny, beat Level X without pressing the Jump button and without touching any ice tiles. 500 ArialWasTaken
The perfect run go 10000m in infinate mode without dying once, its the perfect run, theres no room for error (ALL CHARACTERS ALLOWED) (and dont bother cheating with the free respound. thatse illegal) 5000 Cockynoob666
Power Outage Using the Gentleman's ability at least 5 times, go 1000m in Infinite Mode without collecting a single power cell.

(*Note using his ability doesn't mean actually collecting the power cell. You just have to fly through the air.)

500 Anonymous User Partially accepted
Home Again Reach the Planet. 1000 DerpFace2227 Accepted
Somewhere Out There Reach the Wormhole. 1000 DerpFace2227 Accepted
I Believe I Can Fly Fly 500 meters in total with the Gentleman in Infinite Mode in 1 run. 400 EasyJohn42 Under consideration
Conveyor Run Beat Level C-2 by only landing on the Conveyor tiles. The first few tiles don't count. Random Pro

Under consideration

Missed Opportunity Use the Bunny to fail Launch Site C. Anonymous user, Tanline666 Under consideration
Connect Four Beat Level B-4 with exactly four jumps and without changing gravity. 300 GoBo15 Likely
As Silent As Space Beat Level 20 with the Runner, without a costume, and without changing gravity. 100 Random Pro Likely
Really Flying?! Travel 100 meters while using the Gentleman without touching anything. 250 Anonymous User Under consideration
Isn't that Cheating Part 2/Topaz Path As the Runner, don't jump in the first half of Crystal Gallery part 3.

Tips: The halfway point of this level is probably the big ring that's in front of the separate tiles, but I think you are allowed to jump once you are quite close in front of it. Also, this achievement is possible, but it can only be obtained by starting from one specific spawn point.

500 DennMart Pending, possible
Insanity Looping As the Bunny, beat leve W-3 without pressing the jump button 450 Oofhead29 Pending
Really Swimming?! As the Child, beat the River part 5 without jumping 200 DennMart Pending
Immortal Run 10000m in a single Infinite Mode run (Respawning won't count against you) 1500 DennMart Pending
Infinite Wormhole Discover the Wormhole in Infinite Mode by running at least 20000m. (Respawning won't count against you. 4000/


DennMart Pending
How Does That Work? Beat Plan C, part 1 with the Child without changing gravity 750 Rubiksmath Pending
Gymnastics Lessons(for animals) As the Bunny, beat level L-5 without changing gravity(Hint: Balance on the edges) 350 Oofhead29 Pending
Are You Nuts? Beat Level 65 Without pressing Jump. Hint: Bunny 500 Rubiksmath Pending
Bouncing balls As the Duplicator reach the ceiling in Plan C part 6 two times. 500 DennMart Pending, possible
The Conscientious Skater Beat A-1 with the Skater without dislodging any tiles. 200 AK Cuber Likely (unless a better level is found)
You Win Beat the game when the end truly comes. Or two of them, one for the Wormhole and one for going home. 20000 DerpFace2227 Accepted, but the reward may not be that big
Step by Step Beat Level 48 without dislodging more than eight tiles. 150 Random Pro Under consideration
Save Space Travel 500 meters without touching any crumbling tiles. Using the Child doesn't count.  200 Plain Toast Likely
Scrooge Collect 500 power cells in Infinite mode in one run. Respawns may or may not count. 200 Fivebee2 Likely
The Cartographer Would Be Proud Visit all the Infinite Mode levels. You don't need to do it in one run. 3270 Plain Toast Likely
Conscientious player Rate the Game 100 MelonMaster1212 Rejected (impossible to program)
Box Collecting Beat Box Storage Area, part 2 by only touching the normal tiles and boxes. 150 Anonymous user Likely
Slippery Situation Beat Level U-1 without touching the ice tiles. The first few tiles don't count. 125 Anonymous user Likely
The Stopper As the Runner, Completely stop your forward motion (Hint, You can do this on any level in the Box Storage Area) 50 MelonMaster1212 Pending
Triple Jump As the duplicator, Jump off three duplicates in a single Jump 125 MelonMaster1212 Pending
The Conscientious Duplicator Beat The Way Back, part 11 without dislodging any tiles 200 Anonymous user Under consideration
Extra Gravity Beat Memory Evaluation, part 1 without jumping Anonymous user, Tanline666 for the name Under consideration
Architect Beat all the Bridge Building boxes, including the optional ones. 150 Anonymous user, Name by NintendoPanda101 Pending
Who's left? Beat Box Storage Area part 9 without moving right. 150 DennMart Pending
Inception Complete a level backwards to go to the previous level, then turn around and complete that level to go to the level you started on. 100 MelonMaster1212 Pending
Am I right or am I right? As the Child, beat New Tunnel part 9 without moving left 350 DennMart Pending
Swift Beat Level L-1 with the Bunny without jumping. 100 Mr.L213 (L the Boulevardier) Under consideration
Don't Try This at Home Beat level B-5 without dislodging any tiles Anonymous user Pending
Go With the Flow Beat level I-2 without jumping. 50 StarsOfTheSky Likely
Jumping For Joy Beat Level 58 using the skater without pressing left or right 200 Plain Toast Under consideration
Explorer Visit every level at least once 1000 RapidHyperion Under consideration
Saved By The Power Cells Use the Gentleman to get saved by a power cell. 50 Anonymous Under consideration
Quite A Big Jump Beat Plan C, Part 9 with only one gravity switch. Random Pro Likely
(Adding on to Random Pro's suggestion)Beat Plan C, part 9 without changing gravity at all. AK Cuber Pending
Almost dead Ride a crumbling tile to the edge of space, then jump back to safety. 125 Anonymous Under consideration
4S (Speedy Spiral Side Swipe) As the Bunny, beat Plan C, Part 12 without pressing the jump button. 100 Plain Toast Likely
Bouncing Beat Plan C, Part 2 while only switching gravity once. 50 or 100 Random Pro Under consideration
Flipping Out Perform a backflip with the Gentleman 75 EasyJohn42 Pending
Child's Play Beat Infinite Mode level 46 without doing anything. 50 EasyJohn42 Pending
Insert Name Here Beat 75% of Infinite Mode level 106 without jumping. 50 EasyJohn42 Pending
AFK King Beat Infinite Mode level 307 without doing anything. 50 EasyJohn42 Pending
The Conscientious Student Beat Infinite Mode level 44 without dislodging any tiles. (You can't use the Child.) 50 EasyJohn42 Pending
Bomb Defusal Beat Level C-4 without touching the conveyor tiles. 150 Tanline666 Pending
Family Reunion Beat The Way Back, part 16 200 DaRareGames Pending
Void Master Beat Plan C, part 6, only touching regular tiles. Random Pro Pending
Wind Controller Beat Plan C, part 8, without switching gravity. Random Pro Pending
No Repairs Necessary As the Skater, travel 1500 meters in Infinite Mode without dislodging a single crumbling tile. 150 StarsOfTheSky Pending
Chilly Only touch ice tiles on id-219 in Infinite Mode. 200 1FlyingSpaghettiMonster1 Pending
Fashion Freak Collect all the costumes. (when you're done with making them) 500 Chiptheblewcat Pending
High Jumper or Long Jumper Beat Level 28 without jumping or dislodging any crumbling tiles. 50 Mr.L Pending
Frozen Snake Beat IM level 324 only touching ice. 25 GoBo15 Pending
Flying Space Junk Ahead! Dislodge all crumbling tiles on lever M-5 as the Runner 200 Oofhead29 Pending
Do You Think That's Wise? Beat IM level 51 only touching crumbling tiles. 50 GoBo15 Pending
Boulevardier Beat Level B-2 with rotating the level as the Gentleman. 100 Mr.L Pending
Universal Vandalism Crumble 2100 tiles 150 Huggaso Pending
You are Pacified Beating Level 61 while crumbling all Crumbling tiles. 50 Huggaso Pending
Sonic As the Student, beat Level N-6 while only touching fast conveyors. 150 Huggaso Pending
Target Practice Beat Level N-9 without touching slow conveyors as the Student. Random Pro Pending
Precision Pathway Beat The Crystal Gallery, Part 6 without moving left or right. 150 Rubiksmath Pending
Doesn't Improved Imply Not New? Go around Level 18 two times 100 DennMart Pending
Careful Treading Beat Level G-6 without crumbling any tiles. Random Pro Pending
Giant Jumps Beat Level G-7 without changing gravity. Random Pro Pending
Floater With the Student, beat Level G-9 while only touching crumbing tiles. The first few don't count. Random Pro Pending
Left Alone Beat The Way Back, part 5, without moving right. Random Pro Pending
Straight Ahead Beat Level 22 without moving sideways Random Pro Pending
Hypothesis Beat the Low-Power Tunnel, part 6 without moving left or right with the Student. 100 L the Boulevardier Pending
The Darkness Beat Low-Power Tunnel, part 22 only touching dark tiles (the first few don't count) Random Pro Pending
Hop, Skip, and a Jump Beat Level M-3 with only 3 jumps and without crumbling the tiles. 75 Tanline666 Pending
Jumping Beat Level 55 without moving sideways. Random Pro Pending
Not Pushed Around Beat Level I-6 without touching the conveyors Random Pro Pending
Aimer Beat Level U-8 without moving sideways. Random Pro Pending
Bathmophobia  Beat Plan A, part 15 without touching ramps. Random Pro Pending
Graviton Beat Plan A, part 14 changing gravity every jump. Random Pro Pending
The (Really)

Hard Way

As the Student, beat Low-Power Tunnel, part 10 while only touching the single tiles. 600-750 Huggaso Pending
Concussion Bang your head on the bottom of a tile (this is only possible with crumbling tiles or the Gentleman) 150 StarsOfTheSky Pending
Storyteller Unlock all the cutscenes (when they are all released). 50 StarsOfTheSky Pending
Definitely A Gymnast Beat Level H-1 as the Skater without jumping 50 L the Boulevardier Pending

(the word 'Backwards' spelled backwards)

Discover being able to play levels backwards. 250 DerpFace2227 Pending
sdrawkcaB taeB Beat every level backwards. 1,000 Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
The Credits Read the Credits. 5 Huggaso Pending
The Conscientous Engineer As the Angel, after the starting platform, beat Level A-9 only touching boxes. 250 GoBo15 Pending
The Conscientous


As the Gentleman, collect one power cell and don't dislodge any tiles in Low-Power Tunnel part 5. 300 DennMart Pending
The Conscientous Priest As the Pastafarian, beat Level A-2 without touching the Flying Spaghetti Monster's bridges. 350 DennMart Pending
Proffessional Skier As the Skier, beat Winter Games part 4 while touching only ice tiles. (The first few tiles don't count) 200 DennMart Pending
A True Pirate As the Pirate, beat Not The Way Back part 2 with touching only the Flying Spaghetti Monster's bridges. (The first few tiles don't count) 150 DennMart Pending
A True Hero As the Angel, beat Plan C part 22. (When the level is released) (Depends on difficulty) DennMart Pending
Who needs boxes anyway? As the Child, beat Box Storage Area part 3 in only 4 jumps without touching boxes 100 DennMart Pending
The Hard Way As the Student, run 500m in a single Infinite Mode run without using her ability. (Hint: Forward conveyors help her do longer jumps for a short while.) 400 DennMart Pending
Filthy Rich Collect 200 power cells in a single Infinite Mode run. 450 DennMart Pending
The Conscientous Runner Run 1000m in a single Infinite Mode run without dislodging any tiles. (You can't use the Child) 200 DennMart Pending
The Really Hard Way Beat Plan A part 16 using the Child 750 DennMart Pending
The Legendary Explorer Beat Plan A part 16 using the Duplicator 1000 DennMart Pending
Beep-Beep Beat Level C-3 only using the Student’s ability when the Tunnel beeps. (A tip; make precise jumps, and near the end, use the conveyors to your advantage.) 200 Tanline666 Pending
Exobiology Beat Level 37 without touching any normal tiles. (First few tiles don't count.) 50 L the Boulevardier Pending
Sleep-Bouncing Beat Level 38 without moving sideways or jumping as the Bunny. 50 L the Boulevardier Pending
Tiny Hops Beat Level U-10 without pressing jump as the Bunny. Random Pro Pending
Ice Skating (and Jumping?) Beat IM 112 without jumping. 25 StarsOfTheSky Pending
The Crazy Way Beat Level L-3 without using the jump button. 100 DerpFace2227 Pending
The Maze-y Way Complete the first half of Level L-4 traveling left, then complete the second half by traveling right. 75-100 Tanline666 Pending
The Amazing Way Beat Level L-5 as the Bunny by only jumping ONCE. 300 DerpFace2227 Pending
Temptations Travel 1500 meters in Infinite Mode using the Student or Angel without using either of their special abilities. 200 Sugar Plum Cake Pending, Possible
Allergic to Power Cells Without collecting any power cells, run 2000 meters in Infinite Mode, 350 Sugar Plum Cake Pending, Possible
Back For More Beat Plan A, Part 16 with the Bunny, Duplicator, and the Child. 750 Sugar Plum Cake Pending, Possible
Disqualify the Child from Precise Jumper, as he can earn it if you don't dislodge tiles, but still touch them. GoBo15 Pending
Greed As the Gentleman, run 500-1000m grabbing EVERY visible power cell. (You don't have to collect every power cell inside boxes) 250 GoBo15, Random Pro, T3traBlox Pending
Fear Beat IM level 202 avoiding black tiles.  50 GoBo15 Pending
A True Scientist As the Student, beat level N-8 without jumping. 300 GoBo15 Pending
But How? Fail Launch Site A as the Pastafarian. 100 DerpFace2227 Pending
Risky Runner Beat level 38 by touching only crumbling tiles, as the Runner. 100 Jp367 Pending
Change description for Surgical to "Don't dislodge the big field, only the little ones." Fivebee2 Pending
Why Don't They Crumble Inwards? Dislodge the crumbling tiles in Level 39 from the outside of the tunnel, then re-enter the tunnel and finish the level. 150 GoBo15 Rejected for difficulty
Keeping Faith As the Pastafarian, beat level T-6 only using her bridge. (You can touch the very first tile.) 250 GoBo15 Pending
Solving Problems Skates are clearly useless. Prove it by going 2,000m in infinite mode as the Angel in less than 2 minutes. 500 TreacherousAppleMan8 Pending
The Mad Scientist The tunnels' gravity should be studied a bit more.

Gather data by going 1,000m in infinite mode as the Student without moving left or right.

500 TreacherousAppleMan8 Pending
Safety Precaution Complete Level G-7 without dislodging any tiles 75 Anibaban Pending
Skate Race Winner As the Skater, beat Level 14 without moving sideways and without crumbing any tiles. 200 Random Pro, name by Anibaban Pending
That One Ramp Beat Winter Games, part 11 as the Skater while only jumping twice. 150 Random Pro Pending
Boxrider Beat The River, part 2 only jumping once. 100 Random Pro Pending
Monkey Bars Beat level 32 as the Gentleman without jumping (flying to the power cell is fine). 200 NintendoPanda101 Pending
Living Anvil Dislodge 75 crumbling tiles in one infinite mode run. You can’t use the duplicator. 275 Anonymous User Pending
Duplicator's Lucky Run At level 10, use the duplicator to beat the level without dislodging tiles. 200 Emersonac Pending
Survival Complete 20 Explore Mode levels in a row 75 Electroblast Pending
Skill Skater As the Skater, beat Winter Games, Part 20 75 Electroblast Pending
Saving energy Bounce 500 m in Infinite Mode as the Bunny without jumping (bouncing is fine) 75 Electroblast, zoltegamer for the name Pending
Blackout Beat the Low-Power Tunnel 150 Electroblast Pending
Slick Moves Float out the tunnel 4 times in one level and beat the level 175 Electroblast Pending
Time is Ticking Run 1000 m in Infinite Mode in less than 1 minute 100 Electroblast, T3traBlox Pending
Bridge Complete Finish the Bridge Building minigame 250 Electroblast Pending
Oh, Shoot! Finish one Bridge Building level without the box. 25 Electroblast Pending
Fro-Zone Id-128 stay on ice tiles Suoidarg Pending
Let's Go Home! Finish the Going Home Checklist 250 Electroblast Pending
Speedster Unlock the Skater 25 Electroblast Pending
In the Green Unlock the Lizard 50 Electroblast Pending
Hoppity Hop! Unlock the Bunny 100 Electroblast Pending
Drift Away Unlock the Child 100 Electroblast Pending
Theory of Power Cells Unlock the Gentleman 100 Electroblast Pending
Box Brigade Unlock the Student 200 Electroblast Pending
Burst Unlock the Angel 200 Electroblast Pending
Alien Tech Unlock the Duplicator 250 Electroblast Pending
Free Run Unlock the Pastafarian 250 Electroblast Pending
Bounce to Victory Finish Low-Power Tunnel part 25 holding down the jump button 50 Electroblast Pending
Master Jumper Beat Plan A part 16 300 Electroblast Pending
Avoid Purple Beat Level I-4 only touching the conveyors (use the Student) 250 TheStarsOfTheSky Pending
Turn Right on Red Beat IM level 187 without moving left 25 Powerdestroyer Pending
Good Thing I Didn't Knock It Beat Level L-4 using the Skater 250 WholeNote1 Pending
Non-Moving Spiral As the Runner, beat Level 47 without moving sideways 500 FriedChicken76 Pending
Boxes Are Bad Beat Plan A, part 10 without touching boxes 100 WholeNote1 Pending
It's Dangerous to Go Alone As the Duplicator, complete Part 4 of the Danger Zone with one duplicate remaining 250 SteelixPrismGX Pending
Shifting Focus Don't move sideways in Q-9. 100 SteelixPrismGX Pending
Glass Cannon Only touch Glass Tiles in Part 7 of the Construction Site. 250 SteelixPrismGX Pending
Straight A As the student, beat IM level 304 without moving left or right. 50 SteelixPrismGX Pending
Need Some Boost? Touch all the Boost Tiles in Q-2. 200 SteelixPrismGX Pending
Tired out As the Lizard, Beat Level 24 without changing gravity. 150 FriedChicken76 Pending
Follow the Bricks! Only touch the crumbling tiles in IM level 14. 50 SteelixPrismGX Pending
Knocked Out of Orbit Go around the tunnel and dislodge the crumbling tiles in IM level 188. 75 SteelixPrismGX Pending
Don't Try This at Home! Don't dislodge any tiles (Not even one) in IM level 287. 50 SteelixPrismGX Pending
Blindfolded Beat Part 6 of The Escape Plan without jumping. 150 SteelixPrismGX Pending
Burned Out Don't touch the boost tiles in S-5. (Note: the boost tiles at the beginning don't count.) 200 SteelixPrismGX Pending
Cannon Fodder Only touch Boost Tiles in E-3. 200 SteelixPrismGX Pending
IT'S OVER 9000! Run 9000 meters in Infinite Mode without respawning (Free respawns are okay.). 5000 SteelixPrismGX Pending
Money Overwhelming! Collect 300 power cells in one run. (Respawns will count against you) 1500 SteelixPrismGX Pending
Go Beyond! Beat Plan C, Part 17 without using any tunnel-powered abilities. 500 SteelixPrismGX Pending
hop then hop some more As the bunny beat levels 1-10 without dying and without jumping 300 pigsbeawesome Pending
Bouncy Bounce As the Bunny, Complete The Crystal Gallery (D-Tunnel) Part 4 With the jump button held down 150 MelonMaster1212 Pending
Too Many Ramps Beat Winter Games, Part 17 without jumping (using the Bunny doesn't count). 100 Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
A New Route Beat IM Level 300 without touching the conveyor tiles. 75 Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
Twisting & Turning Beat I-2 with only touching the conveyors, without jumping. (Hint: Beat it backwards, with the Runner.) 400 RunKing Pending
Wait... you can do it like that? Beat Low Power Tunnel part 22 the intended way (not Jumping on the lit tiles with the skater... or any other character for that matter) 400 MelonMaster1212 Pending
Out and in On the Box Storage Area Part 11, exit the tunnel In the first part of the level, then renter safely before the part with all the boxes ends. 400 MelonMaster1212 Pending
Not the way Back Beat any level of the Way Back Backwards 150 MelonMaster1212 Pending
Ring Lander Beat IM level 128 with only touching the normal tiles. 100-125 Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
Too much Gray Beat IM level 144 without touching the crumbling tiles (so the Child can get it, he just has to touch it for the achievement to be over). 50-75 Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
Bump. Bump. Bump. Bump. Bump. (Some turns in there). As the Skater, beat Level N-8 without jumping. 400-500 Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated, Random Pro Pending
Icy Ramps In IM level 129 only touch ice ramps. 100 RunKing, Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
An Ice-y Lover In The Way Back, part 6 only touch ice tiles (The first few tiles don't count). 200 RunKing, Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
Ice Ninja In The Way Back, part 7 only touch ice tiles (The first few tiles don't count). 100 RunKing, Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
Challenger As the Child, beat Plan A, part 8 only jumping once.

(Player 03 is there a way to do this without going under the tunnel and initiating the cutscene?)

Depends Random Pro Pending
A Confident Jumper Beat Level I-3 without touching the conveyors. 315 (really anywhere between 225 and 375) RunKing, Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
The Conscientious Bunny As the Bunny, beat Level A-4 without pressing the jump button or dislodging crumbling tiles. 200-350 Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
The Speedster As the Runner (costumes allowed) beat H-3 with only touching the conveyors. 50 RunKing Pending
Resistance Beat Level I-7 without touching conveyors. 50 Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated, RunKing Pending
Ceiling Switcher As the Lizard, Jack-O-Lantern, or Bunny, beat New Tunnel, Part 9. 250-400 Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
Control Your Duplicates! As the Duplicator, beat Level 20 without jumping or dislodging tiles. 50-125 Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
Control With the Current Beat IM 300 without jumping. 50-75 AK Cuber Pending
Conscientious Lagomorphs, Part 2 As the Bunny, beat Level 26 without pressing jump. 100-225 Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
Too Lazy To Jump? As the Bunny, beat The Crystal Gallery, Part 10 without jumping. 150 RunKing, Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
You Can Do This! Beat Level 1 without jumping. 15 Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
So Hard... Not! As the Bunny, beat Level 1 without touching any button. 5-10 Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
Too Easy... Not! As the Bunny beat Plan A, Part 6 without jumping. 125-250 RunKing, Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
I Hate Boxes In Plan A, Part 10 touch every group of regular tiles and avoid all boxes (use the Bunny). 125-200 RunKing, Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
No Jumping or Dislodging As the Runner, beat Level 22 without jumping or dislodging tiles. 135 RunKing, Spelling By Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
Come On, Man! As the Bunny, beat Level 38 without pressing the jump button. 60-85 RunKing, Spelling By Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
You'll Dodge in the Next Level, Too As The Runner, beat Level 3 without jumping or dislodging tiles. 100 Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
Life Saver As the Bunny beat Level M-5 without crumbling any tiles 115 RunKing, Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
Master Hopper As the Bunny beat the River, Part 1 without pressing the jump button 80 RunKing, Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
I Love Boxes As the Child beat Box Storage Area, Part 1 without jumping (Hint: beat it backwards). 200 RunKing, Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
On Your Toes As the Bunny beat the Box Storage area, Part 2 without touching regular tiles (the first set of tiles will not count against you). 500 RunKing, Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
There Is No Right Thing To Do As the Child beat the Box Storage Area, Part 9 without moving right. 175 RunKing, Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
The Conscientious Skier As the Skier, Beat Winter Games part 6 without jumping. 100 Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
Gravity master Beat Level B-1 without changing gravity (you can float outside of the tunnel; use the Skater). 250 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
Going Fast As the Skater beat Level B-2 without moving left. 150 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
I Hate Going Left As the Skater, beat Level B-6 without moving left. 300 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
Skatershins As the Skater, beat Level B-8 without moving left. 100 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
Gray Is Poison As the Skater, Beat Level B-9 without touching crumbling tiles. 200 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
I Hate Pressing The Jump Button As the Bunny, beat Level B-10 without pressing the jump button. 80 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
Do Not Work Too Hard Beat Level B-11 without changing gravity. 125 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
Consistent Jumper Beat Level B-12 without changing gravity. 90 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
The Righter Beat Level A-1 without moving left. 60 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
Not The Righter Beat Level A-2 without moving right. 90 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
Keep The Gray Alive Beat Level A-4 without changing gravity and not touching the crumbling tiles. 135 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
No No No Pressing The Jump Button Beat Level A-5 without pressing the jump button. 175 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
Barely Regular Beat Level A-8 with touching regular tiles only twice the first few tiles WILL count against you (one more time after that, and you can't touch regular tiles anymore). 350 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level" and spelling) Pending
The Flash IM level 292 Touch every fast conveyor in the level w/o touching a slow one. 100 EGRLtheEggroll Pending
Memory IM level 244 Jump at least 3 times, use no tunnel-powered abilities, and dislodge no tiles. 50 EGRLtheEggroll Pending
The Maze Runner IM level 4 Beat the level w/o pressing the jump button. 100 EGRLtheEggroll Pending
Jack of all trades Use every character in the game in Infinite Mode in a single run.

Note: The price should be 10060 w/o reductions or 9970 w/ reductions.

25000 EGRLtheEggroll Pending
Not Regular At All Beat Level A-8 without touching regular tiles in all. 500 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
Do Not Hop The Right Way As the Bunny, beat Level A-9 without moving right. 225 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
The Sideways Person Beat the first half of Level L-1 by only moving right and beat the second half of Level L-1 by only moving left. 100 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
Love Going Left and Hate going Right. Beat Level L-3 without changing gravity to the right. 125 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
The RIGHT Thing To Do As the Bunny, beat Level L-4 without moving left. 90 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
The Last Jump of The Tunnel As the Bunny, beat Level L-5 with jumping once or less. 180 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
You Can Ice Skate If You're Not The Ice Skater As the Bunny, beat Level T-2 with only touching the ice tiles (the first few tiles will not count against you). 125 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
Anti Bunnyshins As the Bunny, beat Level T-3 without moving right. 140 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level" and spelling) Pending
Floating Left And Right As the Child, beat Level T-5 with only moving in the first half of the level. 130 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
Do Not Make It More Complicated, Bunny As the Bunny, beat Level T-6 with dislodging all of the crumbing tiles. 300 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
The Green Wormhole As the Lizard, beat Level T-7. 250 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma) Pending
Crumbling Lover As the Bunny, beat Level 56 with only touching the crumbling tiles. You also have to dislodge all of the crumbling tiles 250 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma) Pending
WAY TOO HARD! Beat Level 55 without presing the jump button. 500 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma) Pending
No Need As the Bunny, beat Level 54 without changing gravity. 100 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma) Pending
Use Your Common Sense, Skater As the Skater, beat Level 52 without changing gravity. 140 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma) Pending
Too Lazy To Crumble As the Lizard, beat Level 51 backwards without dislodging any crumbling tiles. 350 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma) Pending
Ice Skate Faster As the Ice Skater, beat Level U-1 with only touching ice tiles. 50 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level" and a comma) Pending
Going Way Too Fast As the Skater. beat Level U-2. 125 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level" and a comma) Pending
Floating Way Too Much As the Skater, beat Level U-3 with floating outside the tunnel for 3 sec. (floating below or above the tunnel will not count). 75 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level" and a comma) Pending
Ice To Love You As the Skater, beat Level U-4 with touching ice tiles 4 times (you can not jump from the same ice tile and land on the same because that is cheap). 100 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma) Pending
Too Tight As the Skater, beat Level U-5 without moving left or right. 140 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma) Pending
NO NO NO Changing Gravity As the Skater, beat U-7 without changing gravity. 200 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma) Pending
Bunnyshins As the Bunny, beat U-9 without moving left 90 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma) Pending
A Big Challange As the Child, beat Level U-10 without touching crumbling tiles. 120 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma) Pending
Too... Cold Beat Level G-1 without touching ice tiles. 145 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level" and spelling) Pending
I Really Love Ramps As the Skater, beat Level G-2 with touching ramps at least 3 times. 135 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level" and a comma) Pending
I Really Hate Ramps As the Runner, beat Level G-2 without touching ramps. 115 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level" and a comma) Pending
JUMP, JUMP, AND JUMP As the Skater, beat Level G-3 with jumping 3 times or less. 100 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level" and a comma) Pending
Die, Die, And Die Die 3 times on the first jump of Level G-4. 10 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added the word "Level") Pending
Sneaky Bunny As the Bunny, beat Level G-6 without touching the crumbling tiles. 135 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma) Pending
To Lazy To Crumble As the Runner, beat Level G-7 without touching the crumbling tiles. 100 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma) Pending
Very Sneaky Feet As the Bunny, beat Level G-9 without touching the crumbling tiles. 115 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma) Pending
ICE, ICE, AND MORE ICE, CHILD As the Child, beat Level W-2 with only touching the ice tiles (the first few tiles will not count against you). 88 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma) Pending
NO Crumbling Runner As the Runner, beat Level 57 without touching the crumbling tiles. 140 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma) Pending
Do Not Touch Gray As the Runner, beat Level 58 without touching the crumbling tiles. 100 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma) Pending
Across The Gray Pond As the Skater, beat Level 60 without touching the crumbling tiles. 100 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma) Pending
The Low Power Child As the Child, beat New Tunnel, part 8 without touching the high-powered tiles. 100 RunKing Pending
Too...Hot Beat the Way Back, part 5 with only touching the ice tiles. 140 RunKing Pending
Figure Child As the Child, beat the Way Back, part 6 in 3 jumps. 135 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated changed the level number because RunKing had a typo) Pending
Figure Bunny As the Bunny, beat Plan C, part 1 in 3 jumps. 200 RunKing Pending
Only Jumping Allowed Child As the Child, beat Plan C, part 6 without moving left or right. 200 RunKing Pending
A Ray Bunny As the Bunny, beat Plan C, part 7 without moving left or right. 300 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma and changed it up) Pending
Right Is Right And Left Is Wrong As the Bunny, beat Plan A, part 4 without moving left. 125 RunKing (Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated added a comma) Pending
Turn Right(on ice), Then Glide Beat Winter Games, Part 14 as the Child only touching ice tiles, without moving left 200 Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
Patience is Key Beat Level C-5 only touching conveyors. Random Pro Pending
...Why? Fail Winter Games, part 20 by falling between the rings at the end (without activating the cutscene). Random Pro Pending
Torture... Not! Beat Plan C, part 9 without hitting the jump button and without floating outside of the tunnel. 250 RunKing, Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated for Spelling, amount of Power Cells, and testing Pending
Be One With The Bunny Beat Plan C, part 10 without pressing the jump button 125 RunKing Pending
Jump Right Into The Action Beat Winter Games, Part 2 without moving left 300 Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
So Good That They Can Skip Some Jumps Beat Winter Games, Part 1 without jumping 25 or 50 Sorviete Pending
Close Call Fall onto crumbling tiles in Infinite mode while surviving by jumping into the next infinite mode level 150 Sorviete Pending
Which Way? Beat IM level 53 in only one jump. (Name is a reference to a popular run 1 editor level) 25 NintendoPanda101 Pending
How Did We Get Here... Beat The Way Back Part 8 backwards 200 NintendoPanda101 Pending
Figure One Beat Plan C, part 1 while changing gravity only once.(Using the Pastafarian or Duplicator does not count) 450 Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
Don't Overthink it As the Angel, beat Level G-7 without dashing or dislodging any tiles (hint:easier than it sounds!) 200 NintendoPanda101 Pending
Ideas for names A.Light is Evil(no power tiles allowed) B.One with Evil(only touch power tiles) NintendoPanda Pending
One Wall Or Many Walls Beat Plan C, part 5 without switching gravity 150 Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
Left is Also Wrong Beat The Winter Games, part 19 without moving left 100 AnimTheTree Pending
Anything Left To Do Complete I-5 with the Runner without moving right 375 Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
Best player ever Fall through Launch site A or Launch site C 250 Oiloiloi Pending
Topaz Creek Beat The Crystal Gallery, Part 11 without moving sideways(You cannot use Pastafarian or Duplicator) 275 Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
Crumbling Creek Beat The Way Back, Part 12 without switching gravity 100 Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
Left At The Wormhole Finish Level T-7 without moving right 250 Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
1 Try Finish Beat Plan C, Part 10 in 1 gravity switch 225 Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
Straight Hologram Path Beat The Way Back, Part 16 without switching gravity 225 Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
Box Flipping As the child, beat Level A-8 without jumping 625 Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
Conveyor Master As the Jack-o-Lantern, beat level I-1 with only the jump button 800 Random Pro, Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
Down Up Beat Plan C, Part 6 with the Bunny, without pressing the jump button 550 Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
Barely Icy Beat Level U-9 with the Bunny, without pressing the jump button 400 Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
Behind The Boxes Beat Plan A, part 14 with the Bunny, without pressing the jump button 700 Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
Round and Round and Left Beat level W-3 without moving right 200 Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
Mogul Skater Beat Winter Games, part 15 without jumping 250 Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
Bounce-off Beat Plan C, part 13 with the bunny, without pressing the jump button 300 Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
Just Keep Running Run 16000 metres in Infinite Mode 2400 Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
Stay Off The Ground! Beat Not The Way Back, Part 5 without switching gravity(You cannot use the pastafarian or the duplicator 650 Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
Straight Away Beat The Way Back, Part 15 without switching gravity 175 Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
Hop All The Way Beat Not The Way Back, Part 5 without pressing jump 350 Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
Figure Two Beat Level M-2 without pressing jump or crumbling any tiles 400 Random Pro, Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
I Wish Ramps Never Existed As the Skater, beat Level G-2 without touching ramps 900 Random Pro, Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
Don't Run As the Runner, beat level H-2 without touching conveyors 200 Random Pro, Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
What A Rebel As the runner, run into the barrier closest to the wall and without the message appearing walk around the it. Or As the runner just walk around the barrier. 100 Curtis09K Pending
Beat Level 32 without jumping. 50 Physicsphysics Pending
Over, Under, And Out Beat Level U-3 with the bunny without jumping 250 Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
Bounce To The Wormhole Beat Level T-7 with the bunny without jumping 500 Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
I Left My Skates Behind! As the skater, finish level I-5 without moving right 750 Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
Figure Six As the bunny, beat level T-6 without pressing jump 350 Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
Engineering Is Fun As the Angel, Beat Plan C Part 7 in 1 gravity switch 850-1000 Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
Long Bouncer As the Bunny, beat level 51 without pressing the jump button. 450 Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
Twist, Turn, Bounce As the Bunny, beat level 46 without pressing the jump button. 450 Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
Merging Hops As the Bunny, beat level 64 without pressing the jump button. 450 Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
Bouncing To Confusion As the Bunny, beat level 39 without pressing the jump button. 300 Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
Life Saving Bounces As the Bunny, beat level 63 without pressing the jump button. 300 Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
Void Bouncing As the Bunny, beat level 48 without pressing the jump button. 600 Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
Bounce Through The Void As the Bunny, beat level 56 without pressing the jump button. 600 Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
Ring Around the Rosie As the Gentleman, get flung out of the tunnel using his ability, go behind a tile, and use his ability again to return to the tunnel. 250 T3traBlox Pending
Keep the walls safe! As the Bunny, complete level W-2 Rotating tunnel less than 4 times 250 Makarkaplay Pending
Break it Down As the Runner, dislodge 30 tiles in Box Storage Area, part 7. 200 Runaway3D (User) Pending
Luck line As the skater, run 500 meters in infinite mode without moving left or right. 500 oiloiloi Pending, possible
Actuator As the Angel, beat Level 1 in only one jump and without changing gravity. 100 Runaway3D (User) Pending
Duplicate Xing As the Duplicator, beat Level 3 without dislodging any tiles. 150 Runaway3D (User) Pending
Magic No. 8 As the Student, dislodge 8 tiles in Level 5. 75 Runaway3D (User) Pending
Up and Down Dislodge all tiles in Level 6. 75 Runaway3D (User) Pending
Hop, Jump, Hop As the Bunny, beat Level 9 without changing gravity or dislodging any tiles. 75 Runaway3D (User) Pending
Skate, Leap, Skate As the Skater, beat Level 11 without moving sideways and dislodging any tiles. 75 Runaway3D (User) Pending
Loyalty As the Pastafarian, beat Level 12 without touching any normal tiles. (The first few won't count against you.) 75 Runaway3D (User) Pending
Playful Percision As the Child, beat Level 13 without jumping and changing gravity. 50 Runaway3D (User) Pending
Bouncing From Tunnel To Tunnel Complete 20 infinite mode levels in one run with the Bunny and without pressing jump 450 Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
Grayness Complete level 46 with the Runner while only touching the crumbling tiles(the first few wont count against you) 300 Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
Crumbling Snake Complete M-4 with the Skater while dislodging every crumbling tile 200? Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
Round and Round Don't jump in the first half of Level G-3 200 Makarkaplay Pending
Under construction Avoid the regular tiles in IM level 207 50 Makarkaplay Pending
Criss-Cross! As the Bunny,avoid conveyors and don't press jump button at IM level 304 50 Makarkaplay Pending
Overachiever Earn each Infinite mode level specific achievement twice. 500 NintendoPanda101 Pending
Master Of Bouncing Complete A-3 with the Bunny without pressing jump 400 Eighdeen1 Pending,possible
Down Under Go underneath a tile and emerge from below. 100 Runaway3D (User) Pending
Holding Out for a Hero As the Angel, complete part 7 of the Way Back touching only ice tiles. 100 Runaway3D (User) Pending
Roundabout Complete part 10 of Winter Games by only holding the left or right button. (You can jump as well.) 150 Runaway3D (User) Pending
Mr. Blue Sky Complete part 9 of the Crystal Gallery without moving sideways and using any tunnel powered abilities. 150 Runaway3D (User) Pending
skating practice after all elvels of explore mode are added use the skater to complete every level atleast once (give some sort of checklist) complete them forwards and backwards 1000 lolXDXDXDlol1 pending not tested but i asume this should be possible
Cruiser Complete Level 52 with the Bunny while only using the jump button. 125? Eighdeen1 Pending,Possible
gotta be sure my map is correct after all explore levels beaten beat all tunnels at least once with the runner (so he knows his map is drawn correctly) 750 and a correctly drawn map lolXDXDXDlol1 pending not tested but should be possible
this game is too hard! fail level 1-50 times in a row just to show off how hard this game is -1 (just withdraw an powecell becuase only noobs fail lvl 1 lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
Zooming... NOT! Complete The Crystal Gallery, part 10 with the Student without using her ability and in 1 gravity switch or less 100 Eighdeen1 Pending, possible
conveyors are fun in the first half of I2 dont jump (you are allowed to jump oncce you reach the 2 striaght lines of conveyors) 100 lolXDXDXDlol1 pending, poss
uhm i don thtink this is the right way... as the pastafarian reachthe light tiles on top of the low power tunnel 10 atleast once then finish the tunnel i n anyway you want 200 lolXDXDXDlol1 pending poss
WHAT?! all this ^%$^$^#$^hard work for no planet?! beat the hell level plan A16 only to find nothign but a stupid cutscene gg you wastes so many time on ebating this hell level so you desrve some powercells 750 lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
oops.... as the child fial level 10 (tirggers an hiden cutsscene wiht th angle) 10 lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
oh crap this isnt the right way as the child in T-6 run on the 2 tiles tick conveyor path to the end then jump left and finish the level 150 lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
Sleepy Time Get the Lizard to sleep.

Good night!

20 Dogmage999 Pending
Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey Wake the Lizard up! 30 Dogmage999 Pending
Long Jump As the pastafarian in infinite mode level 52 only touch light bridge tiles (excludes first few tiles) 100 RunKing Pending
Speed Skater As the Skater beat level 16 without jumping 125 RunKing Pending
No moving Get to 1 thousand meters without touching left or right 1000 RunKing Pending
Flying Duplicator As the Duplicator beat level 63 without moving left or right and without letting the main duplicate touch the ground 350 RunKing Pending
Jump, Jump, Jump Beat level 63 as the Duplicator without moving left or right 200 RunKing Pending
How did we get here? With the Student, go to the small platforms which are awlays turned on in Low-Power tunnel, Part 10 and complete the level. 1000 WarpoBG Pending. Possible but extremely difficult.
Basically Flying Collect 4 or more power cells by activating the Gentleman's ability only once 150 WarpoBG Pending
The Conscientious Sneak Complete Plan A, part 16 with the Child in 5 gravity switches or less 500-700 Eighdeen1 Pending
Topaz Speed Beat The Crystal Gallery Part 3 with the Skater in 3 jumps 450 Eighdeen1 Pending
Light Bridge Runner As the Pastafarian, get 1,000m in Infinite Mode without jumping. 500 RunKing Pending
Slow Motion Beat Level H-3 without touching fast conveyors. 50 Fivebee2 Pending
Overdrive Beat any level at max speed. 100 Runaway3D (User) Pending
Purple Is Right(But Not Arrows) Finish level H-3 with the Skater without moving right or touching the conveyors. 300 Eighdeen1 Pending
First steps Beat Level 1-10. 50 Runner1001 Pending
Summer Games Beat Level G-5 without touching the ice tiles. 50 Runner1001 Pending
Splurge spend 3000 power cells on non character things total 50 Dogmage999 Pending
Beat Level 48 without jumping. 300-500 AnActualChickenNugget Pending
River Rendezvous Beat part 2 of the River without jumping. 300 Runaway3D (User) Pending
Crumbling Experiment As the Student, crumble every tile in Level B-5 completely gone (Not even 1 Crumbling platform at all) 750 Level I-5 In Run 3 Is Hellrated Pending
Gliding Practice As the Child, beat The Box Storage Area Part 11 in one jump or less. 150 TheFemaleChild Pending (Not sure if zero jumps is possible)
Conveyors are useless... Beat Level C-3 without moving sideways (You can't use the conveyors to move sideways) 500 - 1000 Level I-5 In Run 3 Is Hellrated Pending
So close Fail a level when the next level's name already shows 50 Clickblast Pending
Avoid the boxes Beat Plan A part 4 without touching any boxes 100 Clickblast Pending
Spin Off Beat Level T-7 while rotating the tunnel at least 15 times 200 Clickblast Pending
Unsolved Tech Collect 500 cells with the gentlemen using his hat 700 Anyways1234 Pending
Flippy Grill As the Student, beat Level W-3 without moving left or right. 300 Reptorian on Run Planet, posted and verified by Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Pending
All Work and No Play Run 750m in Infinite Mode, always pressing at least one button. 200 Biffster11 Pending
Goodbye...Home Universe... Finish the Runway and reach the Wormhole. 600 The Rosie Pending
Sacrificial Gain As the Duplicator, beat Plan A, part 16 while more than 30 duplicates fall into the void 500(due to the insane difficulty of the level already) Oofhead29 Pending
Cataclysm As the Lizard, dislodge all of the tiles on level B-7 300 Oofhead29 Pending
All Together Now! As the Duplicator, beat Plan A, part 16 duplicating yourself 30 times and then letting 10 or less duplicates fall into the void. 750(due to insane difficulty of the level already plus a bonus of 250 due to insanity of making less than 10 duplicates fall into the void) 777memes777
Dot to dot As the Gentleman, collect 10 power cells without touching the ground 500 BarneyTrouble Possible, but requires some insane rng. pending
Infinite marathon runner As the runner, run a total of 25000 meters in infinite mode (doesn't have to be in one run).
Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 9.03

Icon for the achievment

5000 BarneyTrouble Possible, pending
Run 3 Unlocker Complete all Explore Mode levels, view all cutscenes(no skipping), get all achievements, and unlock all characters 30000 Laurencelong Pending
Whoops! Fall into the void after less than 5 meters in Infinite Mode 100 Djninjanova Pending
Saved from the Crumbling Bridge Be on 5 crumbling tiles and jump to safety 100 Djninjanova Pending
Tough Decisions Don't do anything in Level 1 for a minute 50 Djninjanova Pending
An Annihilating Loop Level 31 Destroy all crumbling tiles and do a full loop Djninjanova Pending
Superspeed In infinite mode, reach the absolute max speed (speed of the skater + the forward conveyor speed) and maintain that speed for 6 seconds. 150 Kohtalee1006 Pending
Your Only Move Is Bounce Beat any 15 levels with the Bunny without jumping. 100 Dogmage999 Pending
Skating Shouldn't Be This Hard Fall into space 100 times on part 12 of Winter Games. 100 TheDarkSideSetsMeFree Pending
Steady Pace Beat level H-2 without touching any conveyor belt tiles 150-250 Cameron Music Pending
The FSM Is In Sight? As the Pastafarian, beat level T-7 without jumping (if you've completed the Coordination Challenge, a cutscene plays where she sees the wormhole and speculates if it's something about the flying spaghetti monster. After this, she probably finds her way to the section of tunnels the Runner is on.) 50 Cameron Music Pending
Authorities Arrived Complete the C-tunnel (or find out what the beeping was at least) 150-250 Cameron Music Pending
On The Edge Beat level N-8 without touching conveyor tiles 400 Cameron Music Pending
Smooth Plain Beat level W-1 in 3 jumps 150-200 Cameron Music Pending
Unstable Speeds Beat level I-3 without touching normal tiles 200-300 Cameron Music Pending
The Polluted River As the Student, beat level U-6 with only the jump button 400-500 Cameron Music Pending
The Roof of the Sky As the Lizard, jump to the ceiling of any level. 75 Cameron Music Pending
Skater's gotta skate Beat Level T-4 as the skater 75 Sketar Pending
Crumbling Goals Beat Level 24 as the student and take all crumbling titles out 90 Sketar Pending


Suggestion User Status
Glass tiles - after 4 tenths of a second after being touched this tile cracks, signifying there is only a tenth of a second before it shatters and disappears, a total of half a second after it's touched. After a glass tile shatters, all connecting tiles orthogonally and diagonally instantly become cracked so they only have a tenth of a second left, then they're sorrounding tiles get cracked, creating a chain effect. Glass tiles don't fall they just disappear and the child only causes tiles to shatter when he jumps off them. Crumbling tiles trigger glass tiles to crack but glass tiles don't cause crumbling tiles to fall. This is supposed to be used as a variant of the crumbling tile. Eli Jelly Omega Pending
Slime - A tile that after walking on for a while, you sink through and fall WalkerwarriorYT Pending
Moving tiles - tiles that can be activated and will move upon contact with the character. Huggaso Under consideration (to be addressed in a stream)
Wind tiles - these tiles push you away from them. They have enough power to lift you 1.5m off the ground. AK Cuber Partially accepted: something similar is planned
Gold glowing tiles (a.k.a. more color options for glow tiles) Lovechinesefood Unlikely
Dangerous Tiles: these will have a Skull design or something like that on them and when touched they will spring up and fling you off the screen, ending your run and making you restart the level MelonMaster1212 Rejected (holes already exist)
Conveyor ramps - Let characters do fast / slow jumps (forwards and backwards), and sideways jumps (sideways ones). Actually, allow any tile to be a ramp. GoBo15, Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Likely
Backwards ramps - Ramps facing away from you that you can slide down, giving you a bit more speed but making it hard to jump as high. Player_03 Under consideration (what new level types would this enable?)
Add Conveyor tiles to the level editor. GoBo15 Likely once more conveyor-based levels are released
Sticky tiles (from Run 2) in the level editor, Infinite mode, Explore mode, or just in general. NintendoPanda101Runner Likely
Differently shaped or sized boxes DerpFace2227 Unlikely
Anti-Gravity tiles – These would not change the gravity when touched and would allow you to do wall jumps. Ender Skull Under consideration (to be addressed in a stream)
Adding on to the above, the appearance could be a brown (as they appeared in Run 2's editor) tile with nubs, like a lego piece on them. Rejected
Circle tiles - Small ones have a diameter of 2 tiles, Medium ones have a diameter of 3 and the big ones have diameter of 4. When stepped upon, the alien will stop running and stand on it. Since the tiles are constantly spinning, The alien will spin 3 times, but the camera stays still, so you can see the alien's face when faced towards the screen. After that, the alien will step out of the circle and start running again, but this time, since the alien became dizzy, the camera will tilt 45 degrees to the left, then back and then 45 degrees to the right and so on for about 10 seconds. This will be challenging in a lot of levels. The speed of tilts depend on the size of the circular tiles. The bigger the tile, the faster the camera tilts. DennMart Rejected (what new level types would this enable?)
Crumbling boxes - Boxes that crumble upon contact away from the tunnel, whether diagonal or straight upwards. The visual design will have the same image as normal crumbling tiles on each face of the boxes. DennMart Under consideration
Water Tiles - Slows down the character until the character has "dried off". Plain Toast Rejected (too similar to slow conveyors; also see "dangerous tiles")
Elevator Tiles - Will move upward or downwards when it senses the character is nearby. Huggaso Duplicate of "moving tiles"
Water - Not a tile. But it can act like waterfalls (Cover up the front so you can't see as well), rivers (Can push you out of the level, similar to the sideways conveyors) or even ponds or lakes (Maybe they are trapped in an area by Boxes or Ramps, likewise, and these can slow you down as you run in the water.). It will also explain why Ice tiles exist. Huggaso Rejected (too similar to conveyors; also see "dangerous tiles")
Boulders - These ones roll from the end of the level towards your direction. You can avoid them by jumping. You would get pushed behind when it rolls towards you. Can be more interesting if sideways rolling boulders exist. Huggaso Under consideration
Rewind Tiles - Pushes character back a few tiles or back to the beginning of the level when touched. StarsOfTheSky Under consideration (what new level types would this enable?)
Fast-Run tiles from Run 2.They act like conveyors except you don't slow over time once you walk off,and your newfound speed can only be stopped by running into things and dying. NintendoPanda101 Rejected (the Skier already exists)
Different boxes. Such as bouncy, sticky, magnetic, etc. NintendoPanda101 Under consideration
Add the Blocks from Run 2 and give them special traits to make them different from boxes NintendoPanda101 Rejected (what new level types would this enable?)
Add Inverted Gravity Tiles from Run 2 (Just wanted to resuggest this to acknowledge its presence) NintendoPanda101 Unlikely (too hard for players to deal with)
Tiles that at first make you have to do part of a level backwards, then another will send the player back in the right direction. Sandervv04 Under consideration
Rename the crumbling tiles something else, since on the wiki, 'crumble the crumbling tiles' just sounds a little repetitive. DerpFace2227 Rejected, change "crumble" in that situation to "dislodge".
Perhaps there can be tiles that look like you can walk over them, but are actually fake tiles that you can fall right through the same way you fall into the empty gaps and restart the level. Sugar Plum Cake Rejected, Would be very abnoxious to deal with, epspecialy in creative mode.
Darkness tiles - Tunnel plunges into darkness for a few seconds before flickering, and then going back to normal. StarsOfTheSky Likely
Flip tiles - Tiles that immediately flip you onto the same spot you were, only on the roof of the tunnel. Electroblast Rejected (even more confusing than inverse gravity tiles)
Speed Tiles that give you +30% speed for 5 secs Electroblast Partially rejected (conveyors already exist)
Magnet Tiles that pull down characters and prevents jumping. However, some characters aren't affected and the Robot will get a jump boost if it's above a magnet tile. SteelixPrismGX Partially rejected (the characters aren't magnetic, but the Gentleman's electromagnet is still an option)
Boost Tiles that when stepped on, increase speed by 50% for 10 secs. SteelixPrismGX Partially rejected (conveyors already exist)
Stun Tiles that when stepped on, halves speed for 10 secs. SteelixPrismGX Partially rejected (conveyors already exist)
Glass Tiles - tiles that when stood on, crack after 5 seconds. If there is a large cluster of glass tiles, then the cracks slowly spread to the other tiles. SteelixPrismGX Rejected (a delay like that means you'd be long gone before they shattered; without the delay they're the same as crumbling tiles)

Spikes - You lose 50% of speed, jump length, jump power, and maneuverability if you touch one. If you touch another, your stats decrease by another 50%. You will gain your regular stats back after 10 seconds.

Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Rejected
No gravity tiles. These tiles are from Run 2, and will not let you change gravity with them. NintendoPanda Under consideration
Elevation changes in levels NintendoPanda101 Pending
wooden planks almost the same as crumbling tiles except walking on them is fine an jumping off them is also they are not connected diagonally but are horizontally/vertically landing on them leaves a crack behind landing on them a 2nd time breaks them down immediately resulting in failing the level (might have a little 0.1sec delay where they don't completely act as hole after 1 crack and allow fast characters who jump on the end of them to run on the next tile even before falling to death) lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
mud: the size is the same as a box while its on the ground (i mean the top of the box is at same height as the tiles) you slowly sink to the bottom of the tile and have to repeatedly press jump to jump out of it some characters jump out of it better then others lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
vertical boxes rotate the box to stand vertically to create some sort of wall that you have to avoid lolXDXDlol1 pending
Slime tiles, if you step on one your movement will get slowed down and your controls will be more slippery (a combination of ice and backwards conveyors) Clickblast Pending
Portals, there are item portals, switch portals, and death portals. Going through a portal makes you suffer the effects. The item portal gives you power cells, the switch portal changes your character to a random one, and the death portal makes you lose Clickblast Pending
Glue tiles, you are much slower while moving through them and they also make you lose all momentum built up (such as by the bunny hopping several times Clickblast Pending
Different power levels of conveyor tiles, which may offer a bit of challenge depending on what direction they're facing.
Conveyor Levels

Blue - Gain a small amount of speed slowly. It nudges you to the left or right if it's facing those directions. It doesn't seem to have much resistance if you move in the opposite direction.

Yellow - Gain a medium amount of speed at a slightly faster rate. It pushes you to the left or right if it's facing those directions. It has a decent amount of resistance similar to blue conveyors previously if you move in the opposite direction.

Red - Gain a large amount of speed in a short time. It launches you to the left or right if it's facing those directions. Don't bother moving in the opposite direction or jumping, it's far too powerful.

Backward conveyors also get these color variants, which could provide some unique gameplay ideas. Like a bunch of red conveyors that move you around the tunnel sporadically on its own before completing the level for you?

Runaway3D (User) Pending
Auto Jump tiles - Make alien jump when they step on it, the speed and distance depending on the alien you choose. Anyways1234 Pending
Grounded Tiles - Once you step on the tile, you cannot change gravity until stepping onto a different tile type. For example, you would step on the tile, jump off of it and try to change gravity onto the wall. However,you would only slam into it and fall back down. Biffster11 Pending
Snowy Tiles - Found mostly in places like the Winter Games. Slows your character down by %65 and depending on the character you use, the tracks will differ. For instance, using the Bunny makes paw print shaped tracks, using any other character, including the Lizard, the tracks will just be circular or flat, and using the Skater makes lines in the snow and he will be 6% slower than most chacters, and the Bunny will be 19% faster than most human characters. In addition, the Lizard will more easily become sleepy with these tiles as aposed to falling in the void. The Rosie Pending
Mud Tiles - A tile that slows you down by about 50% and hinders you from jumping (and the Bunny can't hop as well) Cameron Music Pending

Characters / Costumes

Suggestion Creator Status
The "hair"

A costume for the bunny (the bunny wears a black wig) (description- the bunny found a wig. It is now "The HAIR". haha.)

ability- pressing jump in midair (/tp bunny nearest tile)s the bunny (like the caveman's old ability)

Clicktuck unlikely
A devil costume for the Angel. Special Ability: Can jump higher. Alexandru.ursu.1; GoBo15; LazPuf; Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Likely
The Knight, His armor makes him slower but he can call in his horse which is one of those toy stick horse things which runs fast jumps high and when in danger you can jump off but once you use it once a level, you would probably need some sort of special ability button to make this happen, he looks like the runner but with a knight helmet MelonMaster Unlikely (I like the steed idea, but it'd be hard to implement)
The Christmas Elf costume for the Child.

Appearance - Red-green balloon, green boots and red-green hat, fake grey elf ears (as a headband)

Ability - He runs faster, but jumps quite low.

DennMart Under consideration (but maybe with a candy cane instead of a balloon)
The Cowboy Costume for the Gentleman

Appearance - Cowboy hat, carries a lasso.

Ability - If close enough, he will use the lasso to catch power cells and pull them towards him.

P.S. this hat has no magnet; the gentleman would find it quite acceptable.

DennMart Rejected (doesn't fit the character)
Winter costume for the Bunny, bow on its head and mittens and slippers,known as the present.More stream shenanigans, ability idea is bounces lower?It is also obviously adorable
Watermarked 6

Art by 0Twinkle0

NintendoPanda101Runner Under consideration
Costume for the Student, which replicates how the student worked before the update Random Pro Under consideration, pending a good costume idea
The above could be a winter costume, the Sledder, the sled acts different in zero G, leading to the different ability. She would be able to reach good speeds when moving downwards(like a tunnel transiton) NintendoPanda101 Partially rejected (the Skier already exists, but I can change how tunnel transitions work)
Easter costumes NintendoPanda101Runner Under consideration, for the Bunny at least
Costume for the Student. The Student wears a Square academic cap after she has maybe found the end of the game? Plain Toast Unlikely
Costume for the Duplicator called the Cloner. He looks identical to the Duplicator, but everything blue turns green instead.

Abilities: He can spawn 10~15 duplicates, but has much lower stats. His jumps are much lower, and he runs much slower. But he can still jump on top of duplicates.

Huggaso Under consideration (except this would be a zombie costume)
Costume for the Gentleman. He wears a bowler hat instead of a top hat. It has a magnet inside instead of an electromagnet. (Basically replicates how the Gentleman worked before the update) 1FlyingSpaghettiMonster1 Unlikely
A Cyborg costume for the Angel, which has a jetpack on his back.

Ability: Hover in the air for 3 seconds for every two jumps.

Huggaso Under consideration as a costume for the Gentleman, with changes to the ability
As a buff for the pirate make it immune to Water Tiles (if they start to exist) Plain Toast Partially rejected (water tiles aren't happening, but ice is a possibility)
Give the Ghost an ability that won't crumble the crumbling tiles at all, replicating earlier versions of the Child. DerpFace2227 Under consideration (I like the idea, it's just hard to justify)

Create a new character called The Cat. The Cat would have 2 special abilities: 1. It jumps farther than most characters, and 2. If The Cat misses the jump but the tile is right in front of him, The Cat's claws will come out, and pull it back up, but this only happens once.

Punder Unlikely (in this game)
Create a new character called the Kitten. The Kitten may be the son or daughter of the Cat. They may not even be related but I think that is highly unlikely. The Kitten is similar to that of the Child, same size and weight except some different abilities: It runs on all 4 paws, it can jump as long as Child and as high as the Lizard. (My sister originally thought of the Cat actually because it is her favourite animal.) DennMart Unlikely (in this game)
A bird costume for the Lizard, because birds evolved from reptiles. Maybe it could be hopping short distances, but have the ability to glide with his wings after holding the jump button. Sandervv04 Under consideration
Costume for the Pastafarian: (I couldn't think of the name, maybe ... Super Pastafarian?)

The FSM had granted her superpowers due to her loyalty, and she can now move at super speed. She ran like the Runner, but is approximately 8 times quicker than him. Her light bridge is still present, but is as weak as the Pirate's version. However, her jump becomes very small, with the high jump equivalent to the height of two Bunny bounces.

She expels lightning bolts and static energy when she runs, and she is at a blur to the eyes since she is moving and vibrating so fast.

Huggaso Rejected
Run 4 character idea: The Cyclist. He/she rides a bicycle instead of running, and is the only character who cannot jump, because they're sitting on a bike. However, when they cycle across the ground, they can build up enough speed to cross most short and medium length gaps. They slow down when going up a box or ramp. When they run off a ramp or the side of a box, they can do a turbo-charged super fast jump even longer than the Angel's maximum dash length. GoBo15 Rejected (jumping is required in too many levels)
Costume for the Bunny, which is called The Hare. It looks exactly the same as the Bunny, but has longer ears, and is a disguise the Child put on it to escape the Angel. It is a bit slower, but when it jumps off a ramp, it does a faster, higher jump than the standard Bunny can. GoBo15 Rejected because it's too similar to the original
Halloween costume for the bunny called the spooky chinchilla(due to the sneak thinking the original was too violent). Is gray, has smaller ears, and claws on its arms and long teeth.Its tail has frayed fur.It has a red eye. It bounces higher,but takes a while longer to speed up, however when it speeds up its bouncing it bounces lower. NintendoPanda101 Rejected
A Marathon Runner costume for the Runner. Slightly faster but jumps slightly lower than the Runner. It would wear a yellow tank top with black shorts and a piece of paper taped to the back with a number on it, such as 3. Sugar Plum Cake Unlikely
A Costume for the Bunny with the fur now white/grey and a hat that looks like something similar to this. The Bunny would run somewhat faster in this costume and the jump height would be lowered just a little bit.
Sugar Plum Cake Rejected (I like the idea, it just wouldn't work)
A Costume for the Child that is meant to look like the Bunny. It would consist of ears (Made from cardboard) a tail (Made from a crumpled-up paper ball) and a cardboard suit (To look like the Bunny's tail). The balloon could either be altered to look like an Easter Egg, a carrot, or the same green one the Child uses.

This costume allows the Child to jump higher and run faster.

Sugar Plum Cake Unlikely
A superhero costume for the Gentleman. Faster speed and higher jump height than the original. (Since the Gentleman almost looks as if he's flying towards the power cells like a superhero flies in the sky.) The hat would be replaced with a mask, and there would be a cape and superhero suit. Sugar Plum Cake Unlikely (and it would be a costume for the Angel)
Costume of the Runner called the Sprinter. Lower maneuverability, but she has a once-per-level super speed boost ability (around 30 meters per second?) that lasts for 2-3 seconds. After that, she will become tired and move slower until she gets to the next level or if she fails a level. Random Pro Rejected (not enough to justify a new button)
Run 4 Character idea: The Skateboarder:He has the speed of the the Pastafarian on the light bridge and is maneuverable as the duplicator, but jumps the height of the bunny’s hop height multiplied by 2 in order to build up speed each time he fully jumps in a 30% chance. Anibaban Rejected
Run 4 Character Idea: The Grappler: Press jump again in midair to exactly 6 tiles in front of you. If there is nothing there, you grapple onto nothing and fall. Everything else is the same as the Runner. Electroblast Partially accepted (a similar character was already in the works)
Costume of the Student called the Scientist. Of course, she has a lab coat on and goggles. She still retains her ability (except she can't fully change gravity anymore), but you can maneuver her to the left or right to some extent while floating. FireMatch Under consideration
Santa Costume for The Lizard, called the Lizard Claus. Doesnt jump as high, but is less sleepy. NintendoPanda101 Rejected
So ive recently been watching the Streams. So im making a few changes to this. So a Reindeer Duplicator. He will have the same appearance as I specified before(antlers,hooves,and a tail) but the ability needs changed. All I can really think of is a speed trade off for low jump height. NintendoPanda101 Rejected
Run 4 character idea: The Robot. Press the jump button again while in the middle of a jump to hover in the air for 5 seconds. Charge time: 3.2 seconds. It would also have some costumes: The Scrapbot and The Robo-Lantern 9000. SteelixPrismGX Rejected
Run 4 character idea: The Medic. Press the jump button when you know you're going to fall into the void to jump back up to a random tile. The aura that is created when the Medic activates its ability prevents death the next time you fall into the void, though this is only possible to do once. SteelixPrismGX Unlikely
A cowboy costume for the gentleman Sandervv04 Rejected (duplicate)
New Character Idea for Run 3 or Run 4: The Galaxian can dash if you tap the jump button 2 times like the Angel, except more straight, but if there are no tiles nearby, he will not Dash at all. The Galaxian can jump really high, like the lizard, and is extremely fast, 1.3x faster than the skater. How to Unlock: 15000 power cells, or find him at the wormhole.
FriedChicken76 Rejected
Run 4 Character Idea: The Cartographer. It can dash if you tap the jump button while in midair, though only for 9 tiles. The Cartographer can also change direction while it's dashing. Charge time: 1.9 secs. It has about the same stats as the runner, the only difference being that it is slightly faster than the runner. SteelixPrismGX Partially rejected (if anything, the Cartographer would use her map like a sail)
Add 8-Bit costumes of all the characters. They are pretty much the same, but the 8-Bit Duplicator costume spawns up to 9 duplicates instead of 6. How to Unlock: 3000 power cells or beat the Science Gallery. SteelixPrismGX Rejected
A Rocket Scientist costume for the Child. He has swapped out his balloon for a jet-pack and wears a lab coat and a pair of goggles. It can dash if you double-tap the jump button, but only up to 7 tiles. If you press shift while on the ground, he can perform a ground dash that ignores all holes for 12 tiles in front.. Charge time: 3.2 secs. How to unlock: 25000 power cells or beat both Plan A and Plan C. SteelixPrismGX Rejected
A cupid costume for the Angel he gets a bow and/or arrow with a heart the tip his wings could also be changed to pink and he gets a floating heart in his ring Curtis09k Rejected
An expansion on the importance of other residence in mainly the fanbase,but also say in Run 4.It would be nice to know about all of the Planet's residents.(Not really a game suggestion but eh) NintendoPanda101 Watch the streams
Run 4 Character,The Panda.Has slow speed,good jump,amazing strafing.Can sit down and stop for a second or two as it's special ability.Came into the tunnels relax,and to search for creatures as cute as him.If anyone else has ideas for this it would be appreciated.

Art by 0Twinkle0

NintendoPANDA101 Unlikely (the Lizard exists)
Be able to stack boxes in the level editor, ETC. Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Unlikely
A costume for the Lizard, known as The Godzilla. Basically an all black lizard. A friend of mine suggested making the spikes blue. Ability: Speeds up slowly,eventually going into a dash as fast as the lizards speed on fast conveyors, however the jump height is lowered depending on how fast you are going. They would probably be a halloween costume, but if not the price would be hmm.... 1,000 power cells

The Image because fandom sucks and won't let me upload

NintendoPanda101,Mickel from the discord for the spikes idea,and art by Twink Partially rejected (the mechanics are good, but not as a Lizard costume)
Idea for an appearance of the Caveman. He is an archaeologist that decided to have a little fun with the job. He is close friends with the Angel, and Zombie (more on him later!). His ability is that he can stomp, letting him land immediately. He jumps somewhat low. He came to the tunnels to trace the history of them.He may or may not of discovered that ancient people worshiped bunnies.His halloween costume could be a mummy.He wants to find out how the tunnels were created,and this ends up with him arguing with the Angel a lot. Nintendo Panda, several others for making a personality. Unlikely (I already tried that ability for him; it wasn't enough)
Idea for Zombie this time. He had a very severe injury, and decided to go with the look a little. He is friends with the caveman. He is very polite, but easily annoyed. He runs fast and jumps high, although on ice and fast conveyors he might trip (due to missing a leg and all). If he falls, he has a 30% percent chance of respawning where he fell(or he can have a 100% chance but it can only happen once, basically getting a second chance for each attempt of a level). The thing that frustrates him the most is the Angel, who sometimes even calls him crippled.A halloween costume could be frankensteins monster. Nintendo Panda Rejected
Idea for a character ability: after jumping, pressing the jump button again will suspend the character in their current position for 5 seconds. Afterwards they will float down to the floor. There’s no character suggestion here: This is just a suggestion for a future character ability. Punder Under consideration
Adding on to above, this character could be The Astronaut from the google play art. NintendoPanda101 Unlikely
Zombie becomes a costume for Duplicator, resembling a "Zombie horde". Runaway3D (User) Under consideration
Red Lizard as a costume for the Lizard. While the jump and/or control leaves a lot to be desired, his speed is ferocious. Runaway3D (User) Rejected (really not the Lizard's style)
The Frog as a costume for the Lizard. It runs at an average speed, but when it jumps, it jumps very far, high, and fast. When it lands, though, the speed instantly goes back to normal. T3traBlox Partially rejected
The Nerd as a costume for the student. His backpack is a lot bigger, and instead of flipping upside down, he gets pulled down fast (because of the weight of the backpack). T3traBlox Rejected
The Pogo-er. It functions similarly to the rabbit, but is a costume for the skater T3traBlox Rejected
The Junior. A costume for the Child. Replaces his balloon with a little propeller hat. Allows the player to activate his ability manually.
Propeller hat
Runaway3D (User) Unlikely
Climber design and gameplay: The Climber as stated will have a sci fi grappling hook. She can use this to grapple to ramps, or barrier tiles. She also can save herself from failing a level with it. She has a red bandanna, a yellow toolbelt, a wristband with sparks coming out(as that is where the hook will come out) and has a "spunky" personality. NintendoPanda101 Under consideration
The Hoverboarder. He has a green helmet and a red and white hoverboard. He can do a dash like angel, but somehow on the ground by something like (double pressing jump) and it gains a little air height. Dogmage999
The monkey,rewardEd after beating monkey watch. Friend of child and bunny, and can swing from something in the air twice a level. Hates the angel and is pretty smart for a monkey, as it found a ring and can open boxes in cutscenes
scientist: custome for the student (porbably a blue bag instead of a red one) wiht a new device instead of controling gravity it ca once per level save her life by creating a tile under her to land on it will be a regular tile and she can jump of it normally the tile disapears after 5 seconds (just when you die) lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
a character who is smaller then the child weights way less then the child and wears an helmet wiht a light bulb it is simulair to the sutdent that it has low basic abilitys (running/jumping/ect) but tits special ability is to ligtehn dark levels and levels with a dark color tile and alos to ignore crumblibn tiles completely eveven when he jumps off them lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
Character idea: A cubic robot character with the ability to propel themselves upwards using rocket boosters on their feet. They could only do this for a short amount of time until they run out of power, which would refill at the start of every level. Punder Pending
Character idea: A cowboy inspired character who's ability is to grab Power Cells from far away with a lasso. Perhaps their stats could be altered a bit to make them a bit more unique, but their main difference is just an increased Power Cell grabbing range. Punder Pending
Character for Run 4: The Miner. The Miner has a helmet and can use his helmet which allows to see Dark Tiles more clearly. Maybe you can add another ability because most levels don't have Dark Tiles... maybe when he is in front of a box, he can use his pickaxe to break boxes and get power cells from them? The Miner would cost 20,000 in the Shop. The Geometry Dasher Pending
Character for Run 4: The Cat. Can see dark tiles more clearly because and jumps farther. The Geometry Dasher Pending
The Demagogue as a playable character. The way this can be explained is that she came into the tunnels early on to look for her family. This can be explained in a cutscene unlocked by clicking a drawing of a Sunflower on the map. Heytherebusters Pending
? ? ?
Duplicator's sketch of the Runner turned into a character. It has the most basic stats out of the cast and has no special qualities whatsoever.
Runaway3D (User) Pending
Character idea: the sloth, he moves slowly but has the best maneuverability out of all characters. He also jumps short distances only but he can hang onto the edges of platforms making him not fall, unless he misses completely Clickblast Pending
The Waker of Wind (costume for the Child) - Somehow, Link, the Hero of Wind accidentally fell into a portal while sailing the Great Sea. Due to the strange effects of the Tunnels, and the Triforce of Courage, he took possesion of the Child to stay alive due to the lack of breatheable air for Hylians. For some strange reason, he was still equipped with the Master Sword, the Wind Waker, and the Deku Leaf. Since he still knew all the songs he still learned, he played the Wind's Requiem and showed the Angel how impressive it was, but he still wouldn't budge. His stats are not different, however, he will hold the Deku Leaf and use it when gliding instead of the Child's signature balloon. The Rosie Pending
The Labrat: A costume for the Student that gives her a white backpack and a white Labcoat. This makes her a tiny bit faster. Cameron Music Pending
The Businessman: A costume for the Gentleman that gives him a black Tuxedo and another tophat. DUAL TOPHATS REEEEEEE. Also the stats change by giving him more control after collecting a power cell so he doesn't fly out into space. Cameron Music Pending


Suggestions Creator Status
The "Angle" Theory

Give a cutscene about the child asking the angle if she is actually an angle, the child tells angle that angles personality is different in story books and Angle (Character) is not similar to the Angle in fictions.

Anyways1232 Pending
Make the Lizard playable in Memory Evaluation WalkerwarriorYT Pending
Add cutscene that explains how the main characters gain their powers Cockynoob666 Unlikely due to spoilers and time constraints
Add a cutscene when the angel gets sacked Hytale will not come out Unlikely
Add The V-Tunnel, E-Tunnel, S-Tunnel And Level & MichaelAutisim90526 The Runner would pick a new naming scheme before exhausting all the letters
Maybe that new naming scheme would be Greek Letters? Tunnel Alpha Tunnel Lambda Tunnel Omicron etc. NintendoPanda101 Pending
Give the Child a cutscene where he splashes the Angel with his balloon. EasyJohn42 Spoiler alert
Triangular levels and levels with bouncy tiles in Explore Mode or Infinite Mode. (These tiles can currently be seen only in the level editor.) GoBo15 Unlikely (neither of these mechanics works well enough)
Give the Pastafarian a cutscene where she takes off her hat. NintendoPanda101Runner  Under consideration
Add Map of the Stars as the Infinite mode theme (look up Run 3 ost) NintendoPanda101Runner  Likely
Add level editor to mobile Anonymous user Accepted (but it will take a while)
Add an ability to all aliens:


Press the down key or s key to do it, but it can only be done in mid-jump. Depending on the alien, they have different speeds, like the child is slow but the lizard is fast.

DennMart Unlikely but possible
Make either the Planet or the Wormhole visible in the background of Infinite Mode levels (They don't have to be visible in every single level. Maybe some can have the Planet while others can have the Wormhole, implying that the infinite tunnel is constantly changing direction slightly.) DennMart Likely
Brightness controlling - Make a possibility for players in level editor to control brightness in their levels so that there can be blinking and different power ranking in specific places and distances and parts of the levels, just like the Low-Power Tunnel has. DennMart Accepted, but it'll take a while
Give the Student a cutscene where she finally explains either to someone, or to herself, how she controls gravity after she made a better device. DennMart Under consideration
Change the explanation of the Infinite Mode achievement "Precise Jumper" to "Complete the level without dislodging any tiles". DennMart Mostly accepted (wording tweaks)
More seasonal Infinite Mode variants (recoloured levels and different power cell skins). Ideas: go to my blog post about it. GoBo15 Under consideration (but not going to happen soon)
Season Switcher - shop item that lets you toggle IM skins at will. GoBo15 Likely
Blinking when a character is facing you llamas4Dayz Likely, eventually
Child costume were the balloon is a bunny. llamas4Dayz Under consideration (why is this here?)
Give level C-3 an eerie silence instead of music, just beeping. DerpFace2227 Likely
Make IM level 53 less laggy with the Pastafarian. Random Pro I'll try
Discord Button for Run Discord on start menu like the app store buttons. Mr.L Unlikely
Run Wiki Button on start menu like the app store buttons. Mr.L Under consideration
Add a stat to the IM end-of-run statistics for "Achievements Earned" GoBo15 Accepted
Add a stats page with Total Jumps, total IM distance, total levels beaten, total IM levels beaten, power cell all-time collection, average power cells per IM run, etc. Random Pro Under consideration
Create hidden levels, tunnels or cutscenes in the game, which can be unlocked after a specific event. Huggaso Under consideration, but not high priority
Allow characters to jump from a level to another tunnel, instead of choosing in the Galaxy Map. Huggaso Already planned
A few hidden alternative endings. Huggaso Unlikely
Allow the Child to finally kick the Angel! DerpFace2227 Spoiler alert
Allow an option that can let you choose to play in first-person and third-person perspective. It would be very cool. For the first-person perspective, I mean that you actually see what the character is seeing. Huggaso Unlikely, or at least low-priority
IM end-of-run trivia exclusive to costumed characters GoBo15 Likely
Option to turn off cutscenes. L the Boulevardier, DerpFace2227 Under consideration
A tunnel which is entirely different from the Low-Power Tunnel, with tiles that are (very) bright, and boost characters' abilities instead of weakening them. Huggaso Under consideration
Give the Child a cutscene in which he shows his feeling's to his father's duplicates. Huggaso What?
After completing Explore Mode, have all or some of these rewards:

  • Cutscene that hints about Run 4
  • All levels (Except minigames) can be played with any character
  • Caveman and Zombie can be played as (They just work the same as the Runner)
  • Intense Speed
  • Some scrapped levels can be played.
GoBo15 Under consideration
When pausing a game of Infinite Mode, allow a character select bar so you can change characters (there will be a small fine of power cells, but it will not be as high as dying). Characters may be reused, unless the player fails the level with that specific character. StarsOfTheSky Under consideration
Have a cutscene where the Child is asked by the Duplicator why he brought his Halloween ghost costume. StarsOfTheSky Rejected
Give the Pastafarian some sort of a cutscene where she explains to another character (maybe the Runner or the Skater) about the FSM's light bridge and the Runner or Skater will not believe her.

Note: Can the other characters see the light bridge? Because if yes, then the Runner or Skater will see a light bridge form and the Pastafarian runs away. If not, then the Runner or Skater will see the Pastafarian running/jumping in mid-air and will be confused.

StarsOfTheSky Partially rejected (the bridge may be addressed, but not in that way)
Have the Duplicator spy on the Angel (in a cutscene) like this: He is hiding on the opposite side of the tunnel where the Angel is, and one of his duplicates is hiding in a more obvious position. The Angel notices the other duplicate, then tells the duplicate that it was really obvious where he was hiding and that the Angel would "of course not be fooled by such a naive trick", while not knowing that the real Duplicator is on the ceiling. Random Pro Rejected (gravity is the same for everyone nearby, and the Angel can use that to detect people)
Add a shortcut to reset the box entirely in Bridge Building levels with the Protip cutscene. (With a confirmation box if possible) Executivity14 Under consideration
Working on the backwards levels more and making them possible, and more fun than they already are. DerpFace2227 Likely
The P-tunnel ends close to either T-7 and/or Level 65, so the Pastafarian (and possibly the Lizard and Gentleman) can get to the wormhole path. Cameron Music Pending
An option to move back a frame in cutscenes Sandervv04 Unlikely due to how they're programmed
Make the cutscene "Cheating" show up in the cutscene gallery, with that name as well. DerpFace2227 Under consideration
Give the G-Tunnel more plot throughout the game DerpFace2227 Unlikely
Make another Creator Contest for new Run 3 levels Lovechinesefood Under consideration
Add special tunnels in Infinite Mode that appear just as randomly as all other tunnels you enter in infinite mode. These tunnels can only be accessed by 1 certain character, with 1 special tunnel in Infinite mode for each. Each of them would contain an achievement that rewards more power cells rather than the usual 50 (Maybe a range from 100-250) and each achievement would have something to do with the character's abilities. (Costumed characters would have the same tunnel as the normal character.) If you fall off in a special tunnel and kept going with a different character, it would be the same as usual if you fell off in a normal tunnel and you'd keep going. However, you cannot access another special tunnel with the new character you selected to keep going, as you can only find up to one each time you play in this mode. Sugar Plum Cake Partially rejected (split paths would be cool in Infinite Mode, but they'll take a while and they wouldn't look like this)
Make "Widdershins" and "Electrophobia" on the Achievements page appear above the level-exclusive achievements instead of separated at the bottom. GoBo15 Likely
Add a single-use booster called "Safety Spring" in the Shop, which essentially gives you a bonus life for that gameplay. It will be activated when you are falling into space, automatically. Huggaso Under consideration
Make a cutscene that has a Johnny Quest noise called a splat of paint. This cutscene could be done after finishing the Runway, a tunnel in Run 3. That splat of paint could make the skater turn into a car with skates, which would also make the skates turn into four colors. Lovechinesefood What?
Allow a multi-player challenge for Run 4(called the Alien Races), each round of 10 players using the same character just goes off, last one standing wins. DerpFace2227 Very unlikely (but nice pun)
Add infinite mode trivia for the Student that reads "The Student moves pretty slow, but cut her some slack, its hard to run with a backpack on" NintendoPanda101 Unlikely (there's already a similar tip)
Tanline666 Not this one
Make a template for infinite mode achievements. EasyJohn42 What?
Upon beating level 1, backwards, play the cutscene Planet Missing, (after the player unlocks it). ZolteGamer Likely
Maybe you an add timed levels, meaning that you have to pass a level within a short period of time. Maybe, it can be really long levels that you have to beat by running on Conveyors, Ice, or it can be levels filled with Boxes, and slow Conveyors. Or, even Barriers! Huggaso Unlikely
After the Runner, Skater, and Student enter the wormhole and enjoy their time exploring it for a while, they realize they cannot go back the way because of natural reasons or some evil thing, and they start looking for a way back. Random Pro Unlikely
Temporary character restrictions: Have a character be not allowed to play with. For example, if in the plot line something kidnaps the Child or the Child gets lost, then you cannot play the Child anymore in regular Explore Mode Levels or in Infinite Mode until the Child is found. Random Pro Unlikely
Make 1v1 game mode: A random string of 2-5 levels is generated, whoever makes it to the end wins. Checkpoints at the end of each level. Costs 10 power cells to enter, winner gets 20 power cells Electroblast Unlikely (in this game)
Add a recording system. You can press a key to start recording and press the same key again to stop. There could be a setting that if toggled on, it would allow pressing the key to start recording to avoid accidental recordings. The recordings are automatically downloaded. Random Pro OBS already exists
After you played run 3 for a long time, you can make an account with a password and all so your progress can be saved onto any device! Kayraqbookworm Pending
Make it so if you get all of the hint dialogue in Coordination Challenge, you unlock a new tunnel pigsbeawesome Under consideration
This tunnel could possibly be the way Pasta gets to the others. This Tunnel could either be newly discovered, or just hard to traverse(but easy ish with Pasta), it would lead to the I tunnel. NintendoPanda101 NintendoPanda101
Have a 2 player mode! Player 1 uses WASD and Player 2 uses arrow keys (sorry space bar users)

Have the screen split in two, one for each player. If one player dies, both player's restart to the beginning of the level.

TheStarsOfTheSky Under consideration
Let the Level Editor levels be limited to only one or a few characters (i.e, The Way Back with only the Angel, Pastafarian, Bunny, Child/Ghost, and Duplicator). Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Under consideration
Change the default controls on Mobile to buttons,as people complain about the bad controls NintendoPanda Unlikely
Put conveyors in the level editor in Run Mobile (a Mobile editor, in general). RunKing, Spelling by Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated Unlikely
Make the Pastafarian join the Runner, Skater, and the Student. RunKing Under consideration
Make the Wormhole lead back to the planet. RunKing Unlikely
Add a secret cutscene for touching the balloon in TWB 8 Random Pro Under consideration
Add a cutscene for level 56 where The Lizard catches up to The Skater from the B-Tunnel, making the Skater angry. And then after he cheers up, he pets the Lizard when it's asleep. NintendoPanda101 Unlikely
Have another level contest for Infinite mode levels. NintendoPanda101 Under consideration (also, duplicate)
Some ideas for character restrictions,er, the lack of them

Memory Evaluation:Allow it to be played with the Lizard after completion

Way Back 8-16:After completion let every going home character be allowed

Plan A:Once beaten,allow the Angel

Coordination Challenge:Allow The Gentleman (and the lizard if they are still with him) to play it after completion (also please allow the Pirate normally...)

NintendoPanda101 Likely
A new run 3 mode called Dark mode. It is explore mode but lets you play all dark levels light and all light levels dark Eighdeen1 Unlikely but possible
Add a restart button to run mobile. probably under or next to the pause button. Curtis09K Under consideration
Add a secret cutscene when you have earned every achievement Eighdeen1 Unlikely
Add some secret levels at the end of each tunnel. They get unlocked after you beat every tunnel. Eighdeen1 Under consideration
Add Y-tunnel, it will be 2 long and Insanely hard level, also add a cutscene at the end named "Infinite Tunnels" in The end where Runner and Skater see a tunnel made from nothing. Also, make the tunnel spit off the runway part 19 and make the runner and the skater the only playable character in the tunnel, after the cutscene, make the student playable in the tunnel and add a achievement called "Floor's lava!) in Y-2 where the student must not touch the ground and Conveyor tile is the only touchable tile in this achievement and make it earn 1000 power cells. Run3player
The Gentleman discovers a tunnel that seems endless but is rich in power cells. He decides not to tell anyone about it. The name of the cutscene is "Infinite Possibilities". Runaway3D (User) Unlikely
Add a cutscene where the animals go mad and attack the Angel for abusing them T3traBlox Unlikely, beyond what already exists
Include "Space theme" and "Run 2 theme" as secret soundtracks to use in the level editor. Runaway3D (User) Unlikely
A tutorial for each level with new tile types Eighdeen1 Unlikely
Add the Run 2 backgrounds into the game into infinite mode, or certain tunnels(like the g tunnel and stuff) NintendoPanda101 Unlikely
Add an optional part to the Angel missions, starring the Pastafarian. She is chasing after the Bunny. To access it, when pulling up the list, if you try and pull it up(or maybe it just shows normally) it shows something called the Rabbit, after the Angel VS. Bunny cutscene, the pest, or rodent. NintendoPanda101 Under consideration
Add a part of the Run 3 City that is called "Kansas City Library Book Wall 2.0". In this part of the city, maybe there could be one cutscene that would give a summary for each book, per 1 achievement a player does. Some books which are featured on this book wall are Fahrenheit 451, The Lord of the Rings, and Charlotte's Web. Lovechinesefood Unlikely
the nagle missed an secret tunnel in not the way back that leads home! afte rreleasing plan A and C dotn work osmeone else may have found thi stunnel before her? some caracters could question the tunnels name and explore it more while the angel keeps thinkign baout her plan D lolXDXDXDlol1 Unlikely
Cutscene editor - This allows players to use character sprites and alternate angle shots of tunnels and speech bubbles to create their own stories. DennMart Pending
Add a cutscene where any of the characters break the 4th wall. DennMart Pending
When players choose to play the last level of any tunnel backwards(e.g. A-9), instead of showing the cutscene after you finish it, show the cutscene at the beginning, and THEN play the last level, so that when you finish the level, you can continue with the rest instead of taking you to the cutscene and then the Galaxy Map. DennMart Pending
add plan E playable with the duplicator and the child anywhere form plan A or plan C (most likely form launch site C) they go all the tunnels backwards up to level 1 only to try to reach home before the angle if this doesn't lead home (which i believe it wont) just give a small reward lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
let the duplicator have a secret plan and go with the child to check if they missed an tunnel in the 'new tunnel 9' (the tunnel they found branching off the low power tunnel) they find one and try it out to see if it reaches the planet (the new tunnel does fac in the same direction of the planet) lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
after beating level A-9 you can see the main tunnel and perhaps maybe even jump into it and/or allow us to jump from the main tunnel into A-9 to do the a tunnel backwards lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
let the skater be able to do a long jump froom M5 into the river part 1 without initiate the cutscene lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
after beating the memory evaluation part 7 let us be able to jump back into the low power tunnel lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
Add a tunnel called " The Way Through ". It is a tunnel that is located inside the wormhole. Eighdeen1 Pending
the way onwards tunnel located after B13 i made an easy level doable wiht every character (i hope this link works) after B13 you will jump straight into the tunnel as if it was b-14 and if you die you respawn at the last green tile of B13 without the crumbling tiles in front of there after finishing it you jump in N-1 as if it was b-15 lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
allow us to disable cutscenes so we can just jump in the void of space or incase of M5 we can jump with fast characters into the river part 1 also if we jump far enough in the void of space form B13 see tunnel N-1 it allows allows us to do all levels backwards without triggering cutscenes lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
after the runner has some time left she pushed some boxes to the end of M-5 to make th ejump into the river part 1 easier for everyone a ssuch this level i made is seen a the en dof M5 its porbably the smallest tunnel in the game if it gets added and M5 will get a green cickle at the end where you will respawn now this level (M6? F0? the river part 0?) is directly linked as the next level as M-5 and the cutscene won't trigger anymore unless you click on the doodle the the 2 tunnels are now connected as 1 long tunnel of 11 levels lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
after all explore levels are beaten and you play every tunnel with any character you come across the gap between the way back part 7&8 the runner sees this and seeks for some boxes to create his own 'tunnel' ( )after she has done that an cutscene will trigger where she argues to herself how she should call it after she just change she names of parts 8-16 to parts 9-17 and calls it part 8 lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
unlock pirate costumes after beating the river lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
run4 idea: inside the wormhole after reaching the wormhole make anytuneels and stuff that ahppen son the otherside come in run4 if not already in 3 lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
allow lizard to play memmory evaluation after completion lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
Tunnel called Monkey Watch branching out of not the way back were the child and bunny chase a monkey and the monkey is playable after beating the tunnel. See Monkey in character suggestions Dogmage999
make it so after boatride you start halfway in TWB8 instead of skipping it this allows you to do somethign wiht the baloon of the child lolXDXDXDlol1 pending
Ring Mode - Run through rings that are positioned throughout the tunnels. Going through them gives you a burst of speed and a better score. Runaway3D Pending
More Level Editor tools. Undo and Redo button, fill tool, and Copy/Paste feature. Runaway3D Pending
have the wormhole collapse after the wormhole team go through it because real life wormholes are very unstable. This strands the Runner, Skater, and Student (and anyone who came with them) whereever it came out. This sets the stage for run 4 as half the characters are stranded somewhere unknown and the the other half have to help the people on the planet survive the energy released by the collapsing wormhole. Dogmage999 Pending
When the Wormhole Characters get to the Wormhole, add some tunnels on the other side. Fordy TV Pending
Make a cutscene, could be any new cutscene in the Run 3 game, that has futuristic sound effects such as a science fiction laser effect. Lovechinesefood Pending
Space run (lagged) should be banned by player_03

because It’s a bootleg version of run 1

Mr. fliplineandrunfan Pending
Have ramps in the backwards levels not shove you into space Dogmage999
Make The Bridge Level Playable Using My Tunnel Example: Level I-5 In Run 3 Is Hellrated Pending
Have An id-407 ( For Plan C, part 16 Level I-5 In Run 3 Is Hellrated Pending
(Similar to Caps in Super Mario 64 DS) Items you can pick up to imitate a different character's ability. For example, if you pick up a map in The Tunnel, you will copy the Runner's abilities, or if you pick up a wooden spoon, you can copy the Pastafarian's abilities. Picking up a top hat will let you copy the Gentleman's abilities, etc. RanJunkINC. Pending
Have the Pastafarian's knowledge of throwing knives come in handy later on. Runaway3D (User) Pending
A secret cutscene for completing every possible Explore Mode level prior to Angel Missions as Skater. A follow up to "The Next Big Thing" where he finally finishes 50 laps and celebrates for a brief moment in silence. Runaway3D (User) Pending
The Space Ship that Angel and Child are building should include a dinky cannon that shoots burning candy as a projectile per Child's request. This would inevitably backfire at some point.

Similarly, water balloon bombs. They only have a couple, so it's rarely used. Or so what the Angel thinks.

Runaway3D (User) Pending
The Bunny ultimately becomes the Space Ship's main source of power much like a hamster in a wheel. Runaway3D (User) Pending
The Lizard gets its own little replica Gentleman hat that only lasts a few frames in a cutscene.


Runaway3D (User) Pending
The Gentleman builds a prototype "jetpack" by attaching a ring to his hat (or elsewhere). Runaway3D (User) Pending
The Student's book/magazine cover becomes an upcoming level design. Runaway3D (User) Pending
Import & Export: This feature is like your usual Import & Export features, you can do offline Import & Export & online Import & Export, offline Import & Export allows you to get a custom level's code & get others to get that custom level, but offline codes is really long, for online Import & Export allows you to get a custom level's code but way shorter than the offline codes, to get online Import & Export, you are going to have to complete 175 Explore Mode levels, then to get offline Import & Export, you just have to buy the Level Editor. Level I-5 In Run 3 Is Hellrated (Just call me "Gachalizer - Cassie") Pending
Flavor text for discovering new tunnels that vary depending on the character chosen and story position. Runaway3D Likely (decided in Discord)
Hardcore mode: A mode where you only have a certain amount of lives in the game. Every time you lose a level you lose a life. The number of lives you have depends on the hardcore difficulty. Hardcore easy gives 200 lives, hardcore medium gives 100 lives, hardcore difficult gives 50 lives, hardcore insane gives 25 lives, hardcore extreme gives 10 lives, and hardcore impossible gives 5 lives. Anyway if you lose all your lives your save gets deleted and you have to restart the game. Clickblast Pending
HTML5 version with Level Editor that will be hosted in Kongregate and/or Newgrounds GammaRaul Pending
make the child able to balance on tile sides but get a major jump and speed reduction (with a custscene before it happens called "Hey look im balancing")

And furthermore, make it so you can play as the gentleman in coordination challenge after completing it (and maybe pastafarian in memory eval?)

Clicktuck Pending
Tiered achievements: They're like regular achievements except with levels on top of them. Think of it like if there was a harder version of Galactic Vandalism called "Galactic Vandalism II". The higher the level, the greater the requirements are. Fivebee2 Pending
Costume Party tunnel: A short tunnel (probably 4 or 5 levels) that can only be played by characters with costumes and only those costumes. The tunnel mixes tiles that play with the costumed characters' strengths (ex. snow tiles for the skier). Between levels, cutscenes play where the characters chat about why or how they have their costumes. Cameron Music Pending


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