This page lists all of accepted and rejected suggestions from the Suggestions page.


Suggestion Changes made Creator
Achievement for beating The Crystal Gallery, part 1 without jumping. AK Cuber
Achievement for beating The Crystal Gallery, part 2 without pressing anything after the third tile. AK Cuber
Description of Follow the Gray Brick Road needs to be changed to "Use the Child to beat Level M-4 in one jump" because it's possible with the Pastafarian, but you don't get the achievement awarded. GoBo15
Achievement called "Speed Racer" for beating Level N-2 without jumping. Named Gotta Go Slow GoBo15
Achievement called Too Lazy to Aim for beating Level G-8 by only landing on the crumbling tiles. The first few tiles don't count. Random Pro
Achievement called "Voyage" for beating The River, part 1 without jumping with the Pirate costume for Pastafarian. Named Landlubber L the Boulevardier
Achievement called "Gentleman's Delight" for beating Level 10 with the Gentleman without dislodging any tiles, and it is only counted if his skill is used. Reward: 150 Power Cells. Named Stick the Landing Anonymous user (Tanline666)
Achievement called Bunny Hop for using the Bunny to beat Level X without jumping. Reward: 150 Power cells It only requires 75% of the level to be finished, reward is 400 power cells. Random Pro for the achievement, Fivebee2 for the name
Achievement called Power Outage for using the Gentleman's ability 5 times and still go 1000m in Infinite Mode without collecting power cells Any character is allowed, reward reduced to 150, distance reduced to 512m.
The Fast Way: Beat Level N-4 by only touching the conveyors. The first few tiles don't count. Named The Fast Lane Fivebee2
True Engineer, beat Plan C, part 11 as the Angel in one dash Named A True Engineer NintendoPanda101
Satisfying: beat IM level 3 without jumping Named Spiral Staircase NintendoPanda101
Angry Green Thing: Beat Level 63 as the Lizard and crumble all the Crumbling tiles NintendoPanda101
Achievements for going home and reaching the Wormhole ( in the near future) DerpFace2227


Suggestion Creator Reason for rejection (if any)
Achievement called "One Try Finish" for beating Plan A, part 16 on your first try. Reward: 20,000 power cells. Anonymous user Player 03 doesn't want achievements that can be impossible to obtain after a certain time.
Achievement called "As Silent As Space" for beating Level 20 with the Lizard. L the Boulevardier L rejected it himself because some other editors of this wiki said it was too easy.
Death tiles- they make you die as soon as you touch them and have skulls on them. Anonymous user (Tanline666) They are too much like holes.
Achievement called "Tired Legs" for reaching 500 meters in under a minute in Infinite Mode as the Skater. NintendoPanda101 The Skater can easily do this in 30 seconds.
Give the Pastafarian antennas! NintendoPanda101 Already done. Resuggested as giving the Pastafarian a cutscene where she takes off her hat.
Secret Achievement called "That Achievement That Everyone Knows About" for clicking on an empty spot on the achievements tab. Plain Toast Said to be rejected by Player 03.

(But he hinted that he may actually add it)

Achievement called "To Infinity And Beyond" which requires you to Beat Box Storage Area, part 8 with the Gentleman. Plain Toast Said to be rejected by Chip and Player 03.
Masochist: Beat the main tunnel only using the Lizard. It does not have to be all in one try. tds142 Intended as a joke, it was rejected for being long, poorly-defined, and taking extra work to program.
Figure Eight: Beat Winter Games, part 8 without jumping. Fivebee2 Rejected because it was basically like "Ramping Up Lite".
Do You Think That’s Wise?: Beat IM Level 41 only touching the crumbling tiles. GoBo15 Rejected because Annihilation, an achievement with the same concept, was accepted. This was revealed to be a typo, resuggested to be put on IM 51.
Child Tiles which dislodge when the Child jumps on/off them. Marked by a green balloon. Asdfghjklzxcvbnmmnbvcxzlkjhgfdsa (Anssjd for short) Anssjd rejected them himself because editors of the wiki thought that they were similar to crumbling tiles.
Asteroid: Enter Level 20 through the side from Level 19 NintendoPanda101 Rejected for excessive gravity shenanigans, also another way to get "A Breath of Fresh Nothing"
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