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Recently Player_03 has stated that he will consider using fan made icons for achievements without them if they are good enough, get to work! You might want to DM player_03#3927 on Discord for feedback and assistance. Just because one is already taken doesn't mean you can't submit one, multiple submissions are appreciated.


Add methods and tips here.

NintendoPanda101: Come up with an idea. Get the needed spritesheets from the beta, take a picture of any level you need, and crop out the part that you need. Open Krita(an art program) and arrange everything you have. Crop and change the canvas size, make sure that the dimensions are the same. Make sure everything is big enough, and see how low you can make the canvas size and keep the overall essence of the image.

Runaway3D: You can use any art program you're most comfortable with. Something as simple as a rough draft can also work. Once you're finished, upload the image in gallery format so that the page doesn't get cluttered. Add the creator's name (which should preferably be you) as a caption.

Anonymous: It doesn't have to be a level with characters, it could be a sign (like Right is Wrong) or line like Figure Skater, or anything, just as long it matches the achievement. Use any art app, but if you want to do one that has characters, get a picture of something(like a level) make sure the app has a magic select tool(or a tool that removes backgrounds from stickers. The run 3 font is called Comfortaa


A Bumpy Ride

A Destructive Loop

A True Engineer

Across the Frozen Pond

Angled Surface Enthusiast

Angry Green Thing


Bunny Hop

Buried Boxes Ahead

Clever Bunny

Coursing Through

Crumbling Bridge

Dark is Not Evil


Dodge The Squares

Duplicator's Lucky Number


Falling Grey Objects Ahead

Falling to Pieces


Follow The Gray Brick Road


Frozen Bridge

Good Eye

Gotta Go Slow

Grinding The Tunnel (Into Dust)


Hat Trick

I Found The Pattern!

I Hate Ups And Downs

I Would Bounce 500 More

I'm Not Blue (Da Ba Dee)

In a Hurry

Leap of Faith

Light is Not Good

Little Ramps

Not A Gymnast


Precise Jumper

Rickety Scaffolding

Right Back Into The Air


Snakes and Ladders

Spiral Staircase

Stepping Stone Stepper

Stick the Landing

Straight Forward

Straight to the End


The Conscientious Lagomorph

The Fast Lane

There's No Right Way

This Side Up

Three Spooky Jumps

Too Lazy to Aim

Topaz Bridge

Topaz Snake

Variety Pack

Watch Your Antennae!

We Will Survive

What's Inside?


Wrecking Ball