Introduction Edit

This is Level 17 of Run 2 played by the Skater.

Gameplay Edit

This level consists of many blue rectangular prisms, which point in the direction of the level. The platforms are small and cannot be caught onto, so this is what gives this level its difficulty.

Simply find a route along the top. There are many winning routes, and you need to find one, because having a definite strategy really helps in this level. A route alternating between top left and top middle, or top middle and top right can finish the level a little easier than other routes that jump all over the place.

Bonus Edit

To collect the bonus, you need to fall to the right at the beginning, then jump to the left. The level is harder from this point onward because there is no backup plan. When you are on the top, you could fall onto the bottom level to save yourself when failing. When already on the bottom, you cannot do this. In addition, the platforms above serve as blockages, stopping you from making some jumps. One thing you could do to make earning this bonus much easier is by making a definite strategy. This will help eliminate errors, as a definite strategy includes knowing how long to hold each button.

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