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Across the Frozen Pond is an Infinite mode achievement in Run 3. This achievement is found in IM level 130.

Suggested Characters: BunnyFront.png GentlemanFront.png StudentFront.png


If you want to get this achievement easily use the Bunny. The Bunny can easily jump over the first wave of ice tiles but be careful because when you land the second wave; it can be very close so jump right back up into the air.

Or, you could use the Gentleman and fly over the entire level. If there are only a few power cells, you could use the height trick.

You can also use the Student and change gravity to the other side of the level. You can also just hold till the last second and jump over all of the ice tiles.

The Pastafarian also works, although not in the suggested characters. Just use the bridge instead of the ice tiles and keep reinforcing the bridge for maximum free ground.

The Skater or the Child will also work because of their long jumps, making this achievement easier.