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This is a transcript of the cutscene Affliction.

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Location: Level U-4                                    Characters: Student, Gentleman

The Gentleman and the Student are facing each other, the angle skewed 180 degrees.

GentlemanFront Ah, we meet again. Good morning. I take it you've arrived at a solution to my affliction?
StudentFront Not quite.
StudentFront We might be getting close. See, I found these boxes with a couple gold rings attached to them. Wait, that wasn't the first thing. I'll get back to that later. Before that, I was thinking about the law of action and reaction. These batteries are what, a few grams apiece? If you and the battery were the only things in the equation, there's no way it could pull you around, much less that electromagnet. There has to be something holding the batteries in place. My first thought was air friction, because that's exactly what air friction does. Except no it's not; air friction would apply to you too. Except maybe it is, if you take wind into account. I just don't know and I haven't sat down to do the math because I've been busy with those boxes I mentioned. Speaking of which, those boxes have a bunch of interesting features. They float in midair and you can push them around, but the important thing is that it's hard to push them in certain directions. Not impossible, just ha...
GentlemanFront (Talking over the Student) Excuse me. Do you have a solution or don't you?
StudentFront ...
StudentFront Hold onto the floor.
GentlemanFront Unacceptable. My project calls for a great deal of capital. To optimize my income, I must be able to move freely while attracting power cells. My time and dignity are too valuable to waste being tossed about as if riding a hurricane.
StudentFront Want to do another test?
GentlemanFront No.
StudentFront It's worth testing!
GentlemanFront No.
StudentFront Then I don't know what you expect me to do.
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