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This article is about a subject that does not have a canonical name. The name given here is completely conjectural.

The Angle Missions are a set of levels that makes up one of three "mini-games" that are currently available in Run 3.

Bridge Building canonically happens simultaneously along with the Angle Missions.

The Angle Missions becomes available after completing Box Storage Area and Winter Games, part 9. They focus on the Angle as he recruits the other characters to go back home.


There are six parts to the Angle Missions, each of which can only be played with the Angle. If the player has not unlocked the Angle yet, he can be used anyway, similar to how the Student is the default character for most of the levels in Bridge Building. However, also like the Student, he will not be unlocked after beating all of the Angle Missions and must still be bought in the shop to be used in any other levels.

The length of each part of the minigame varies. The longest part of it is the part of "The Nerd", which consists of eight levels, or nine if you count playing forward and backwards in Level U-10 into two levels.

This is one of the ways you can play certain levels backwards, the other way being the Bridge Building minigame. You can also play any level backwards by pausing and press and holding on the "Previous Level" button. If you click on the Know-It-All section of the list you can play the Angle on Box Storage Area, part 11.

After you play a number of levels in the Angle Missions, you will meet the Pastafarian. The two will set off to different paths to find the remaining people. Fortunately, you don't need to control the Pastafarian in the Angle Missions, and you will continue to find the remaining ones.

In the Angle vs Bunny cutscene, it is revealed that the Pastafarian found the Bunny, and the only other people who joined the Angle were the Duplicator and the Child.


Going Home List; completed.

After the cutscene, The Way Back Runnel will stretch out from Winter Games, part 9, and all of the people except the Student, the Runner, the Gentleman, the Lizard and the Skater will be playable from there. (The Runner, the Skater and the Student want to finish Bridge Building and reach the Wormhole while the Gentleman continues his project in making the Memory Evaluation Runnel. The Lizard could be seen at the end of the Memory Evaluation sleeping.) Then The Way Back can finally be played!


The following section is to show the levels that are in the Angle Missions and how they are different from the original in some cases.

All levels featured in Angle Missions
Section Levels
The Know-it-all (Runner) Box Storage Area, part 11 (End with cutscene My Turn)
The Show-off (Skater) Box Storage Area, part 4 (Backwards)
Level 35
Level B-7
Level A-5 (Missing tiles)
Level A-6 (Missing tiles)
Level A-7 (End with cutscene The Next Big Thing)
The Crackpot (Duplicator) Level G-8
Level G-10 (Halfway required)
Level G-5 (Backwards, end with cutscene You Think?)
The Sneak (Child) Level G-8
Level G-10 (Halfway required)
Level G-5 (Backwards, end with cutscene You Think?)
The Meddler (Pastafarian) Level 48 (Backwards, missing tiles)
Level 47 (Backwards, missing tiles, end with cutscene Friendly Greeting)
The Snob (Gentleman) Level 33 (backwards)
Level 16 (End with cutscene Indecision)
Level 26 (Missing tiles)
Level 27 (Missing tiles)
Low-power Runnel, part 11
Low-power Runnel, part 22
Low-power Runnel, part 23 (End with cutscene Standards to Uphold)
The Nerd (Student)

*During this section, the Angle will run into the Lizard in Level M-4.

Level M-2
Level M-4 (Missing tiles, end with cutscene It's Just You)
Level U-7
The Crystal Gallery, part 8 (or Level D-8)
The Crystal Gallery, part 1 (or Level D-1)
Level U-10
Level U-10 (Backwards)
Level U-9 (Backwards)
Level U-5 (Backwards, missing tiles, end with cutscene Discoveries)


  1. Since Duplicator and the Child are together, you don't need to do the Sneak after you did the Crackpot, or vice versa. If you do either one of them, both boxes will be ticked.
  2. The Low-power Runnel parts in the Snob mission will still be functional, meaning how the light fluctuates in each of the Runnels will also exist here. Since the Angle's dash will decrease depending on the light level, this will increase the difficulty of the mission.
  3. You can play The Way Back after finishing the missions mentioned above and have beaten the Winter Games, part 9.
  4. There are a total of 8 parts of the minigame (including both the Child and Duplicator, so you should only need to play 6 parts actually and if you click on The Know It All you can play on Box Storage Area Part 11), consisting of 7 characters and 31 levels
  5. The Angle Missions is currently unavailable on all HTML5 versions of Run 3.


There are seven cutscenes featuring in this minigame. More information can be found on the Story page.

My Turn[]

After beating Box Storage Area, part 11, a cutscene featuring the Runner and the Angle will begin. The Angle demands that the Runner give him her map and goes on to complain that she's had more than enough time to find a way back home, and asks for the map once again. The Runner protests that not everyone wants to go back yet, revealing that she has no desire to go back to the Planet yet.

The Next Big Thing[]

After finding the Skater, the Angle asks if he wants to go back to the Planet but the Skater refuses. He says he's not ready for competition for the next big sport Runnel running. He claims to have finished every level 49 times. When the Angle asks him to go home for a second time, he asks,"Can it wait?", and does not go home with the Angle.

You Think?[]

After finding the Duplicator and in the Angle Missions, a cutscene with the Duplicator, Child, and Angle will show up. The Angle says he has good news: they can go home. The Child says he doesn't want to go, but the Duplicator disagrees, saying that he thinks his wife may be worried. The Angle says, "You Think? I used to think you were an irresponsible idiot. Turns out, I was right." The Child pleads for his father not to go with the Angle, but he goes anyway.

Friendly Greeting[]

After the Meddler on the Angle Missions checklist, the Angle meets the Pastafarian on Level 47 and suggests that the Pastafarian misses her 'weird cult' and she accepts the offer. She also tells the Angle not to act superior and rude. Despite that, he ignores her entirely and still calls the way she runs stupid.


The Angle tells the Pastafarian that it's time to split up. The Pastafarian does so, and runs off. The Angle has his little celebration about not having to see the Pastafarian again. It also reveals that he thinks the Pastafarian is a jerk. He also wants to just ditch the Pastafarian, but that just wouldn't work.

Standards to Uphold[]

The Anglel finds the Gentleman, and the Gentleman is willing to come home. He doesn't want to go now because his project wasn't ready, saying he shouldn't do so in the Angle's company and the Gentleman had standards to uphold. The Gentleman strolls away, and the Angle stands alone.


The Angle and the Student meet during the Angle Mission (The Nerd). Angle tells the Student to go home with him, but the Student says there are many interesting things to discover in space. Angle questions him by asking what she could discover in space. The Student then says there are many scientific discoveries can be done. Then, the Angle says that he discovered the yellow rings seven and a half months before Student and Runner. Then, the Student says it is not enough to stick a ring on their head and need to understand the science about the rings and they can build one from scratch. Then she insists that she and Runner can research the rings better than the actual scientist can.


Levels Walkthroughs
  • The Show-Off

Run 3 Angel Missions(The Show Off) Walkthrough

  • The Crackpot and Sneak

Angel MissionsThe Crackpot and the Sneak Walkthrough

  • The Meddler

Angel MissionsThe Meddler Walkthrough

  • The Snob

Angel Missions(The Snob) Walkthrough

  • The Nerd

Angel Missions(The Nerd) Walkthrough


  • Player refers to this as "the Angle's Minigame".
  • Before "Indecision" was added, in place of the cutscene was gameplay involving going forward and backwards through Winter Games 9 twice.


Very easy
Not too easy
Almost medium
Over medium
Above medium
Fairly hard
Extra hard
Insanely hard

The levels of Angle Missions (The Know-it-all):


The levels of Angle Missions (The Show-off):

1 1 2 2

The levels of Angle Missions (The Crackpot and The Sneak):

1 2

The levels of Angle Missions (The Meddler):

1 1

The levels of Angle Missions (The Snob):

2 1 2 1 1

The levels of Angle Missions (The Nerd):

1 1 1 3 2 1
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