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Bridgeless Bug
Be careful!!

This feature or version of Run 3 has been known to feature a bug or glitch. Please attempt or try it with caution!!!


Backwards Mode is an Easter Egg in Run 3 where you are able to play the levels backwards and in reverse order. The way to access this mode is really quite simple. The only thing you need to do is while playing a level, pause the game and hold the left arrow button labeled "Previous" for 3-5 seconds. Once you let go and press play, you will begin the level again, but the entire level will be in reverse. Once you complete the level, it will move on to the next (previous) level. To reset this, all you need to do is exit the level. Once you enter a level again, it will be back to normal.


  • Playing a tunnel's ending level backwards will have you start on a full tunnel, even if there is nothing at the end normally (see Level 65 backwards above)
  • Some Bridge Building and Angel Missions levels are backwards by default, which can be explained by having the characters go back through the tunnels, whether it be to transport boxes, or recruit members.
  • When playing Level 1, reaching the end unlocks the "Minus World," akin to the Super Mario Bros. glitch of the same colloquial name. Not only is every level in reverse, but all colors are inverted and some tiles types are swapped (i.e. Level 10's crumbling tiles and regular tiles switch places).
    • This goes for all tunnels' beginning levels.
      • Due to this, despite Level M-5 directly leading to Level F-1, playing level F-1 backwards does not lead to level M-5.
  • The Way Back, part 8 (only in the flash version of Run 3) is used as a plot device, and is only seen in a cutscene. It is unplayable. If you try play The Way Back, part 8 backwards, it will let you land on the first few platforms, and then suddenly freeze. However, you can still access the pause menu and leave.
  • Plan A, Part 1 is unplayable backwards. If attempted, the game will freeze. However, you can still access the pause menu and leave.
  • Plan C, part 1 is also unplayable backwards. If attempted, the game will freeze. However, you can still access the pause menu and leave. Strangely, you can see Level 1 at the end of the tunnel.
  • When playing the HTML5 version of Run 3, the levels in backwards mode are not actually reversed, only the order of levels you play. (Also when playing, Stepping on crumbling tiles will freeze the game.)
    • Therefore, there are no backwards ramps in the HTML5 version.
  • When reaching Level 56 from the A-Tunnel you play it backwards. Also, if you used the loophole, you can play Level 55 backwards just by clicking the arrow.
    Main Tunnel Loophole

    The arrow that can be clicked.

  • Conveyor tiles are broken when a level with them is played backwards (Slow conveyors look like Fast ones and vice versa.)
  • Playing the last level of a Tunnel backwards will result in the cutscene playing in the level transition.


What to do:[]

Remember to play normally, but take note of the following:[]
  • The conveyors with arrows pointing towards you are forwards conveyors. and vice versa.
  • Do not jump on backwards ramps with no tile after it. The backwards ramps force you to the ground, making you fall in the void and lose the level.


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