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This article is about a subject that does not have a canonical name. The name given here is completely conjectural.


Barriers are a rare type of tile in Run 3.

At this point, only two levels include barriers: Level 1, and Launch Site C (and possibly part 7 of the Memory Evaluation.) They look different in both of these appearances, but function the same, as upright tiles. They are used as a sort of roadblock for the characters.


When you run into a barrier, your character will come to a complete stop. The only way to get over the barrier is to simply jump over it.

Level 1

The barrier tile in Level 1 has a diagonal stripe pattern, with the stripes alternating between yellow and light grey.

The barrier only blocks off one side of the tunnel, as well as covering the floor of the same side, so it can be avoided by quickly switching gravity onto one of the other sides as soon as the level starts as well as jumping over it like the in-game message suggests. In fact, passing by the barrier in this way prevents the message from appearing at all.

However, if you approach the barrier as intended, your character will stop and a message will appear across the top and bottom of the screen. The top says:

Attention, citizens. This area is restricted. For your own safety turn around now.

While the bottom reads:

Press up or space to jump.

This is the only 'tutorial' or gameplay instruction in the game, as the controls are quite simple and intuitive.

Launch Site C

The barriers in Launch Site C are the same color as the Normal tiles of the level, but function the same as in Level 1. Unlike in Level 1, the barriers are placed all around the tunnel, leaving only a rectangular hole in the center. However, the hole becomes significantly smaller after beating the level once, so there is only a small, square hole to jump through in all subsequent play-throughs of the level after the first time through.

Memory Evaluation, part 7

Upon beating part 7 of the Memory Evaluation, instead of seeing the normal, empty space full of stars, there is only a solid black wall at the end of the tunnel. As the level ends as soon as this can be viewed, before the Gentleman can approach it (or occasionally, upon approaching it), it is unknown whether or not these are barriers (if approaching it does occur, you do stop movement before the cutscene starts). If they are, it would seem that they can be powered down, like Power tiles, as they are completely black.