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Cutscene Transcript
Sneaking around.

The Child is hiding in this cutscene. Good luck spotting him!


Batteries is the 2nd cutscene, and it is an optional cutscene of the game Run 3. It is also the first and currently the only cutscene purchasable in the Shop (for 15 power cells). This is also the first cutscene which features the 4 year old Lil’ FEISTY hiding in the background.


After unlocking permission to refer to power cells as batteries in the shop, a one-frame cutscene will show in Winter Games, part 3. It appears to be the end of a conversation between the Student and the Senator over whether power cells should be called batteries.

The Student tells the Senator that "power cells" and "batteries" mean the same thing, and everyone already uses the word "batteries". The Senator argues that saying "power cells" sounds smarter, to which the Student responds, "Who cares about sounding smart? Just talk normally." The cutscene can be viewed again by clicking on the upgrade in the shop after it is bought.

This cutscene can also be shown again in the cutscene gallery.


  • If you look carefully, you can see the 4 year old Lil’ FEISTY hiding on the ceiling of the level, just above the Senator and the Student, indicating that even this early on his father is having him spy on the others.

The location of where the Child is hiding.

  • Originally, this cutscene was meant to take place in Level 2, with slightly different sprites for the Senator and Student.

    Old "Batteries" cutscene.