Run Wikia

This is a poll to determine the best character in Run 3 for use in Explore mode and Infinite mode. Here is what you must do before you vote:

Try out each character a bit in different types of levels. Tip: This doesn't mean you necessarily have to buy every character, as the Gentleman, Student, Angel, and Duplicator are temporarily unlocked for certain levels. Also, on mobile, we will let you skip the Pastafarian due to her huge 25000 unlock cost.

Consider their speed (though fast is not always best), jump height (is the character good at one length of jump or okay for all kinds?), jump length (similar to jump height), maneuverability, and most importantly, how reliable would they be if you had only one character for the whole game? After testing these out, vote for the best one below:

The purpose of this poll is to help new players decide the correct order to buy characters (Example: It can be tricky to decide whether to buy the Duplicator or the Pastafarian first or skip to the Student). So do not just vote without considering these statistics.