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A Legend from the Planet - Intermission 2

Disclaimer: A picture in this chapter may be a tad harmful to those with epilepsy. Please proceed with caution.

Location: West End Outskirts

The West End can truly be a cruel place, but not everything about it was terrible. On the outskirts, some nice businesses thrive and get a lot of customers from the East End or part of the West End. One of the businesses sells delicious pizzas that simply cannot be replicated by anyone on the Planet!

Unfortunately, it’s a Sunday.

“Aw, man!” the Bursar grumbled. “I completely forgot what day it is! I was looking forward to having some pizza today!” he kicked the dirt underneath him.

“Now, now,” his friend consoled. “We can stop by that sandwich shack that just opened recently. They’re already becoming popul…

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A Legend from the Planet - Chapter 2

  • 1 Time: 17:00
  • 2 Time: 17:25
  • 3 Time: 17:45
  • 4 Time: 21:00

Location: ???

Flying through a soft, orange sky… such a weird feeling. Soothing music echoes across the clouds. Headhunter felt like nothing could go wrong. The air circulates his limbs, his hat feels soft and cool. Almost as if resting near a fan after a long summer day. Satisfying it must be.

Suddenly, the air gets thicker, dustier, and warmer. Dirt forms around Headhunter’s body and scrapes across it. Ouch. As this is happening, he begins reaching speeds close to that of a bullet. The last thing he saw before dirt getting into his eye was the ground getting closer and closer.

A loud thud can be heard as Headhunter’s face meets with the ground. To his relief, the impact didn’t hurt as much, bu…

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Runaway3D Runaway3D 24 July

A Legend from the Planet - Intermission 1

Location: The City Cafe

The Cafe was never too active during the summer. Where's everyone? They're all out playing outside with the new toys they've gotten for Christmas. Well, maybe that's just speaking for the kids, but the adults have it rough. They usually stop by the Cafe for something when they have all the time in the world. But since jobs are becoming more demanding in the summer, they don't risk getting fired by being late and bring whatever lunch they have with them.

Not many people were in the Cafe beside one oddball with a red bandana on her head. That's right, it's the Climber. What could she be doing here? 

The Climber is known to be a little adventurous and daring. Up for exploring at any given moment. Not only is she proficien…

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Runaway3D Runaway3D 21 July

A Legend from the Planet - Prologue and Chapter 1

  • 1 Prologue
    • 1.1 Time: ??:??
  • 2 Chapter 1
    • 2.1 Time: 08:00
    • 2.2 Time: 12:00
    • 2.3 Time: ??:??

Location: ???

On the edge of space, a white pentagon floats aimlessly. Inside of it was a research team for the many materials they've acquired on their travels. One of the researchers being a well-known scientist.

His goal was to uncover the methods of gaining the ability known as hammerspace. The name comes from the common trope of cartoon characters pulling out whatever from nothingness, often being a hammer.

There's more to this power, however. With the right amount of energy and dedication, hammerspace can be utilized for so much more beyond all known laws of space, time, and more. 

"At last." the scientist said. "It's finished." A colorless, transparent cloud appe…

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