• Testingcreating

    Child: Hey Dad, what if you get eliminated?

    Duplicator: Well if I get eliminated, you can do the contest without me. But I know you can do it. Ok?

    Player_03: Time for Run Elimination!

    Duplicator: I guess I'm going to the elimination. Bye!

    Child: Oh, bye dad!

    Angel: Ugh, I hate Run Elimination...

    During Run Elimination...

    Player_03: Duplicator and Angel lost last time. Well, this elimination is gonna be short because there are 2 of you. Let's see the total votes!

    Total Votes: 12

    Player_03: We got 12 votes! The prize is nothing because I'm too lazy. So let's see the show the votes!

    Angel: It's better not to be me! It's better to be that Guy!

    Duplicator: That's because you were being so rude and mean to everyone.

    Angel: SHUT UP!

    Player_03: ENOUGH! Anyways…

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  • Testingcreating

    In the TLC...

    Skater: I hope I will rejoin the game! If I don't, then I wanna escape the TLC!

    Pastafarian: Yeah me too!

    Gentleman: Actually I'm kinda fine being staying in TLC.

    Skater: But don't you wanna win and get Run Castle? I do! If I win, I will name a Run Castle called a "Skater Castle"!


    Player_03: Hey guys it's time for Run Elimination!

    During Run Elimination...

    Player_03: So, Child, Duplicaptor, and Student. you 3 lost last time. The prize is cookies! Let's see the total votes!

    Total Votes: 11

    Player_03: We got 11 votes, now that's much better. Child, you have a win token, would you like to use it?

    Child: No, Thanks!

    Player_03: Ok, anyways, The first safe is... Duplicator! with 1 vote. Here is your cookie!

    Player_03: throw a cooki…

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  • Testingcreating

    Child: I'm bored..... I don't know what to do...

    Student: Hey guys, we have a message!

    Runner: What does it say?

    Student: It said "We are currently building a Player_03 Recovery Center. It will be done soon. Signed, Testingcreating." and that means Player_03 will be back to life!

    Child: That's cool!

    Angel: More like that's not cool.

    Child: *slap Angel*

    Runner: But let's start the Run Elimination.

    During Run Elimination...

    Player_03 Recovery Center falls from the sky

    Player_03: Hey guys, I'm back. Runner, what are you doing here? you supposed to be a contestant!

    Runner: I was a replacement host!

    Player_03: Whatever. Anyways, Bunny, Duplicaptor, and  Student lost last time. The prize is a salt lamp. Let's see the total votes.

    Total Votes: 8

    Player_03: We …

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  • Testingcreating

    Child: Hey Angel!

    Angel: What? What is it?

    Child: I have a surprise for you, it's a bug!

    Angel: AHHHHH STAY BACK! *set bug on fire*

    Then the fire goes Bomb's fuse

    Child: Wait where did that bomb come from?

    The bomb exploded and break a pole with a platform and metal box, then metal box crushed Player_03, Player_03 dies.

    Child: Player_03 is Dead!

    Angel: Does that mean no more Run Elimination? We can be free forever!

    Runner: What's going on?

    Child: Angel killed Player_03!

    Angel: No I was trying to kill a bug! It's your fault!

    Child: It's not my fault!

    Runner: I can be a Host! so That means it's time for Run Elimination!

    Angel: Ugh...

    During Run Elimination...

    Runner: So Me, Duplicaptor, Bunny, Pastafarian, Student, and Angel lost last time, if you are safe,…

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  • Testingcreating

    Player_03: Time for Run Elimination!

    Runner: But how do we get Student & Pastafarian & Bunny?

    Player_03: Well I show you *press button*

    Giant Net catch Student, Pastafarian, and Bunny.

    Player_03: Now time for Run Elimination!

    During Run Elimination...

    Player_03: Pastafarian, Gentleman, Child, and Bunny lost last time. The prize is Pizza. Let's see the total votes!

    Total Votes: 10

    Player_03: We got 10 Votes, Another new record! Pasty got 1 vote.

    Pastafarian: *slap Player_03* Don't call me Pasty!

    Player_03: Geez, you're slapping me? I guess I'm not giving you a pizza... Child also got 1 vote, here is your pizza!

    Player_03 throw pizza at Child, Child catch the pizza

    Player_03: Now it's down to Gentleman and Bunny, Who will be eliminated? let's show the v…

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  • Testingcreating

    Player_03: it's time for the Run Elimination!

    Student: I really do not like Run Elimination...

    Player_03: so you don't like it? I guess I eliminate you then.

    Student: I really do like Run Elimination...

    Player_03: That's better, now time for Run Elimination! So.. Lizard, Child, Bunny, Duplicator, and Student, you lost time. If you are safe, you will get a chocolate cake! let's see total votes!

    Total Votes: 7

    Player_03: So we got 7 votes, a new record! Child is safe with 0 votes. Here is your cake!

    Player_03 throw cake at Child, Child failed catching cake, the cake splat.

    Player_03: Duplicator is also safe with 0 votes.

    Player_03 throw cake at Duplicator, Duplicator catch the cake.

    Player_03: And same goes Student!

    Player_03 throw cake at Student, Stu…

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  • Testingcreating

    Before Run Elimination...

    Skater: Hey student, who do you think who will be eliminated?

    Student: It's probably you.

    Skater: Why?

    Student: Because you cheated during the first contest

    Skater: I guess you're right...

    Player_03: hey guys it's time for Run Elimination!

    During Run Elimination...

    Player_03: Skater, Student, Child, and Pastafarian, you lost last time. Whoever gets the most votes will be eliminated! Let's see the total votes!

    Total Votes: 5

    Player_03: Ok so we got 5 votes. thank you for voting, viewers! if you're safe, you will get a blueberry pie! oh yeah, Runner. Lizard, Bunny, Gentleman, Duplicator, and Angel are not up for elimination so they get pies. expect Lizard and Bunny.

    Player_03 throws pies at Runner, Gentleman, Duplicator, and A…

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  • Testingcreating

    Back in 2017 or 2018, I was thinking about making a new object show, inspired from Battle for Dream Island, Inanimate Insanity, and more. So I made a new show called “The Contest of Run” (before renamed to “Battle for Run Castle”) with aliens instead of objects. Gentleman was the host of The Contest of Run instead of Player_03. but then I decided to replace Gentleman as the host with Player_03 because Player_03 was the founder of Run Games and Wikia. In 2019, I renamed “The Contest of Run” to “Battle for Run Castle”. In June 2020, I finally released episode 1 in Public!

    What did you think of my Story?

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  • Testingcreating

    Player_03: Hello Contestants! I'm your host, Player_03! and Welcome to Battle for Run Castle! here are the 10 Contestants!












    Player_03: Let's start the first contest! The first contest is to make cakes! if you make the worst cakes, you will be up for elimination. oh yeah, lizard and bunny will not participate in this contest because they're animals. you have 30 minutes, GO!

    Runner: I got a giant bowl so I can make a giant cake!

    Pastafarian: I'm going to make Spaghetti flavored cake!

    Skater: Eww! a Spaghetti flavored cake? that's sounds disgusting! Pasty!

    Pastafarian: what's wrong about it? it tastes good! and plus, don't call me pasty.

    Skater: ugh fine... hey Runner!…

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