Getting bored of not being in Run Planet, I want to see wiki changes and stuff

Maybe I should expose Mathwiz100 for the [REDACTED] he has done? Exposal blogs with facts and evidence worked last time, why won't it work now?

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3,069 edits

Nice. Dead Wiki btw.

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 2 days ago

The Tunnel Experiment Chapter 1.

As soon as that announcement went off,I quickly picked up the clothing on the dresser. The uniform they were talking about consisted of a white sweatshirt,a t-shirt,black pants,and gray boots. Thankfully,they fit. I looked at the door, considering my options.

"Should I make a run for it? Or should I just listen to the voice?"

This is your first choice. This one won't change the story,unlike the other ones. But choose one to see what happens.

  1. Run!
  2. Listen to the voice.

If you chose to run,read the paragraph below. If you chose to listen, read the second paragraph.

Run: I'll take my chances. I ran. I ran as fast I could, hoping whoever is doing this is a slow runner. I wasn't going to let them catch me-


Uh oh. I looked behind me, seeing som…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 3 days ago

The Tunnel Experiment Prologue.

Hello! Welcome to my first interactive story. This story will depend on the choices you make,and I'll put the choices at the end of each chapter. But choose wisely..some choices might end in serious consequences. Enjoy!

Ow..My head..where..am I? I wake up in a very bright room. So bright in fact,that it blinds me for several minutes. I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Erin Terrace Or Digger,my preferred name. My life is sort of average. Except for the fact that the president doesn't let us use our actual names. All that we can use are labels. Those labels have to become our profession. I hate it,but that's just life for anyone who lives here..I try calling out.

"Hey! Anyone here? Hello??"

Nothing. I sign, looking around the room. I…

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Randomkid999 Randomkid999 11 days ago

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk

i was going to write something about how run 3 characters and infinite mode can be used as an analogy for human evolution, but then i realized i should do homework first

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AngryDadRick AngryDadRick 12 days ago

Level X is NOT BAD!


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Dogmage999 Dogmage999 14 days ago

Tales from the planet 1

The child was at school one day. He was mildly popular.

Not like things matter in elementry.

The child was drawing in the sand, bored.

He sighed.

Everything was SOOOOO boring. He HATED school. It was boring and useless. They were teaching about CLOUD TYPES. Not things like how to get superpowers. Good superpowers like wind control.

It was a hard snap to reality when the Pranklord, the class bully STOLE his balloon! The HORROR!

"Ha Ha! You gonna cry? Big Baby!"

"STOP! It's mine!"

"Aww, the baby is crying!"

Suddenly there was a POW! Another student fought back!

after things calmed down, The child was left with a new older kid friend, who now had detention. his name was the Gamer.

Anyway, just testing out the blog post thing. Sorry it was so short.


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190 Edits. Yay!!!

Finally I Have 190 Edits. For My 190 Edits Special, I Will Do Double Edits & Posts Month, I Will Do 2 Edits & Posts Every Day. So My Contribs Will Move 2x Faster Only For A Month.

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WalkerwarriorYT WalkerwarriorYT 14 days ago

The Glory Days

Welcome to another fanfic by me! (again)

This comic takes place before a certain map maker moved to the tunnels and takes place on The Planet.

This comic also showcases the life of The Gentleman and how he works with the merchant.

Characters in this transcript are

The Gentleman

The Lyrist

The Merchant

The Cartographer

The Duplicator (cameo)

The Child (cameo)

The Demagogue (mentioned)

The Cook (mentioned)

The Founder (mentioned)

Let's Begin!

It's a beautiful day in the city, it's bustling with people, and there so much to see.

Gentleman: Ah, what a nice day today. The City is seeming teeming with people today.

Music starts playing

Gentleman: Now that music, could only come from none other than...

Lyrist: Hello there my friend.

Gentleman: Ah hello Lyrist.

The G…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 17 days ago

Rising Sun Chapter 15: Oblivion

Detective's POV:

"Merchant?! Where are you??"

I walked around the halls, trying to look for him. I have the tiniest hope that he somehow survived the fall but,It was a 50 foot drop. No one can survive that..I had already lost my voice at that point, also losing my hope that he survived.


I turned around, looking at the person. Thankfully it was Waitress, holding what looks a baby. I pieced together why Student's stomach had a gash in it.

"Hey Waitress-"

Waitress:"Have you seen Artist anywhere? He was dragged off by some..weird thing."

I froze. He was missing too?! I shook my head, saying I haven't seen him.

"Just be careful."

Waitress:"I will. You too."

I then walked off into the darkness.

Street Artist's POV:

"Whoever you are..let me …

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Ignore The Bottom Blog

I Didn't Know How To Use A Blog, But Now I Am Able To Do So & I Will Never Make Non-Run 3 Related Blogs. You Can See Other-Related Blogs In My Second Account That Is Used To Looking At Other Wikis But Not This Wiki, So Here Is My Other Account: User:Level I-5 In Run 4 Is Hellrated.

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OwOInterest OwOInterest 19 days ago

how did my-

my discussion post number went up from 2 to 16- idk if that was my attempts of try to post something or just a glitch

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WalkerwarriorYT WalkerwarriorYT 20 days ago

Tunnel 'O Treating

This is the transcript of a short run comic i made a while back. It takes place in between the cutscenes Orbits and Candy.

The characters included are

The Runner (With the Pumpkin costume)

The Child

The Duplicator

The Angel

The Gentleman (Cameo)

The Skater (Mentioned)

The Demagogue (Mentioned)

The Sage (mentioned)

Duplicator: Are you sure this is safe? I don't remember doing this at all like you said.

Child: sighs , yes dad, this is totally safe, and fun!

Duplicator: Well as long as you say it's okay, I'm fine.

Child: This is gonna be so great!

Duplicator: Wait what are we doing again?

The Child groans.

Child: Dad, don't you remember when Mom would do this with me and you? On Halloween?

Duplicator: You mean where we knock on the doors and get candy?

Child: Th…

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https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/753051983849455656/753677907473334333/Screenshot_20200910-130038_Discord.jpg Very cool, NintendoPanda101.

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Student 1666 Student 1666 20 days ago

Run Planet: Ban Appeal & Inconsistent Moderation

Note: Some of the screenshots may have profane language. These screenshots may violate rule 5. Note 2: This blog name is misleading. The administration is inconsistent, not the moderation.

Alright. So I created a ban appeal blog a few days ago, I asked Covid to delete it, and a few days later he gave me screenshots of his DM with Derpface.




So the first screenshot says "I don't know why they are asking me…

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Testingcreating 2 Testingcreating 2 21 days ago

Q&A 2

Ask me any questions then I will answer later.

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Testingcreating 2 Testingcreating 2 29 days ago

I'm back!

Yes, I'm back and that's it. I'm going to make a new blog soon.

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OwOInterest OwOInterest 30 August

Some edit 2

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Page count

There are apparently 888 pages on this Wikia right now. Lmao.

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OwOInterest OwOInterest 23 August

I don't like this-

this new fandom update confuses me


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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 22 August

Rising Sun Chapter 14:Why..

Climber's POV:

Ow..my head hurts. Probably because I just gotten bashed in the head earlier.

"Hello? Anyone?.."

I tried to get up,but I fell down again. I look around,my vision blurry from the blood running down my face. It looked like..some sort of engine room. I blinked several times to clear my vision. That's better.


"Who's there?!"

No answer. Hopefully it was just a spider or something. Either way..I should probably get out of here. I tried getting up again,ended up tripping on something.

"What the.."

It was a saw, covered in blood. I quickly backed up against the wall terrified. Who's blood was that..? And who used the saw? I didn't have time to get up when...

I was stabbed in the gut.

Runner's POV:

Sailor:"Hopefully this is the right …

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Runner1001 Runner1001 22 August


I really hate the new wiki software…It is just so frustrating and there are many bugs. Now it is just so hard to edit the pages. Old one was so much better.

DISCLAIMER: This is just my opinion

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Testingcreating 2 Testingcreating 2 21 August

My reactions to If BFB 23 is out

Testingcreating: I'm bored... I need to check if there is more episode of an BFB...

Testingcreating went jacknjellify's channel, then it shows BFB 23


Testingcreating's Brother: What's going on?

Testingcreating: Uhh... Nothing? Just dancing

Testingcreating's Brother walks away

Testingcreating Continued dancing

BFB 23 will be later released

Sorry if this short

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Testingcreating 2 Testingcreating 2 20 August


Hey guys... It's me... Testingcreating here. and Fandom changed... When I go to this page https://run.fandom.com/wiki/Best_character_in_Run_3_*POLL* I realize that there is no poll... I was worried and said,”What happened to poll?” then I went to my comment where I created the poll on my main account and then it was blank... I guess I have to cancel BFRC (Battle for Run Castle)

I'm Sorry...

Edit: Actually I will NOT cancel BFRC because I can make a poll in discussions and post a link to it. Thanks to Random Pro!

Edit 2: I think Google Forms is better

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Testingcreating 2 Testingcreating 2 19 August

Tired of the BFRC Hiatus?

Inspired: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnRYdt2eRGs

The Episode 10 will be on September 12th

September 12th

September 12th



Viewer: This... is IT! I'm so tired of hiatus! and I want BFRC NOW! Get up, you fat host! *kick Player_03*

Player_03: Ow! Who the heck are you?!

Viewer: I'm Viewer, That's who I am. And I want the new episode of Battle for Run Castle!

Player_03: Check back on September 12th. (echoes) September 12th

Viewer: NO! I want it now sir!

Player_03: *sigh* ugh... Fine!

Player_03 grab a puppets

Player_03: *imitates himself* "Someone is about to win Run Castle"

Player_03: *imitates Skater* "Will it be me?"

Viewer: Hey that's not a real Skater.

Player_03: Hush!

Viewer: Ok! geez!

Player_03: *imitates himself* "alright …

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I got banned

I got banned from Run Planet. I would write an essay about why I should be unbanned, but I'm lazy, first off, and second off, I really don't care about the ban or Run Planet. I'll still be on the wiki, so if anyone wants to know anything about the ban, comment down below.

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 11 August


Warning..if you don't like horror based stories..click away right now.

Everything was normal in the tunnels.. Almost like a typical day. Except..

One thing wasn't normal. A male, around his late 30's,spotted some sort of powder on the ground. It looked.. different. It was a glowing red with little black particles in it. The male, knowing it could be dangerous to eat it, decided it would be better to just leave it.

???:"Don't want to have another illness again.."

Then he walked off little did he know..someone had already grabbed it and began to eat it.

11:00 P.M. March 3rd 2100,X Tunnel:

???:​​​​​​"You sure you don't want to sleep?"

???:"I'll be fine Skater..I just need to finish mapping this area out."

Skater:"Fine then.. Goodnight Runner!"


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Runaway3D Runaway3D 11 August

A Legend from the Planet - Intermission 2

Disclaimer: A picture in this chapter may be a tad harmful to those with epilepsy. Please proceed with caution.

Location: West End Outskirts

The West End can truly be a cruel place, but not everything about it was terrible. On the outskirts, some nice businesses thrive and get a lot of customers from the East End or part of the West End. One of the businesses sells delicious pizzas that simply cannot be replicated by anyone on the Planet!

Unfortunately, it’s a Sunday.

“Aw, man!” the Bursar grumbled. “I completely forgot what day it is! I was looking forward to having some pizza today!” he kicked the dirt underneath him.

“Now, now,” his friend consoled. “We can stop by that sandwich shack that just opened recently. They’re already becoming popul…

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The Geometry Dasher The Geometry Dasher 10 August

Who is your favorite character?

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Testingcreating 2 Testingcreating 2 9 August

Battle for Run Castle Episode 9: The Nearly end...

Before the episode starts, you may be wondering why am I using my second account, because I can't log in to my main account. Hope you understand this, anyways let's start!

Skater: I hope I don't get eliminated just like in episode 2.

Player_03: Well we will find out because it's for Run Elimination!

During Run Elimination...

Player_03: ok, Skater and Duplicator lost last time. This elimination is gonna be short just like the last episode because there are 2 of you. The prize is a cupcake. Let's see the total votes.

Total votes: 10

Player_03: we got 10 votes. Wow, least votes than last time. not cool... anyway, Let's see who will be eliminated!





Player_03: skater is safe with 3 votes, and Duplicator is eliminated with 7 votes! 


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Catstar9991 Catstar9991 9 August


i am no longer going on run wiki ever again Im playing minecraft more.

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 7 August

The Shadows Chapter 22:Broken light

Runner's POV:

Everything..hurts.. I held Skater's lifeless body, unable to stop crying. Can I just lay down..and not move anymore? 

Chemist:"Sis.. I'm sorry.."

"I.. just wanna go home.."

I covered my face with my hands, trying to wipe my tears. 


He tried to help me up again,but my leg just gave out. I covered my mouth as I tried to stand up, taking in pained gasps of air.

"Chemist..Go find a way out..leave me here.."

Chemist:"Runner no.. I'm not leaving you."

"I can't move my leg Chemist. I'll be ok.."

Chemist:"I said I'm not leaving you!"

He went to pick me up..But then I heard the guys coming back from the other hallway.

"Run Chemist!"

He hesitated for a second, but hugged me,told me to stay alive, and ran out of the room.


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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 7 August

Secrets Chapter 6.

"Ok! They're all in. Close it off."

Alchemist:"Got it!"

He pressed the button and the entrance to the tunnels closed off, making it look like it was just a wall. I then turned around to look at the screen, watching them walk through the tunnels.

I hope it goes well.


"Hey Jester?"

Jester:"Yes Cook?"

"I don't want to alarm you but.. Don't look down."

He stands there,alarmed.

Jester:"I'm about to fall off the ledge aren't I?.."


He quickly jumped back as he stared at the black void, seemingly petrified. I walked over to him and waved my hand in front of his face.

"You ok?"


"Jester? Are you ok?"

Still no response. I gently grabbed his shoulders and shook him. 

"Snap out of it!"

Jester:"Sorry.. Just flashbacks. I don't really like…

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OwOInterest OwOInterest 6 August

So uhh

Yeah I may be inactive for a while because school is coming up and all this president + covid stuff makes it very hard and confusing to understand what day it's gonna be when school starts-


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Runaway3D Runaway3D 5 August

A Legend from the Planet - Author's Notes and Concepts - Chapter 2

Hello, again!

So, Chapter 2's finally been made. We're finally getting somewhere with the story! Well, sort of. Chapter 3 will still have a little bit of exposition, but after that, all bets are off. Before we see what happens next, let's see some concepts and other ideas that sparked when creating Chapter 2. We'll also see some stuff mentioned in Intermission 1.

  • 1 The West End and East End
  • 2 The Enigma
  • 3 The Junior
  • 4 Other Things to Note

If you remember correctly from the first Author's Notes, the original story prompt had 2 groups that were blatantly named "West End Girls" and "East End Boys". If it wasn't obvious, this was a reference to the song "West End Girls" by Pet Shop Boys. Intermission 1 told us about two locations within the City, those …

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Testingcreating Testingcreating 5 August

Google Drive Test

Vote here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc7nM7Jkqd0C9QGh-1S3FZcupIcIV-52k0GHlYJOYK-MsGNGg/viewform

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Runaway3D Runaway3D 4 August

A Legend from the Planet - Chapter 2

  • 1 Time: 17:00
  • 2 Time: 17:25
  • 3 Time: 17:45
  • 4 Time: 21:00

Location: ???

Flying through a soft, orange sky… such a weird feeling. Soothing music echoes across the clouds. Headhunter felt like nothing could go wrong. The air circulates his limbs, his hat feels soft and cool. Almost as if resting near a fan after a long summer day. Satisfying it must be.

Suddenly, the air gets thicker, dustier, and warmer. Dirt forms around Headhunter’s body and scrapes across it. Ouch. As this is happening, he begins reaching speeds close to that of a bullet. The last thing he saw before dirt getting into his eye was the ground getting closer and closer.

A loud thud can be heard as Headhunter’s face meets with the ground. To his relief, the impact didn’t hurt as much, bu…

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Testingcreating Testingcreating 4 August

StrawPoll Test

Vote here: https://strawpoll.com/w14j8u7vy

I think I'm gonna use Straw Poll instead of Wikia Poll for Battle for Run Castle Season 2.

Edit: Actually, no.

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 4 August

Secrets Chapter 5.

"I think this is the house.."

After somehow sneaking out of the facility I was in,I bolted to my wife's house. Hopefully she didn't move anywhere in the last year's,in which she likely did.

"Demagogue? Are you home?.."

I then waited until I heard footsteps and finally,the door opened, revealing my wife.

Demagogue:"Who are you?.."

"Heh..hey Dem."

She stared at me for a second, seeing my changed appearance because,well, I ate something I wasn't supposed to eat. I then held up the hand that had my wedding ring on it.

Demagogue:"I'm sorry about that! I didn't recognize you for a second because,you know..your skin is a bluish green."

"Yeah..I was a bit of an idiot when I was gone."

Demagogue:"That reminds me.. where were you??. You've been gone for two …

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Testingcreating Testingcreating 2 August

Battle for Run Castle Episode 8: Team of war!

Child: Hey Dad, what if you get eliminated?

Duplicator: Well if I get eliminated, you can do the contest without me. But I know you can do it. Ok?

Player_03: Time for Run Elimination!

Duplicator: I guess I'm going to the elimination. Bye!

Child: Oh, bye dad!

Angel: Ugh, I hate Run Elimination...

During Run Elimination...

Player_03: Duplicator and Angel lost last time. Well, this elimination is gonna be short because there are 2 of you. Let's see the total votes!

Total Votes: 12

Player_03: We got 12 votes! The prize is nothing because I'm too lazy. So let's see the show the votes!

Angel: It's better not to be me! It's better to be that Guy!

Duplicator: That's because you were being so rude and mean to everyone.

Angel: SHUT UP!

Player_03: ENOUGH! Anyways…

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Testingcreating Testingcreating 29 July


Ask me any questions, then I will answer. (Comment down below)

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 27 July


Ok.. I'm planning on doing something that's probably going to end up being stupid. And I'm going to tell you right now..

I'm planning on doing a hunger games based thing with the tributes (as they call it) being Coolmathgames icons. It sounds dumb..I know. Should I do it? You guys decide. If you do want me to do it,write a character you want me to put in. Bye!!

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Random Pro Random Pro 25 July

Some tips with the new Fanfiction page

The new Fanfiction tab works like this:

Each of the pages on it (For example, Rising Sun) lists a series of blogs about it. It knows which blogs to show because it chooses only the blogs from a particular category (In this example, the category is called "Rising Sun".) 

When you make a new addition to your series, you can add the corresponding category to your blog.

Current categories: Rising Sun Battle for Run Castle Secrets A Legend from the Planet

If you want to know how to make a blog listing page, check the video I made. The link on the second tab is https://run.fandom.com/wiki/Special:CreateBlogListingPage.

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OwOInterest OwOInterest 25 July


also happy birthday to yasuhiro qwq

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 25 July

Secrets Chapter 4.

We turned around to see the person behind us. The person was male,middle aged,and had a blue ribbon on him. 

???:"It won't be safe if you guys decide to stay. So we have to send you back."

Student:"Why are you here then Founder?"

Founder:"To help cover up any evidence that you came back. Don't worry. I'm not going to rat you guys out.."

I was pretty skeptical about this. I don't know if he's lying or telling the truth. I looked at Student,who looked just as puzzled.

"How do we know if you're lying or not?"

Founder:"Simple. If I was lying,I would've told by now. Plus I know the president is definitely hiding something. I stole a file from his office."

"Isn't that.. illegal?"

Founder:"Nope. Files go missing all the time. He'll probably think he lost…

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Testingcreating Testingcreating 24 July

Battle for Run Castle Episode 7: Where are you?

In the TLC...

Skater: I hope I will rejoin the game! If I don't, then I wanna escape the TLC!

Pastafarian: Yeah me too!

Gentleman: Actually I'm kinda fine being staying in TLC.

Skater: But don't you wanna win and get Run Castle? I do! If I win, I will name a Run Castle called a "Skater Castle"!


Player_03: Hey guys it's time for Run Elimination!

During Run Elimination...

Player_03: So, Child, Duplicaptor, and Student. you 3 lost last time. The prize is cookies! Let's see the total votes!

Total Votes: 11

Player_03: We got 11 votes, now that's much better. Child, you have a win token, would you like to use it?

Child: No, Thanks!

Player_03: Ok, anyways, The first safe is... Duplicator! with 1 vote. Here is your cookie!

Player_03: throw a cooki…

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Runaway3D Runaway3D 24 July

A Legend from the Planet - Intermission 1

Location: The City Cafe

The Cafe was never too active during the summer. Where's everyone? They're all out playing outside with the new toys they've gotten for Christmas. Well, maybe that's just speaking for the kids, but the adults have it rough. They usually stop by the Cafe for something when they have all the time in the world. But since jobs are becoming more demanding in the summer, they don't risk getting fired by being late and bring whatever lunch they have with them.

Not many people were in the Cafe beside one oddball with a red bandana on her head. That's right, it's the Climber. What could she be doing here? 

The Climber is known to be a little adventurous and daring. Up for exploring at any given moment. Not only is she proficien…

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Tanline666 Tanline666 23 July

Danganrunpa: Prologue - Ice Cold Isolation

Previous: N/A

Next: Chapter 1 - Untruly Safe (Daily Life)

Hello everyone! Welcome to the prologue... of Danganrunpa, my new fanfic series based off of Danganronpa! If you don't know what Danganronpa is, it is a visual novel series of games about high school students trapped in a facility. They would be forced to kill each other until there are only a handful of them left. Students solve murders in "class trials", where if the culprit wins, they leave and everyone is executed, and if the culprit loses, they are executed. Anyways, have fun!

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 The Skater's Introduction
  • 3 The Duplicator's Introduction
  • 4 The Child's Introduction
  • 5 The Bunny's "Introduction"
  • 6 The Climber's Introduction
  • 7 The Pastafarian's Introduction
  • 8 The Demagogue's Introductio…

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Tanline666 Tanline666 23 July

Danganrunpa: Chapter 1 - Untruly Safe (Deadly Life)

Previous: Chapter 1 - Untruly Safe (Daily Life)

Next: Chapter 1 - Untruly Safe (Class Trial)

Hello everyone! After 3 weeks, Danganrunpa is back in action! Last time, everyone was minding their own business, still shocked at the fact they were having a killing game. Due to the Climber's attitude, she decided to have a Sports Day event to bring everyone together. But then, on the big day, a lot of people had to use the bathroom, and during the first event, the Bunny's body was found near the bathrooms. Also, the Lizard is missing. What has happened? Find out during the investigation!

Pound pound. Pound pound. That is all I heard. The sound of my own heartbeat. I couldn't focus on anything else, except the Bunny's body. And then...

Ding dong dong…

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