• Random Pro


    April 1, 2020 by Random Pro

    Try beating this level (Only Student can beat it)

    I was bored, so I just made this level :)

    (Not an April Fool's joke)

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  • LolXDXDXDlol1

    hi i want to share some thoughgst abotu run3

    here is my toughs of how it will be looking if you take in acount 3 wormhole levels are alos added the P tunnel will brqnch off H6 and will go straight past the wormhole after i made this i released but hey you cant see a tunnel form T7 but then i remebered in an early version you could see a tunnel in fornt of th ewormhole it was very tiny blue and had some holes in it (looke dporbably like an easy tunnel) so i thoguth this was fine then i  thoguth but 3 tunnels branching off the H tunnel potentionaly leading to the wormhole in such short amoutnf of H levels left what if the J tunnel brnahces off the wrong direction and almost leads back to the I tunnel (maby the skater can see tehe I tunnel by …

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  • Eighdeen1

    Runner: Where am I??? This place looks unfamiliar.

    The Runner stares at the Child, the Duplicator, and the Lizard

    Runner: Hi Child. Hi Duplicator. What you got there

    Child: It's a lizard. He never wakes up when we tell him to

    Duplicator: We bought it from the pet store yesterday

    Runner: Ohhhh. So he is your pet, right?

    Duplicator: Yes

    Runner: Somehow we ended up outside some kind of castle.

    Child: Go in?

    Runner: Yeah. Let's go in. Take the lizard with you

    Child: NOoooooooooooooooo!!! We DO NOT have a KEY!

    Duplicator: Where can we find one

    Child: Just explore the whole city

    The Student, the Angel, the Pastafarian, the Bunny, the Gentleman, and the Skater were waiting for a key so that they can go into the castle.

    Student: Where's the key?

    Angel: I have no…

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  • Eighdeen1

    The Unidentified City

    March 29, 2020 by Eighdeen1

    Hello guys. I am going to write my own story on Run called The Unidentified City

    • The Runner
    • The Skater
    • The Lizard
    • The Bunny
    • The Gentleman
    • The Duplicator
    • The Child
    • The Pastafarian
    • The Student
    • The Angel
    • The Climber
    • The Ninja
    • The Artist
    • The Singer
    • The Sailor
    • The Demagogue
    • The Chemist
    • The Marathon Runner
    • The Hare
    • The Cheetah
    • The Bird
    • The Superhero
    • The Tiger
    • The Kitty
    • The Cook
    • The Skateboarder
    • The Soldier
    • The Panda
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  • FireyArt21

    The Tunnels Part 2

    March 29, 2020 by FireyArt21

    Skater's POV:

    "Wow.. I've Haven't been here in years.."

    Climbing over the barrier for the first time in 2 years felt..very odd. Seeing the blue sky felt odd, feeling the grass felt odd. Everything felt weird..

    Runner:"It feels so.. nostalgic."


    We walked around the park for a while, looking around to see if anything changed. When.. someone stopped us.

    ???:"Where'd you 3 come from??"


    We turned around to see The Scientist, looking very ticked, walking towards us. 'I was tempted to turn back around and skate away but He was already on us in a second.

    "Oh shoot."

    Scientist:"Ok you guys..start talking."

    We started to tell him about the experiences in the tunnel, Everything about the wormhole to the other group building a rock…

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  • FireyArt21

    The Tunnels..Part 1?

    March 28, 2020 by FireyArt21

    Hello!! I'm The Writer, an amateur writer. I'm writing this for my friend, NintendoPanda101, who'd helped me write my story,the Fight For the Planet. So I took his request to write this for him. You guys can suggest stories in the comments too! As long as they aren't inappropriate.

    Runner's POV:

    Walking through the tunnels,I was imagining nothing would happen. Until The Planet Appeared in the distance of the 30th tunnel. 

    "What the.."

    Skater:"Huh.. that's odd."

    How is it there..? It wasn't there a few days ago! It was probably an orbit or something.



    "Go get The Gentleman.."

    Pastafairan:"On it!"

    She then hurried off into the tunnel to find him.

    Pastafairan's POV:

    Ok..He can't be that far away. I just saw him two days a…

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  • Testingcreating

    Runner is Dead

    March 27, 2020 by Testingcreating

    Original Video

    Runner: Lalalalalala, It is good day to be not dead!

    Evil Runner: POW! You are dead!

    Runner: I am Dead! *falls to the ground*

    Gentleman: *walks while singing*

    Evil Runner: *drop weapon*

    Gentleman: Ah! The Runner is dead?

    Runner: Yes, I am dead

    Gentleman: Why is the Runner is dead?

    Evil Runner: I don't know

    Runner: I think it's was-

    Both: SHH! You are dead!

    Runner: ok *falls to the ground*

    Skater: *hops off* what's up you wankers! Who up for a... AH, what he bloody hell just happened?

    Both: The Runner is Dead

    Skater: The Runner is Dead?!

    Gentleman: Correct!

    Skater: :D

    Gentleman: So, did you see the murderer?

    Both: No sorry mate

    Gentleman: *bang table* I will find someone! I will capture someone! And no o…

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  • FireyArt21


    Instead of falling from the roof and onto the ground,Founder falls through the roof and Skater accidentally pushes him off.

    Skater:"I'm sorry I didn't mean to!!"

    Everyone is laughing from this mistake while Founder brushes the dust off.

    Blooper #2:

    Soldier is sitting on Demagogue's chest,and Soldier randomly blurts out:

    Soldier:"So..Are you single?"

    Demagogue:"What the heck?!"

    The camera turns to Duplicator,who was still wearing the fake blood,with a perplexed look on his face while people burst out laughing.

    Blooper #3:

    During the scene where Caveman dies, the crew got a little bored. So they decided to play a game of catch,with Caveman's head. 


    Caveman:"I'm friends with crazy people."

    The headless body gets up, and fo…

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  • FireyArt21

    Skater's POV:

    I stared at the television in shock. What just happened..? Did we just witness Angel's death?  My head was swarmed with so many thoughts. Climber looked outraged, Zombie looked speechless, Artist looked like he wanted to punch the television. 

    Climber:"Come on."

    "Where are we going?.."

    Climber:"Going to start a riot."

    She said that while picking up a grappling hook. 

    Zombie:"Sounds like a plan."

    Street Artist:"Yep."

    We all got up, grabbed some stuff, and walked into the smoke.

    Demagogue's POV:

    "Child..stay here..ok?"

    Child:"Ok mom!"

    I hugged him, saying goodbye to him and the bunny,told him to stay in the house,and ran off into the city ahead. Not knowing if I'll see my kid again after today.

    Chemist's POV:

    I woke up to see Runner packing …

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  • FireyArt21

    Merchant's POV:

    I sat on my couch, crying my eye out as I held the two animals close to my chest. My best friends..are dead.. I hated it. I blamed myself for my 3 friends deaths. If I went alone..I could've prevented the deaths.

    "I.. I'm sorry guys.."

    The Turtle and Dog were sitting on my lap, looking like they were crying too. Laying my head on the couch, crying uncontrollably, I then heard a knock on the door.

    "C-come in.."

    Cook and Pastafairan walked into the house,both looking like they've been in a fight. Cook had part of his antenna missing,Pasta had rope marks and bruises on her neck,both looking..burned?

    Cook:" not go out there."


    Pastafairan:"Fire everywhere."

    All three of us looked out of the window to see smoke,dead b…

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  • FireyArt21

    Gentleman's POV:

    I was walking around the neighborhood, upset about the situation. Everything looks deserted and lonely..Not like it used to be.

    "Come on Lizard.."

    I picked it up and carried It,well for a second because it gotten too heavy to carry. I spotted What I thought was Runner in the distance.

    "Hello Runner."

    Angel:"Oh hello."

    "Oh geez!! I didn't recognize you for a while."

    He took off the wig, shaking the fuzz off of his head,and put it back on his head.

    "Why do you have that interesting disguise?"

    Angel:"To get the guards off your guys backs."

    "That's suicide!!"

    Angel:"I know.. someone else tried to talk me out of it."

    He crossed his arms a little, seeing bruises on them. 

    "And besides..You don't even sound like her!"

    Angel:"I don't have to ta…

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  • Cockynoob666
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  • FireyArt21

    Child's POV:

    I was looking at the roof, trying not to wake mom up, who was sleeping on the bed next to me. The Bunny,who was laying on my lap,was trying to sleep as well.

    "Can't sleep either Bunny?"

    The reason I can't sleep,well..I get nightmares and flashbacks whenever I try to close my eye to sleep. And I feel bad for killing that lady.


    "Yeah mom?.."

    Demagogue:"Having troubles sleeping?"


    She sat up,put me on her lap,and read me an old picture book I would always try to read when I was a baby. I dozed off a few minutes later after she read me it. I then fell asleep.

    Skater's POV:

    Looking at the fire, I skated into the areas that weren't as bad,besides the bodies. I ran past the bodies while covering my eye so I don't se…

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  • FireyArt21

    Chemist's POV:

    I was looking at the sky, trying to ignore the stinging burns that racked my body. Good thing I was wearing my goggles. Or I could've gone blind or worse.



    "Is.. Sailor dead?.."


    I started to cry. I covered my face, letting the tears sting my face. 

    Runner:"L-let it out.."

    We hugged each other, crying our eyes out. I hugged her tightly, letting my tears drip on my shirt. It burned.

    "Wanna..go check on our dad..?"

    Runner:"Ok.. I'll be right back.." 

    She ran over towards her friend, she told him where we were going.

    Zombie:"You sure?"

    Runner:"We'll be ok."

    Zombie:"Ok.. just don't get hurt."

    She hugged him,and ran back over to me and picked me up. 

    Runner:"Ready to go?"


    Climber:"Before you guys …

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  • FireyArt21

    Singer's POV:

    I was sitting inside of the house with Dancer,my best friend and secret crush, eating a popsicle. Just trying to enjoy our day with no more people falling from the sky. 

    "Hey Dancer?"


    "Do you think those people are ok?"

    Dancer:"Considering one of them died before they were able to get here..not really."

    I finished my popsicle and threw the stick into the trash. I walked over to the window and saw fire in the distance.


    Dancer:"Something wrong?"

    "There's a fire!!"

    He walked over to the window and stared out of the window with me,both of us horrified. 

    Dancer:"That is no fire caused by a accident.."

    We walked out of the house to look around for anyone that needed any sort of help. The fire and smoke made the sky dar…

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  • FireyArt21

    Chemist's POV:

    "They're probably dead!!!"

    I was kind of having a mental breakdown. My siblings are nowhere to be found. Hopefully they're safe. 

    Scientist:"I'm sure they're ok Chemist.."

    "You sure..?"

    Scientist:"99% positive!"

    "Ok..not sure about the other 1%."

    The door sounded like it was about to get knocked down because of the guards. Astronaut did put some equipment to help block it..but it looked like it wouldn't help for long.

    Astronaut:"Ok..that will hold them."

    "You sure?"

    Astronaut:"Hm.. probably."

    As soon as he said that..the door broke. 

    Scientist:"Oh no!"

    "I thought you were sure it wouldn't!!"

    I looked around for a window. Nope. An air vent? Yes but it's really small. The guards were surrounding us like hungry sharks. 

    Astronaut:"I was wrong…

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  • FireyArt21

    Scientist's POV:

    I walked down the dark hallway of the lab, looking at a clipboard. It had all of the information about where the chips are in the bodies of the people who are locked up in here.

    ???:"Whatcha looking at?"


    I looked over to see my old friend and lab partner,The Astronaut.

    "Astronaut Don't scare me like that!"

    Astronaut:"Not my fault your easily startled."

    I wanted to tell him why I was so on edge. How I accidentally killed that person with my electricity..I started shaking at that thought. 

    Astronaut:"You ok?"

    "No..I..I..killed someone.."

    It was hard to see his face because of the helmet,but I could tell he looked shocked. 

    Astronaut:"What happened?"

    "I was doing a hallway patrol..when four people let out one of the captives. I t…

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  • Student19

    Hello! I am Student19. I am making a fanfiction story called "Run 4: The Murder Tunnels." In the blog post, you can vote for what characters would be in the story. Voting ends April 24. All credit of character names to NintendoPanda101, Runaway3D, FireArt21, Twinkle, and Tanline666. Also sorry if some characters are in two polls.

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  • FireyArt21

    Pastafairan's POV:

    I walked on the sidewalk, looking for my brother. I held the pocket knife, preparing to attack any sort of guard or cop. I searched through my old home I grew up in. Looking at my old bedroom kind of made me cry a little.

    "I hope things end they can get back to normal.."

    I then felt someone grab me by my braid.

    "Ow! Hey!"

    I turned around to see my attacker. My eye widened seeing who it was.

    "Cook?!.." wasn't him..his eye was blank and dull,which is odd because he usually wears his eyepatch. He didn't show any sort of emotion as he dragged me downstairs and into the basement below. 

    "Cook if you're in there somewhere..fight it!!"

    He shoved me to the floor, stunning me for a second. He then grabbed a rope,tying my w…

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  • FireyArt21

    Street Artist's POV:

    I sat down on the grass, waiting for something to happen again. I looked at Zombie, who was sleeping next to a tree. I couldn't stop staring at the horrible burn scars All over his body, another reason the government's the worst. 

    "Hey Zombie?"

    Zombie:"Ugh..yeah Artist?"

    "What did they do to you after the accident?"

    Zombie:"They basically put me in complete isolation. My family wasn't even allowed to visit me. I was just in one room,not knowing when I'll be let out."

    "I'm sorry for that.."

    Zombie:"Now can I ask you a question?"


    He paused, considering asking the question.

    Zombie:"Where'd you get the scar on your face?"


    I put my hand over the mark, feeling the knobby scar. I remembered the day that it happened.


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  • FireyArt21

    Runner's POV:

    I was crying for I don't know how long.. probably an hour or so. It felt like too much. My brothers being tortured or killed, Duplicator dying, Student dying. I wiped my face after I was done.

    Skater:"You ok..?"

    "Heh..not really..thanks.."

    Two teenagers were staring at us like we just fell out of the sky,well we technically did. One was a female,one was a male wearing a pick bodysuit.

    Dancer:"Skater? Is that you?"

    Skater:"Hey Dancer.."

    Singer:"Isn't that The Cartographer..?"

    "Oh no..not this again." I brushed my messy hair away from my eye. 

    "Um..I guess..? Just a shadow of my former self."

    Singer:"No wonder The President wants you so bad..You did go in the tunnels."

    "Well now my family's getting hurt because of him."

    I need to go talk t…

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  • FireyArt21

    Cook's POV:


    "Are you sure you found another person?"

    Jester:"Yes I'm sure! But the doors locked."

    I tried picklocking the door behind me, didn't help. Tried the other door,same results. We kept trying to until..

    Soldier:"What are you doing out of your cell?!"

    We turned around to see her standing there,with a gun pointed at us. She had this remote in her hand..what was it?

    "I'm..not going back in that hellhole!"

    Soldier:"You don't have a choice."

    She presses the button and I feel.. intense pain in my body. What..? Then I couldn't move. 

    Soldier:"Ok..Cook. Kill The Jester."

    I wanted to protest and scream at Jester to run for it but..all I could do was watch inside of my head. I watched as I pulled out the sword and walked over to Jester.


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  • FireyArt21

    Fashionista's POV:

    I was walking down the dark hallway, holding a flashlight to look for other people that were trapped in this horrible building. Then I felt a hand cover my mouth.


    ???:"Hm..You must be one of the people who stole The Cop's car.."

    I moved the hand off my mouth to look at my attacker. It was another scientist..but this one looked more crazier and probably wouldn't hesitate to kill someone on purpose.

    "Let go of me please.."

    Experimenter:"Why would i? I need a new test subject anyways."

    "T-test subject?.."

    He then started to drag me away. I tried to fight back but.. he stuck a syringe into my arm and I fainted.

    I woke up what felt like an hour later..I was stuck in some sort of test tube. I banged on the glass, trying to break i…

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  • FireyArt21

    Merchant's POV:

    I sat in the car, waiting for us to get there while Fashionista was sleeping on my shoulder. I wanted to doze off as well and was about to when..

    Galaxian:"We're here!"

    "Ok.. Fashionista wake up.."

    She woke up and yawned, rubbing her eye. Jester had put The Turtle in a crate that was in the car. We'd gotten out of the car to see a building surrounded by a moat-like river.

    "So how are we going to get across? There's no bridge."

    Galaxian:"Easy,We swim across! Everyone knows how to swim right?"


    "Didn't you find The Turtle by a lake?"

    Jester:"Turtle was on the shore when I found it."


    She looks through the car for a few minutes while we stand by the moat, when she came back with some sort of life jacket.


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  • FireyArt21

    Caveman's POV:

    "Cheetah get back here!"

    I chased around my pet cheetah, trying to put her in the bathtub, and well, she was a lot faster than me. Then the crazy cat jumped out of the window! 

    "Oh my God.. you definitely don't want a bath."

    I walked downstairs to get her back inside, when I saw The Zombie and some guy sitting by a tree. Both of them appeared to be drawing something. 

    "Hey Zombie!"

    Zombie:"Hey..Lost your cheetah again?"


    He laughed a little as I noticed a large bandage on his leg.

    "Where'd that come from?"



    He rubbed his leg again, looking at the other guy. 

    Street Artist:"Isn't that your cheetah?"

    I looked up at a tree,seeing that she had climbed it and was sitting on a branch. 

    " I have to get her do…

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  • FireyArt21

    Skater's POV:

    I think student's getting weaker by the day. She has a lack of energy, looks like she's about to faint,and she's coughing up blood clots when she thinks I'm not looking.

    "So..are you sure you're ok?"

    Student:"Yeah.. I'm ok.. just been really tired lately.."

    "You sure..?"


    She looked uncertain about that..I helped her walk because she was about to have another coughing fit it looks like.

    "Ok.. You need help getting over the tiles?"

    Student:"I think I got it.."

    She did not get it. She kept missing tiles and ended up slipping on a box. I picked her up,even though she was protesting against this, and carried her through the tunnels.

    Student:"I can walk you know.."

    "Well, you can barely get through a tunnel without passing out…

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  • FireyArt21

    Pastafairan's POV:

    I was sitting by Runner, talking to her while fiddling with my spoon my brother had gotten me for my 20th birthday. Skater and Student were walking around the tunnels somewhere exploring. Runner had finally managed to get my mind off the others when..

    Gentleman:"Hey guys." He was holding something that looked very familiar.. It's probably most likely a tile or something..right?

    "Hello Gentleman!"


    Gentleman:"Um.. you remember Duplicator?"

    Runner was making hand movements to tell him to stop it when I answered.

    "Mhm! Why?"

    Gentleman:"Well.. he'"

    "He's what..?"

    Gentleman:"Well.. he's dead.."

    It felt like my heart stopped when he said that. I looked over at Runner and saw that she looked pretty shocked too.


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  • FireyArt21

    Gentleman's POV:

    I stood at the edge of the tunnel, moving around tiles for my next challenge for The Pastafairan. I looked over and saw the lizard I adopted, sleeping on the job. Literally.

    "Why do you do this young reptile? You always slumber."


    I sighed and turned around to finish the next tunnel when.. something fell from the roof.


    I looked over at it, and with curiosity, I walked over to it. 

    Oh how I regret that.

    It was..a body. A dead, deceased body. It had a bag over it's head, I hesitated to take off the bag,but I did. I threw up as soon as I saw the injuries on his body,and that wasn't even the worst part of that. It was who it was. I was looking at the body of the.. Duplicator. 

    "Oh no..Who did this..?!"

    He had sev…

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  • FireyArt21

    Demagogue's POV:

    I was standing at the window, ready to climb out of it. I was going to search for my husband and son, Who were taken by the government. I was not going to sit here and let them die. 

    " I go.."

    There was continuous knocking on the door,most likely the police. 

    "Go away!"

    Police:"Come out with your hands up!"

    "Nope! BYE!!"

    I jumped out of the window and grabbed a ledge to climb down. After a minute I climbed down and ran into the night. 

    "Ok,where are you guys.."

    I laid out a map I made, I'm not the best map-maker, and looked at the directions. 

    "Ok..left, right, up, left, down.."

    I continued to mumble directions under my breath until I literally hit a wall. Nope, wrong way. I walked the other way, regretting not taking the car…

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  • FireyArt21

    Zombie's POV:

    I was walking down the street, ignoring the sirens passing by me and the sound of gunshots. I'm used to it by now. Then I tripped and fell on the sidewalk.



    My head shot up, seeing another guy about my age sitting on the ground, rubbing his head. He had a scar on the side of his face and his clothes were ragged,like mine.

    "Are you ok??? I'm so sorry for that!"

    ???:"It's fine. I'm used to it." 

    I rubbed my leg, which was throbbing and talked to the man for a while. Turns out he's homeless because of the government being cruel, which I can relate to the guy. He's a really good artist too! 

    " you know what the heck is going on here?"

    Street Artist:"Not really, just government related shit."

    "Yeah..they are horrible p…

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  • FireyArt21

    Jester's POV:

    I was sitting in the bar as usual, talking to The Drunkard about my day when The Merchant came into the bar,with the Fashionista. What's he doing here?

    Merchant:"Jester I need to talk to you."

    "Oh Ok. See you later Drunkard!" I pick up my pet turtle and walk out the door with them.

    "So what do you need me for?" Merchant seemed to be trying not to cry when he handed me a letter. I read it and was speechless.

    Fashionista:"He got arrested by them for being a relative to The Pastafairan,who disappeared into the tunnels 2 years ago."

    "That's.. Really messed up.."

    Merchant:"That's why I need you.. I'm about to start a rescue mission.."

    "I'll gladly join then! Know anyone else your getting?"

    Merchant:"The Galaxian, I already called him and h…

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  • FireyArt21

    Merchant's POV:

    I was looking out of my window, looking at the cloudy sky when I heard a knock on my door.

    "Who is it?"

    ???:"You know who."

    I laugh remembering the joke that was about to be pulled,"​​​​​​You know who who?"

    ???:"Your girlfriend silly! Let me in!" I opened the door and saw The Fashionista, Holding the small dog I gotten her, smiling like crazy.

    Fashionista:"Hello Merchant."

    "Hi Fashionista." 

    Dog:"Woof woof woof!" He jumped out her arms onto me, nearly knocking me to the floor. Fashionista and I were both laughing as the dog mercilessly licked my face.

    "S-stop! Hahaha!" Fashionista picked the dog back up and was laughing as much as I was.

    Fashionista: "Someone definitely missed you."


    Fashionista:"So..What do you want to do today…

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  • Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated

    As an admin. My new Discord is COVID-69666420#9174.

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  • FireyArt21

    Yes I know. I am a writaholic. 

    Runner's POV:

    "So are you guys doing ok back home?" I ask, sitting by the satellite I've been using for months to communicate with my two brothers. 

    Sailor:"Yep but.."

    "But what?" 

    I hear him sighing from the other side with my other brother,The Chemist, saying that he should tell me what happened.

    Sailor:"Ok..There was something on the news might wanna hear it."

    "Did something bad happen?" I hold my breath for a second, waiting for his response.

    Sailor:"Do you know anyone who left the tunnels?"

    "Yes I do..why?"

    Sailor:Well..The President's guards arrested them." I froze. This can't be happening..This can't be happening.

    Chemist:"Sis I'm sorry.."

    "W-why did they get arrested??"

    Chemist:"Well.. you all did go …

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  • FireyArt21

    Hello! Writer here! I kind of almost wanted to quit because I felt like I wasn't good enough..but nvm that! Time for The 2nd chapter!

    Duplicator's POV: I..? I shook my head around a little to shake off the dizziness and begin to realize where I am. The. Freaking. Government.. Oh God..oh Where's Child? Where's my son?! They're probably hurting him right now! I try to get up, then I see my wrists are tied behind my back. I try calling for help, then I also realize my mouth is covered with a thick rag. 

    ???: "Ah.. you're awake." My head instantly turns to the figure, I see it's an older woman wearing suit? She walks over to me and takes the rag off, I scream,

    "Where am I?! Where's my kid?! What did you …

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  • FireyArt21

    Ok..Idk if I should keep writing...what do I guys can decide if I should cancel it or not..

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  • Randomkid999


    March 13, 2020 by Randomkid999

    I think im getting addicted to hypixel skyblock

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  • NintendoPanda101


    March 12, 2020 by NintendoPanda101



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  • FireyArt21

    Warnings for this chapter:Blood.

    Student's POV:

    I walked around the tunnel, hoping for the voice in the tunnels to say something, anything. I've been walking around the same spot for days hoping for it to do something. Then I spotted something was..a camera? What was a camera doing in the middle of nowhere?? 

    "Hello..?" I call out when I walk closer to the camera, As soon as I touch it-

    ???: You wondering what is that for too?"

    "AHH!" I turn around abruptly, staring at the person who's behind me, I sigh in relief seeing it's just The Skater.

    Skater:"Sorry Student, did I scare you?" He smiled with that ridiculous grin on his face.

    "Not really..Do you know what this is doing here?" I point at the camera hoping he knows something about this.…

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  • Rubiksmath

    Now i know it's kinda hard, but atm im trying to edit pages so that they dont need editing again. Due to future updates this is hard but im trying to do this on as many pages as i see fit for doing this on. Obviously information will be updated as time goes on, but im trying on some of the more set in stone pages.

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  • NintendoPanda101

    I just set all cube pages as canidates for deletion other then the main one which I plan to re locate them all to, just so you know.

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  • Jp367

    Kicked out of discord?

    March 3, 2020 by Jp367

    So there's actually a disclaimer and it's the fact that when I first made this account I was actually 12ish years old. Now I'm 13+ but I still got an email saying that I claimed I "joked" about being under 13 and now I'm off of discord, even though I'm 13+ :(

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  • Eighdeen1

    A year at Run Wikia

    March 2, 2020 by Eighdeen1

    Hi guys! I have done another milestone. Not a milestone for the number of edits I have, but...

    How long I have been on this wiki for

    I have been on this wiki for a year. I consider a year for a milestone.

    And I already have discussionmoderator and chatmoderator rights. So, I think I did pretty well to get this far.

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  • Run Planet's Comic Writer

    Run Comics

    February 28, 2020 by Run Planet's Comic Writer

    Hello, and welcome to my new Run Comics! I will be making comics actively. The main character is the Runner. Each blog post I make has 5 comics each. These are only test comics; I will start my real comics tomorrow! I am not very creative, so I need more ideas for characters and the plots! Please comment bellow if you have any ideas!

    Watches as the Child floats for 15 seconds while jumping in Box Storage Area, part 11.

    Runner: Hello, Child!

    Child: Hi!

    Runner: Um... Just wondering, how does your balloon float if it has water in it?

    Child: How should I know? I am only a Child. The only thing I know is it is fun to splash people with water!

    Runner: Ok, I'l just ask the Student; she should know how-

    Just then, the Student walks by, not noticing the R…

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  • AK Cuber

    People say that you should avoid the crumbling tiles in a level with a long chain of them, as it would make the level harder. But think: if you avoid the crumbling tiles for the whole level, wouldn't it be as if they weren't there? lmao

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  • Bumcheeks 05


    February 25, 2020 by Bumcheeks 05

    i want to be run admin let em be one i lov gamae!!!

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  • Catzoe678

    I Regret Quitting run wiki

    February 23, 2020 by Catzoe678

    See i still dont go in run wiki that much tho. My sis got kicked off of coolmath cuz coolmath was requesting her to buy a some vip membership. I COULD BUY THAT!!!!!!!! Now she plays on poki. Heres a reason why i regret quitting:fireboy & water girl wiki was boring.

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  • Eighdeen1

    Very very sorry

    February 22, 2020 by Eighdeen1

    I am really, really, REALLY struggling to stay active on this wiki. Guys, I am trying, but I am just too busy at the moment for some reason.

    I thought about leaving the wiki, but no, I will stay as active as I can. Even though I know it gets harder to be active every year, but that does NOT mean that I will leave the wiki.

    You would have probably noticed that I have been rushing my edits. That is because I find it a little bit boring doing edits for a good 2 hours while I don't know what to do on this wiki.

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  • FireyArt21

    Warning:Blood, Violence, swearing, death

    A figure looks at files..8 files that describes the people that went missing 2 years ago in the tunnels..He gets angry that the person that he needs to use for his plan is deep into the tunnels, nowhere to be found.

    ???: Soldier come here.

    A young female enters the room with her short gray hair up in a ponytail, wearing body armor and a stern look.

    Soilder: Yes Mr. President?

    President:Any sign of the people who went missing?

    Soldier:No sir, we've searched for them everywhere on the planet and even in the edges of the tunnels.. they're gone.

    President: I've gotten an idea.. Soldier, Send your troops to go obtain family members of the rebel aliens.

    Soldier:Sir, You know that the one rebel doesn't have any fa…

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  • FireyArt21

    Ok.. Tell me I should pick other characters if these turn out bad..

    The Cook 

    The Fashionista with her cute doggy

    The Panda

    The Galaxian

    The Cheetah

    The Astronaut

    The Artist

    The Photographer

    The... I'll let you guys pick the last character! Byee (Don't be scared of my rainbow flag pic when you see it)

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