• OwOInterest

    idk if this is still going on but please stop vandalizing pages or spamming player messages, he has to have his alone time too

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  • Testingcreating

    Player_03: Time for Run Elimination!

    Runner: But how do we get Student & Pastafarian & Bunny?

    Player_03: Well I show you *press button*

    Giant Net catch Student, Pastafarian, and Bunny.

    Player_03: Now time for Run Elimination!

    During Run Elimination...

    Player_03: Pastafarian, Gentleman, Child, and Bunny lost last time. The prize is Pizza. Let's see the total votes!

    Total Votes: 10

    Player_03: We got 10 Votes, Another new record! Pasty got 1 vote.

    Pastafarian: *slap Player_03* Don't call me Pasty!

    Player_03: Geez, you're slapping me? I guess I'm not giving you a pizza... Child also got 1 vote, here is your pizza!

    Player_03 throw pizza at Child, Child catch the pizza

    Player_03: Now it's down to Gentleman and Bunny, Who will be eliminated? let's show the v…

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  • OwOInterest

    I'm back

    July 3, 2020 by OwOInterest

    Yeah I'm back and I am embarrassed as heck to be here

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  • Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated

    After speaking with the staff, we decided that it was best that you remain out of the Discord until your 13th birthday... you’re more than capable of doing things on the Wiki, but we don’t think that you’re ready to come back to the Run Discord And this was a joint decision made by the Planet staff, so there’s no bias here Talk to you in January, bud - Mathwiz100. This wasn't even the reason I got banned. I got banned because ali is more important to the community than me, my brother, and randomkid999 combined (this is very stupid and gets me depressed but makes me laugh at the same time). If the REAL reason I got banned was because of age, this would have happened a lot earlier. Other users who are still in the Run Discord, such as DennMa…

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  • Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated

    So, I got banned from Run Moon, along with my brother LOL aka RunKing and randomkid999. All this just because Mathwiz wanted another member, ali kid, back. He claimed this server was for the people, yet I am a person, last time I checked. Bias, bias, and more bias. They are tryinf to tempt me to revolt. The reason ali kid left: An anonymous discord user said: ali's outburst yesterday seemed pretty random so was her asking you to ban you so she could come back to me at least, the whole thing yesterday was overly dramatic and random, but thats my opinion The user WAS in run moon, but left due to corruption (not me or my brother though). Oh also, Student16 is still there, which I am fine with for now. I understand the poll was 20 to none, bu…

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  • Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated

    Excuses after excuses. The last time Student harasses me, I was not on any Run Discord other than Run Speedruns (which I just realized). I told Mathwiz100 that I was on the wiki and subreddit, but he said that the contract was only made to protect the people in the discord, the others were not "in his jurisdiction".

    It says "community", not "discord". Either way, I was still in Run Speedruns.

    New contract, made when I was on the same medias as when the first contract was made. However, the screenshots at the TOP were from when I was on Run Moon, which is 100% in Mathwiz's jurisdiction (he is owner). But, he said that DMs aren't in his jurisdiction, which makes no sense. I have seen people be warned COUNTLESS TIMES for DM ADVERTISING. This sh…

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  • Testingcreating

    Player_03: it's time for the Run Elimination!

    Student: I really do not like Run Elimination...

    Player_03: so you don't like it? I guess I eliminate you then.

    Student: I really do like Run Elimination...

    Player_03: That's better, now time for Run Elimination! So.. Lizard, Child, Bunny, Duplicator, and Student, you lost time. If you are safe, you will get a chocolate cake! let's see total votes!

    Total Votes: 7

    Player_03: So we got 7 votes, a new record! Child is safe with 0 votes. Here is your cake!

    Player_03 throw cake at Child, Child failed catching cake, the cake splat.

    Player_03: Duplicator is also safe with 0 votes.

    Player_03 throw cake at Duplicator, Duplicator catch the cake.

    Player_03: And same goes Student!

    Player_03 throw cake at Student, Stu…

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  • FireyArt21

    As the 12 of us stared at each other, taking in the situation around us,the lights flickering on and off which was giving me a headache. Then..

    Everyone heard a gun click.

    Aviator:"What are you doing?!"

    Escapist:"What do you expect lady? I'm just finishing the job!"

    He recklessly waves the gun around,his finger on the trigger. I put Perfumist behind me to protect her. 

    Geologist:"Sir put the gun down!"

    Escapist:"Shut up you damn teacher!"

    He pointed the gun at Geologist and..

    He pulled the trigger.. Nothing happened..

    Escapist:"Why doesn't this work?.."

    He pointed the gun at his chest and pulled the trigger, thinking nothing will happen but..It worked this time. It struck him in the heart, killing him instantly and letting his body slide down to the…

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  • FireyArt21

    Street Artist's POV:

    "Waitress please stop blaming yourself for Student's death.."

    Waitress:"She gave up her life to protect me. I wish I just gotten hit instead.."

    "You're not alone in people you wish lived instead of yourself..I lost my closest friend to that pyschopath last year."

    I sighed a bit, looking at the walls. It looked just like the maze felt colder and..oh god.

    There was a puddle of blood on the floor..and it looks like it's new. We followed the blood trail to see..

    Pure hell.

    Waitress:"Oh god.."

    "Is that.."

    The walls were covered with blood, almost painting them,And the figure in the middle of it..

    Was the dead, dismembered body of the Gamer.

    Chemist's POV:

    " really you.. Sailor?"


    He did not look good. Half of …

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  • Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated  Nintendo wants to demote me on the wiki, but according to this poll, Nintendo should be demoted. Also, the two reasons I haven't demoted him yet: one, I cannot demote or promote people from content mod or rollback, the second reason, the other admins have not yet voiced an opinion on this. I will listen to my fellow staff members, unlike a certain dictator who demoted a certain mod on a certain discord server called Run Planet without asking the other staff, number one, number two, the vote clearly said to keep the user at mod.

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  • Testingcreating

    Before Run Elimination...

    Skater: Hey student, who do you think who will be eliminated?

    Student: It's probably you.

    Skater: Why?

    Student: Because you cheated during the first contest

    Skater: I guess you're right...

    Player_03: hey guys it's time for Run Elimination!

    During Run Elimination...

    Player_03: Skater, Student, Child, and Pastafarian, you lost last time. Whoever gets the most votes will be eliminated! Let's see the total votes!

    Total Votes: 5

    Player_03: Ok so we got 5 votes. thank you for voting, viewers! if you're safe, you will get a blueberry pie! oh yeah, Runner. Lizard, Bunny, Gentleman, Duplicator, and Angel are not up for elimination so they get pies. expect Lizard and Bunny.

    Player_03 throws pies at Runner, Gentleman, Duplicator, and A…

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  • Testingcreating

    Back in 2017 or 2018, I was thinking about making a new object show, inspired from Battle for Dream Island, Inanimate Insanity, and more. So I made a new show called “The Contest of Run” (before renamed to “Battle for Run Castle”) with aliens instead of objects. Gentleman was the host of The Contest of Run instead of Player_03. but then I decided to replace Gentleman as the host with Player_03 because Player_03 was the founder of Run Games and Wikia. In 2019, I renamed “The Contest of Run” to “Battle for Run Castle”. In June 2020, I finally released episode 1 in Public!

    What did you think of my Story?

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  • Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated

    This community is so biased, student will get as many chances as possible, I won't get a second.

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  • Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated

    Note: there is profane language in these screenshots.

    Imo what he said is true: he will get 100 chances, I won't get a second. Run Planet doesn't want to ban student because they don't want another raid, accoring to AK Cuber.

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  • Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated

    If you want the screenshots, DM me on discord: COVID-69666420#3477

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  • Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated

    Ok, I made a poll whether to ban Student16, Ali wanted it deleted, Nintendo deleted it. Do I not have the right to post? This is very suspicious in my opinion, why delete my blog for no reason? Here we are, at another poll.

    I am voting for the second option, I will change my vote to the first option if anything like this happens again.

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  • Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated

    I didn't even realize.

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  • Runaway3D

    Hello, again!

    This time, this blog post is about the pinned memes in the Run Discord server. You can join with the little widget to the right there. If it works, that is.

    Same concept as the Art Hall of Fame. Features pinned memes to make room for more. Some of them may not even be Run related! If you have a meme, please share it with us! Keep it clean, though, okay?

    Hope you got a laugh out of those. Tune in next time the pinned messages get full!

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  • Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated
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  • Runaway3D

    Hello all!

    Since the max limit of pins have mostly been reached within the art channel of the server, we have decided to dedicate a "hall of fame" for the brilliant pieces of art that people have shared there.

    By "we", I mean like two people including myself. There'll be another blog post similar to this one that showcases the memes in the Discord.

    Also, since I come up a lot in the pins, I limited myself to only one drawing to put here. That way, there's more artists.

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  • FireyArt21

    I was hoping it was all a bad dream when I woke up. I was hoping I wasn't in the maze and I was with my siblings and parents in our house..But nope..I woke to Perfumist, sitting in her wheelchair, staring at me.

    Perfumist:"Good morning Goth!"

    "Um..Good morning.. how'd you get up if you can't move your lower body..?"

    Perfumist:"Arm strength Goth. Arm strength."

    I guess that's reasonable. I got up and walked out of the room..and..

    I wished I just stayed in bed. 

    ???:"I swear to God if you freak out one more time.."

    ??? #2:"At least I don't look like a guy with that haircut of yours!"

    ??? #3:"Both of you,calm down please!!"

    Two people were arguing,One male with rollerblading gear,The other a female wearing some sort of piloting outfit. Another male wi…

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  • Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated

    Another blog post. Student16, a user who was enemies of the Run Community, got re-invited to Run Planet after apologizing. After I apologized, you would expect the same from this great community. Right? NOPE Instead, the bias between members of the server and me went too far, and they decided to keep me banned (namely NintendoPanda101). In my opinion, what Student16 did was worse than what I did - Student16 ban evaded at least 50 times, compared to my twice or three times. He also impersonated Physicsphysics, a vandalizer who [REDACTED] up this community. I would like this issue to be resolved with fairness to all, or else I will continue to expose Run Planet for its flaws (there are a lot, I get it no server is perfect, but Run Planet isn…

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  • Testingcreating

    Player_03: Hello Contestants! I'm your host, Player_03! and Welcome to Battle for Run Castle! here are the 10 Contestants!












    Player_03: Let's start the first contest! The first contest is to make cakes! if you make the worst cakes, you will be up for elimination. oh yeah, lizard and bunny will not participate in this contest because they're animals. you have 30 minutes, GO!

    Runner: I got a giant bowl so I can make a giant cake!

    Pastafarian: I'm going to make Spaghetti flavored cake!

    Skater: Eww! a Spaghetti flavored cake? that's sounds disgusting! Pasty!

    Pastafarian: what's wrong about it? it tastes good! and plus, don't call me pasty.

    Skater: ugh fine... hey Runner!…

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  • FireyArt21

    Runner's POV:

    "Chemist stay here.."

    Chemist:"What is something wrong..?"

    "I think I'm seeing things..I just saw someone who looked like.. Gentleman."

    I point to a person who was on the other side of the hall,with this long katana like thing sticking out of his gut. He started walking towards us with this blank and dull look. 

    Chemist:"Sis he's got a knife."

    We back up and run away from the Gentleman look-a-like screaming our heads off as he starts walking faster towards us. Luckily Chemist managed to grab a gun that was discarded on the floor and shot him in the head. I walked towards the body to inspect it and I instantly spotted wires in his head. This guy was making clones now?! 

    "Great. Just great."

    Chemist:"Runner please calm down..-"


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  • FireyArt21

    Oh goodness.

    June 9, 2020 by FireyArt21

    Um..This would be my 100th blog when I post this.. YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I'M SO HAAPPPPPPPPPYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Next goal: 250 blogs. I don't think I'll ever stop posting books,updates, and other stuff. Hehe. 

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  • FireyArt21

    Hi! My name is..Well..You can call me The Writer. I'm a highschooler who writes..a lot. I only do this for entertainment and so people don't get bored. I like animes such as, Danganronpa, Corpse party, and..The occasional My hero academia. My inspirations are:My girlfriend,my cats,My online friends(Don't have many where I live),Anime,And food. I want to do book suggestions so much but people might not like them. I also like painting. That's basically it. Bye!

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  • FireyArt21


    June 9, 2020 by FireyArt21

    What do I do.. I'm borrreddd

    1. Create a new character.
    2. Do another Q and A blog.
    3. Make a tier list of the characters in my stories.
    4. Or..Have to make a Fanfic that the readers can come up with After finishing my series.

    Ok..Help me with my boredom please..Bye!!

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  • Testingcreating


    June 8, 2020 by Testingcreating

    Hey guys this is testingcreating! I And I’m making a new series called “Battle for Run Castle”. This is Battle for Dream Island Inspired by jacknjellify!

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  • Testingcreating

    Physicsphysics: ugh... I’m bored... I’m gonna play run 3


    Physicsphysics: UGH! I can't beat the level! Wait... what's this? a wikia? Wow! Run wikia! Oh boy! I'm gonna join!

    When Physicsphysics joins Run Wikia

    AK Cuber: Hello! You're new. Right?

    Physicsphysics: Yup, and can I be a admin?

    AK Cuber: Uhh... if you behave well. You can be admin

    Physicsphysics: please!

    AK Cuber: No

    Physicsphysics: please!

    AK Cuber: NO

    Physicsphysics: please!

    AK Cuber: NO!!!!!

    Physicsphysics: fine... hmm, wait, I can edit a page! Ho ho ho! It's time to edit the pages!

    When Physicsphysics edit the pages

    Fandom User: What the?! What happened to the Pages! I'm going to check history!

    When Fandom User check the history

    Fandom User: Physicsphysics?! I'm going to tell the admin! A…

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  • Dogmage999


    June 6, 2020 by Dogmage999

    Just saying that I may write a blog series called Run: Tales from the Planet. It has my own canon, and showcases what life may be like on the planet. The first one will be about the child. There is no real schedule for them though.

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  • Jp367

    Just to get some more edits, I wanted to make all introductions for achievements the same. I wanted to make a poll so everyone could choose which introduction sounds better.

    Which one sounds better? (Insert name of achievement) is an in-game OR infinite mode achievement in Run 3. (Suggested characters.) (Insert name of achievement) is an achievement in Run 3. This achievement is found in (blank.) (Then shows suggested characters.)

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  • FireyArt21

    Photographer's POV:

    "You two ok?"

    Gamer:"Yeah.. I just want to get my sister back. I'll be back."

    She then..Kissed Publisher. She then blushed and left.

    "Since when were you two together?"

    Publisher:"Well..a few hours ago. She's been my best friend since we were kids..And has been helping me a lot since the maze.."

    She was blushing a lot while talking about her..She then asked me if I had a crush on anybody.

    "Not one's really interesting to me."

    We both talked about the past..and the happier times in our lives..Then something came up from the other side of the hallway. I gasped in shock seeing who it was,And Publisher looks like she's having a panic attack..

    It was a clone of her sister. And she was probably going to kill us.

    Merchant's P…

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  • Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated

    Hello members of the Run Community, I am sorry for assisting Physicsphysics aka Student16 in previous matters. This sort of behavior will not happen again, as I realized it was wrong to go against such a great community like this, as well as the fact that siding with a vandalizer in anything is just...wrong. I hope you all forgive me, but I understand if you don't want to.

    Best regards, T-7,I-5,W-2,W-3,CG,Part14&NWB,Part5AreAllOverrated PA,Part13,14,15,&16AreAllUnderrated SUBCRIBE 2 PEWDIEPIE!!!!!!!!!! THE RUN WIKIA DIFFICULTY SYSTEM HAS FAILED ME!!!!!!!!!! (talk) 21:39, June 4, 2020 (UTC) (Cringy signature from over a year ago, don't judge me.)

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  • Jp367

    The achievement "The Conscientious Lizard," has suggested characters first, and then the introduction but I wanted to change it to where it has the introduction first, then suggested characters. I was wondering if anyone knew how to do this...

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  • FireyArt21

    Blooper party!

    May 31, 2020 by FireyArt21


    Jester:"Don't mean to interrupt your make out session but-OH GOD!!"

    Merchant started laughing uncontrollably, Galaxian had a look of perplexion on his face,And Cook couldn't breathe from laughing so hard.


    Director:"You sure you don't want a safety net to jump on?"

    Demagogue:"No I'm good..If I use it it'll look like the ground's a trampoline."

    An hour later.. Demagogue's in a ankle cast.

    "Least it wasn't my neck."


    Director:"Ok look like you're hitting him with the bat."

    Street Artist:"Ok..Just to warn you my aim is off."

    Well. He was right about that. He ended up actually clobbering him on the head..Which led to a pretty nasty concussion,now having to move his death earlier to the book.

    Cop:"At least it looked real in the book. …

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  • Runaway3D

    Here a couple of level sets I made in Run 3. Clicking the level links will take you to Kongregate, the site with the most recent flash version of Run 3. You can find other creations people put there as well.

    These sets were made a while ago. I was into style more than gameplay when making the levels, which may've backfired when it comes to how accessible it can be to newer or veteran players. Oops.

    This is the first level pack I'll publish here. More coming soon! Also, you can listen to music that I attach here so that it fits with the levels! I made them with a soundtrack in mind, so please check it out!

    The Factory is the first level set in this level package. This tunnel consists of 4 levels that can be played with any character.

    • Suggested …

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  • FireyArt21

    200 edits!

    May 28, 2020 by FireyArt21


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  • FireyArt21

    Hello! As you can see from the title I'm doing story suggestions..You can suggest in the comments or dm me in discord. I'm not doing anything over the top gross. Just write away! Bye!

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  • Runaway3D

    This is a list of words or phrases often used in the Run Community. You may find that your communities use these as well. Totally made up words that are never before seen are here, too. Original words are italicized.

    squeee hehehehehe go to sleep

    1. you want to suggest something pointless

    2. you want to suggest something very meaningful, but it gets ignored for another 2 months

    3. you suggest something and it works

    1. One person adds a period at the end of their sentences then suddenly two more do it.

    2. people question your mindset if you chose to include this in your sentences

    1. very expressive you are

    1. #spam

    1. the agony of waiting for a game that won't be finished for another decade and not having the brain power to speculate every single de…

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  • Random Pro

    I'm thinking of finding the spawn ranges of all IM levels that have achievements.

    did i miss any?

    Total Runs: 41

    pausing the game excessively can lead to death (well-known in the field of medicine), so I don't get high scores that much (plz dont judge, the first 15 runs were all no-respawn runs)

    Achievement name Lower bound Upper bound # of Sightings
    A Destructive Loop 0 837 7
    Across the Frozen Pond 103 643 4
    Angled Surface Enthusiast 0 886 7
    Annihilation 1880 2966 2
    Buried Boxes Ahead 75 599 9
    Coursing Through 0 596 7
    Dark Is Not Evil 950 950 1
    Dizzy 0 619 6
    Duplicator's Lucky Number
    Falling Grey Objects Ahead 2710 2710 1
    Fastpass 1695 2215 4
    Good Eye
    Hasty 3421
    I Found The Pattern!
    I Hate Ups and Downs 0 572 6
    I'm Not Blue (Da Ba Dee) 561 101…

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  • Eighdeen1


    May 26, 2020 by Eighdeen1

    Hi everyone,

    I know it's sad but I might be inactive for quite a long time. I will be very busy.

    Until then, this is Eighdeen1, signing out!

    Stay strong!

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  • FireyArt21

    Merchant's POV:

    I woke up to a knife in my arm. Yep. A knife was in my arm when I woke up in a old bed,wozzy and disoriented.


    I get up, walking to the door to get out of this room,but I was knocked back into the wall, crying in pain as the knife went deeper into the arm. I look to see Neturalist coming into the room, holding a button.


    Neturalist:"You surprised to see me?"

    "Why did you bring me here?!"

    Neturalist:"Simple. To finish what I started. First I'll wipe out the people who went in the tunnels..then the rest. It was never about ruling..I just want complete chaos. With everyone dead."

    He smirked a little as I tried to get up,only to have the knife inserted even deeper, impaling the arm. I gasped in pain while I went t…

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  • FireyArt21

    The Maze Prologue.

    May 16, 2020 by FireyArt21

    I wake up in a room..Strung up with wire. I? I remember walking home from school to pick up my two sisters..and I felt someone grabbing me and it went fuzzy after that. 

    "Hey!! Anyone?! Help!!"

    ???:"Hello Goth."

    I look over to the voice, seeing a guy wearing a mask and I admit,he looked ridiculous. 

    "Who are you?! And how do you know my name??.."

    ???:"Well..I looked at your ID when I stole you off the sidewalk and knocked you out. Plus you've been a target of mine for a while now."

    I start to protest, trying to make the guy at least loosen the barbed wire on my wrists a bit because they were starting to bleed. He pulls out some sort of collar and strapping it to my neck.

    ???:"This.-" He points to the collar. "-Is a tracking device. And …

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  • FireyArt21

    Trickster's POV:

    "Come on answer the phone.."

    No answer. I put down the phone and try to figure out where my grandson is. Child(Or his preferred name,Sneakster.) Maybe at school? No it's a weekend. With a girl? He has been crushing on a girl in his class,but he would answer the phone even if he was hanging out with her. Maybe..The Park. I put on my jacket and walk over there.

    "Come on Sneak where are you..?"

    I bump into someone, making both of us fall over a bit.

    Climber:"Sorry Trickster! Just looking for Runner.."

    "It's fine.. I'm looking for My grandson as well."

    Climber:"When I went to visit her..their house looked like it was broken into. Chemist and Runner are both missing from there."

    "Maybe they just went somewhere?"

    Climber:"She hasn't trav…

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  • Fivebee2

    3000 edits

    May 14, 2020 by Fivebee2


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  • Jp367

    Possible Return Soon?

    May 13, 2020 by Jp367

    So I took a short break but after a while during quartine for some reason I got a bit behind on schoolwork, so now I shouldn't really return until maybe early June. Since there is nothing to do yall are free to do whatever (I don't even know I was inactive for a month)

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  • FireyArt21


    May 13, 2020 by FireyArt21

    This is just a list of my OC's and the descriptions of them.

    Publisher:A 14 year old alien,was born with a different eye color(blue), And The twin of Writer. She has waist length gray hair and skin,thick black glasses, usually wearing a sweater and skirt with ballet flats. She's the happier and more Calmer twin of the two.

    Writer:A 14 year old alien,has a regular eye color for the alien species,and the older twin of Publisher. Has her hair in two gray ponytails,thick glasses like her sister, wears a jacket with a skirt,and long striped socks and sneakers. She wears gloves to cover burn scars she gotten when she was 5.

    Goth:The older brother of the twins,17,the quieter one of the siblings. Wearing headphones and eyeliner most of the time,and a…

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  • The Millionaire 123


    May 12, 2020 by The Millionaire 123

    Hi! I am new to this wiki. Although it seems everything is already finished except of walkthroughs, which I cannot record right now. If you have any suggestions for new projects on this wiki, please comment below!

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  • Runaway3D

    While you can play Run 3 or the classics online, there is a way to play it offline via the standalone flash player.

    Here is a guide for setting that up.

    • (Windows only) 7zip or WinRAR (You will need this to extract the following files. Find a version that works best for your computer and download it. For 7zip, I recommend the .exe file.)
    • Standalone Flashplayer
    • Run 3 SWF file

    All of these resources are provided by the speedrunning community . Go check them out!

    The files involved with playing Run offline require software to extract the files. You can download them in the heading above, unfortunately, they're mostly designed towards Windows, so Mac users will need to find some other way to extract them. For Linux, you can find some download links i…

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  • FireyArt21

    Street Artist's POV:

    I woke up restrained to a chair..I blinked several times to see because my eye stung and felt heavy. It was a dark room.. like the room in the maze where Zombie..died. Don't Tell me I'm back here again. A voice came from a speaker on the roof.

    ???:"Hello Artist.  You can see that you have two old tapes in your hands. Pick one for you to watch."

    "Ok..The left one."

    ???:"Ok then.."

    I heard the door open and saw.. Neturalist walking over and taking the tape out of my hands. He then put the disk in a cassette.

    "I swear to God if you show me Zombie's death I will kill you as soon as I get out of this chair."

    Neturalist:"Nope.. It's something else. And the straps are made of a strong metal so you can't really escape..Plus if you do…

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