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AK Cuber AK Cuber 20 days ago

Run Planet Redone server invite link

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NintendoPanda101 NintendoPanda101 21 days ago

Run 4 Chapter 3: Month

The Runner followed the Scientist down the Far East Street. Eventually, they made a turn to the Factory. Connected to the Factory was the Laboratory, the place where most scientist's worked. The Scientist was often seen as the boss of both branches, but the Angel is usually put in charge when the Scientist is in his room for months.

A long black pole extended out of the Lab. It wasn't as tall as the main part of the building. The Factory was the only manufacturer in a 50 mile radius, and it produced EVERYTHING. There's a reason the Angel was so high paid, he was even more wealthy than the Gentleman before going into the Tunnels.

Inside was the usual. The Alchemist in his garish outfit throwing things around while the Astronaut, shouting, is …

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Unknownkittypilot Unknownkittypilot 30 April


Hi, this is my first blog post. Just saying hi.

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Meme requests are open

Write your memes here:

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Welp, Hi.

Hello. I'm new here, and so, I'm a peashooter who discovered this community. I guess you can call me Peatey. Also if you try to insult me, it won't work, so yeah. So have a good day, and yeah. Also I want to make a blog in the Backrooms Wiki, but I can't. Later on, I might.

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Runfanonline2 Runfanonline2 18 February

First verified speed run 1

so i submitted a run 1 speed run and it got verified 6 hours ago

congrats to these people all beating me

1st : dhadha

2nd : CaptainSpeedrunsCaptainSpeedruns

3rd : RubiksmathRubiksmath

4th : bman12three4bman12three4

5th : EpicozEpicoz

6th : EpicozEpicoz

7th : epicmoo34epicmoo34

8th : Snorlax_the_CatSnorlax_the_Cat

9th : ItsYaBoiDanaItsYaBoiDana

10th : PukePuke

11th : soulwardsoulward

12th : TobyBewleyTobyBewley

13th : CantStopTravisCantStopTravis

14th : ????

15th : smoofsmoof

16th : Topper13009Topper13009

17th : MineFlex_BMineFlex_B

18th : TheJuggernautsTheJuggernauts

19th : MulptiMulpti

20th : GuessingSCGuessingSC

21st : speedyfastspeedyfast

22nd : SpikedJacksonSpikedJackson

23rd : shrigmashrigma

24th : fitzy64fitzy64

25th : SketarSketar (me)

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Runfanonline2 Runfanonline2 15 February

Sketars own characater

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Runfanonline2 Runfanonline2 15 February

Sketar speed runs

Speed run time: 17 mins 33 secs

used Character

Tunnel/Levels: Main tunnel Levels 1-65

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Runfanonline2 Runfanonline2 15 February

His moments

H-1 H-2









C-1 - C-9

J-1 to J-6

P-1 to P-10

K-1 to K-9

Runway part 1 (level 1 to 11)

Runway part 2 (level 12-19)


plan C (9-22 )

Plan A

Plan C

Bruh moments that happen to me

to buggy

flying animation gets stuck after collecting powercell

kinda broken because fidget spinner glitch

space spinning bug still occuring

sometimes the screen would move up then a bit down

Box Storage Area 11 backwards glitch only student but child can use the fidget spin
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TreacherousAppleMan8 TreacherousAppleMan8 12 February

The Unseen Run 3 Lore

Player_03 has been working on the plot of Run 3 for much longer than the actual game at this point. Most of it is unfortunately within long livestreams and random Discord conversations scattered throughout 4 years. To this problem NintendoPanda and I would like to introduce you to the answer.

(It's this blogpost).

((The one you're reading right now)).

(((If anything is missing let me know and I'll add it))).

  • 1 Extended Characters
    • 1.1 Sage
    • 1.2 Storyteller
    • 1.3 Supporter
    • 1.4 Weatherman
    • 1.5 Duplicator
    • 1.6 Student
    • 1.7 Runner
    • 1.8 Angel
  • 2 Culture
  • 3 Government
  • 4 Biology
  • 5 Technology
  • 6 Geology

She lives in a half-destroyed house on the Pinnacle. She can't move very fast but also can't sit still. She helps people work through their problems, usually without saying a single word. (…

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Niku987 Niku987 28 January

my ideas reeeeeeeeee

I'm starting to do walk 3-


  1. slice injury
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Niku987 Niku987 28 January



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Runaway3D Runaway3D 21 January

Run 3 Nuzlocke Challenge Info

Below is a bunch of information regarding the Nuzlocke challenge for Run 3. Please read the following before taking the challenge yourself. Some of it may be updated in the future.

  • 1 What is Nuzlocke?
  • 2 Basic Rules
    • 2.1 Additional Rules
  • 3 Notes
    • 3.1 Lives
    • 3.2 Level Order

"The Nuzlocke Challenge" is a set of rules that were initially and primarily used in the Pokémon franchise. The basic rule that's relevant to Run 3's version is that if a character "dies", they can no longer be used in normal gameplay.

Below are the rules for attempting this challenge on either a fresh save (NG) or on a save with every character unlocked (NG+).

  • Any character that falls into the void can no longer be used in the challenge.
  • Levels must be completed in unlocked order. More on …

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MisterWeb40 MisterWeb40 17 December 2021

Headcanons: Episode 1

So when i draw these characters, I don't exactly draw the canon designs. Here are two examples. On the right is what I draw and on the left is the canon design. I HATE the fact angel's wings are fake. It doesn't look good in my eyes. So I say screw canon and give him actual bird wings. Yeah yeah, the fact his wings are fake are funny but the real ones look better.

I add pins to Student's backpack too. Adds some personality to her design that I think the orignal lacks. I sometimes draw her without them, unlike Angel's wings but it's still a headcanon gets shoved into the post.

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MisterWeb40 MisterWeb40 17 December 2021


My first blog post here. This is real quick sketch I did of Runner in my art class. Not my usual output lol.

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NintendoPanda101 NintendoPanda101 15 December 2021

Run 4 Chapter 2: Reunions

The Skater was the first to peep out of his box tomb. When he saw a camera pointed at him he waved as if to say "Hi Ma!".

The Runner came out next, coughing a bit but otherwise unharmed. She hid her map from the camera as best she could.

The Student came out next, realizing whose house this was she looked around panicked.

The Angel was on the phone with the Digger when he saw his TV, and he hung up.

The Scientist came out of his house, shooing the cameras away. It took a minute but they decided to leave them alone.

"In the name of thermodynamics what the hell is going on?"

Runner: "Sorry about falling near your house sir, we just came out of the Tunnels."

Scientist: "The what now?"

Student: "Sir how much have you talked to people over the past two…

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BulgarianYogurt BulgarianYogurt 28 November 2021

Run Planet Art Hall of Fame 3

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to the Run Discord Art Hall of Fame 3! With 2x the art!

...wait, that's not right. Nobody calls it "Run Discord" anymore. This is the art accumilated from most of 2021. If you're wondering why this is on a different blog post - just don't ask, okay? Anyways, if you want to be featured on this page, you can join Run Planet here and submit your Run-related artwork. If it's exceptionally good (or funny), it will get pinned and eventually end up here. The pin standart isn't very high, especially when I'm online.

some images can't be uploaded because fandom sucks

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NintendoPanda101 NintendoPanda101 17 November 2021

Run 4: Chapter 1: Home

The Runner woke up.

They were in the middle of nowhere. Wormhole roaring behind them.

The Runner looked at the others, they were still passed out.

The Runner held her breath, before cautiously inhaling.

She could breath here.

She saw a tunnel orbiting around the Wormhole, in the shape of a triangle. Suddenly, gravity pulled the group down into a long tunnel.

Suddenly, they were hundreds of kilometers away from the Wormhole, and in a brand new tunnel.

The Skater woke up first.

"What the, why are we so far from the Wormhole?"

The Runner started to speak, but decided it would be better for the Student to explain.

Runner: "Well...I'll just let the Student tell you."

The Skater was the only one here who didn't know what happened between tunnel units, or l…

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NintendoPanda101 NintendoPanda101 13 November 2021

Run 4 (maybe): Prologue

Due to various complications, Plan A, B, and C had all failed. But the Angel was sure this time the plan would work. The orange, tiny launch site grew quiet as the Wind Sailor, the Child's ship started up. The Angel had merge it with the Boat using some ring shenanigans, and after the last failure they finally figured out the problem with the angle they were approaching from.

Finally, after 20 minutes of waiting, the Duplicator and Bunny showed up. The Duplicator had bonded with the Bunny while the other two were at work.

"Daaad! Come on come on come on!"

The Child was extremely hyper

Duplicator: "Hold on, I need to calm down the Bunny first..."

Getting into the ship was easy, even if the Bunny made it shake from its endless hopping.

They set o…

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GeneCassayre GeneCassayre 20 October 2021

Favorite Run Character, all run games included.

Go ahead and answer what your favorite run character is in the comments! This is just for fun to see what characters people like as I am just curious.

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GeneCassayre GeneCassayre 19 October 2021

Help, can't find a valid Run discord link

I've looked everywhere for a valid discord link but can't find one, does anyone have a link to the discord that they wouldn't mind sharing? Thanks.

Update: Found the discord, thanks.

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3,100 edits

This blog post is my 3,100th edit! I'm finally back on Run Wikia! It's nice to reach and blog about edit milestones again, even if Run Wikia is fairly dead.

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Ideas to improve Run Wikia?

Do you guys have any ideas on how to improve Run Wikia? I just returned here after a long period of inactivity, because there isn't really anything to do on Run Wikia.

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BubblyWriter BubblyWriter 21 August 2021


It was a normal day for The President, sitting in his office, looking through eight files. Those files contained information, what information you may ask? Information of eight people who went missing two years ago. Three females, five males, all varying in ages and appearances. Some people think they may have been killed in a freak accident, some think they moved away, but very few think they may have went into the tunnels. The President has made sure to.. "silence" these people. Just as he was putting the files away, someone came in.

???:"Mr. President?"

That person was a female in her late 30's, with long blonde hair streaked with gray in a ponytail, wearing a soldier's uniform. She walked into his office with small, quick strides.


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BubblyWriter BubblyWriter 21 August 2021


Well, I know some of you won't be happy with this but..

I revamping the fight for the planet series. Which means I'm going to restart it and recreate it. I hope this is fine with some of you.

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Tyler.cour Tyler.cour 17 August 2021

Run Discord Plz

All the Discord Invites for Run have expired. Mind giving me a new one? Plz.

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WalkerwarriorYT WalkerwarriorYT 30 July 2021

Legends: Runner

  • 1 Legends: Runner
    • 1.1 What is legends?
      • 1.1.1 Legends is a fan-fiction series about backstories of characters by introducing new and old characters to help explain someone's stories.
    • 1.2 Cast:
      • 1.2.1 It is a nice sunny day in the city's central park, with many people out at the streets, we follow a young Runner, who is, guess what, Running, to meet her good friend and her younger brother.
      • 1.2.2 The runner arrives at the hospital later, and goes to check in on the Sailor and Chemist.
      • 1.2.3 Later a night, two individuals walk up to a young man skating through the streets.
      • 1.2.4 Spark and Dingo walk away, unaware that the Duplicator is watching them.






Jester (mentioned)



Skater (Cameo)


Gentleman (Indirect Men…

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BubblyWriter BubblyWriter 26 July 2021

I'm back from the dead.

Hello, I am the Writer, (formerly FireyArt.) I have made this new account because, why not.

Actually it's because I forgot the password to FireyArt, haha.

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DatKiddie DatKiddie 26 April 2021



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Runaway3D Runaway3D 21 April 2021

Run Discord Meme Hall of Fame 2

Hello, hello.

Welcome to the second Run Discord Meme Hall of Fame. It's been a while.

Memes will be categorized with these:

  • Run Memes
  • Run Discord Memes
  • Atrocities
  • Other

Without further ado, let's begin!

Memes that have something to do with the Run series, whether it be the games themselves, the development behind them, or the characters.

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RWJ69 RWJ69 20 March 2021


so whos even active on this wiki

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DatKiddie DatKiddie 26 February 2021

Are you really there

(This has nothing to do with run, so uh yea. If that's what you wanted then sorry)

She looked outside, clouds were drifting across the sky. Peacefully watching them, she smiled, this is one of the only times she feels calm like this. Then her named was called.

"Brook! Go clean up the kitchen!"

"Ok mom.."

She got up but something didn't feel right...


Her mother wasn't home, nor her sister. She had cleaned up this morning while they were what was it? She sat back down and continued to look outside, but everything was dark. What was happening? Why weren't her parents or siblings home. She got up to look for them, checked every room in the house including her own. No body, not even the pet that she loved oh so much.

"Where are …

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 10 February 2021

Rising Sun Chapter 16: A way out

Runner's POV:

No..Why her...Why did Climber..have to die..? I was too late. I was too late to save her. Like what happened with the others I was too late. Skater? Too late. Pastafairian? Too late. Gentleman, Duplicator, and Child? Too late. Angel? Too late. Student? Too late as well. Everyone I met in that place is dead because of me. Now my best friend is dead because of me. The girl I met in grade school, the girl who made me laugh when I was sad, the girl who I developed feelings for and just brushed it off. I never got that chance because I was scared so I dated my ex, who is also dead. Dead dead dead. All because of me.


"What Sailor."

I wiped a tear from my eye as I sat up.

Sailor:"I just want to say..LOOK OUT!"

On instin…

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ProdigyMathGod ProdigyMathGod 8 February 2021

How I think the Among Us wiki staff members are

Caburum: Great, although he takes his job very seriously

Mattberns: Doing good as the owner of the Wiki

Among Us Wiki bot: Bleep Boop Beep

Chikorita Lover: Pretty Good. They take things kinda seriously.

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HiYaPeepsYEET HiYaPeepsYEET 4 February 2021

Characters I will use in run 3

Explore Mode: Runner, Lizard, Bunny, Duplicator, Child, Pastafarian, Student,(I don't have angel but maybe angel ig?)

Infinite Mode: Skater, Lizard, Bunny, Gentleman, Duplicator, Child, Pastafarian, Student, (Maybe angel again)

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HiYaPeepsYEET HiYaPeepsYEET 4 February 2021

What I think about the wiki staffs in AMONG us wiki

  1. Caburum: Doing his job but a little mean
  2. Mattbernss: Is okay and kinda kind but...kind of like botty like a bot idk...
  3. (All the others idk yet)
  4. Among Us Wiki Bot: Like...okay...
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HiYaPeepsYEET HiYaPeepsYEET 30 January 2021


Why not have a blog post that says hi?

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Runaway3D Runaway3D 30 January 2021

A Legend from the Planet - Author's Notes and Concepts - Chapter 3

Ah, welcome back! It's been a while, hasn't it? As per tradition, with every Chapter comes some author's notes and concepts. There's not much, but I think it'll give you some inside info on the characters among other things.

  • 1 Intermission 2
    • 1.1 Bursar
    • 1.2 Lyrist
    • 1.3 Troll
    • 1.4 The Shack
  • 2 Chapter 3
    • 2.1 Brawn
    • 2.2 Spirit
    • 2.3 The Witch Doctor
    • 2.4 The Witch Doctor's Assistant
    • 2.5 Headhunter
  • 3 Intermission 3

Firstly, there's Intermission 2, uploaded all the way back in August. I think around this point I started to think about the bigger story as well as make some changes to my original plans. Who stars in this Intermission anyway? Hmm, let's start with our good pal, Bursar.

Now, what is a "bursar" exactly? Simply put, it's the treasurer for a college or university. Doe…

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DatKiddie DatKiddie 22 January 2021

Non-Run art

Some non-run art.

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AK Cuber AK Cuber 15 January 2021

Discord Server (again)

Wanted to increase publicity on the server so here we are.

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Runaway3D Runaway3D 13 January 2021

Run Discord Art Hall of Fame 2

Hey, all! Welcome back to the Run Discord Art Hall of Fame 2! With 2x the art! We have all sorts of art accumulated from last year to now! There's a lot we've pinned, a lot of it from the same people, but at the end of the day, it's impressive how talented they are! If you want your art featured in the next Art Hall of Fame, join the Run Discord Server and share some art! We would love to see what you created, we're really generous pinners. Maybe too generous.

Here we go!

Sigh... that's all of them. I sure hope you enjoyed all of this art we drew in about a year. It was very fun! Just a reminder that you can join the Run Planet Discord anytime by using one of the available invite links from here or r/rungame. Invites are in a grey spot right…

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ProdigyMathGod ProdigyMathGod 11 January 2021

The Tunnel of Hell

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Runaway3D Runaway3D 3 January 2021

A Legend from the Planet - Chapter 3

Word Count: 6482

Average Time: 50 Minutes (Holy cow)

  • 1 Time: ??:??
  • 2 Time: 12:15
  • 3 Time: 12:30
  • 4 Meanwhile...
  • 5 Back at the Motel…
  • 6 Time: 13:00
  • 7 Time: 16:00
  • 8 Time: 19:00

Location: ???

Good afternoon. You have been sleeping a lot lately, haven’t you?

You may not know my name, but I called upon you earlier to save our worlds. The aura known as Hammerspace has threatened to tear apart our species and the world around it.

You, however, have just awakened to Hammerspace. While this might mean at first glance that you are doomed to decomposition, you, like others, have been shown to have better control over your powers.

This… may not extremely be evident, considering your previous encounter, but with time, you will be an excellent wielder of Hammerspace and use it t…

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ProdigyMathGod ProdigyMathGod 23 December 2020

This is not a blog but if you have any suggestions of what Fan Art I should make, click here.

In this page, you can add a suggestion of what Run 3 Fan Art I should make. When it is added, I will accept or reject the suggestion. Enter your name in the box, what character, the image of the character, and who the suggester is.

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Level I-5 In Run 3 Is Hellrated Level I-5 In Run 3 Is Hellrated 23 December 2020

Gacha OC Tunnel

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Gameplay
  • 3 Trivia
  • 4 Difficulty
    • 4.1 Difficulties of the Gacha OC Tunnel

The Gacha OC Tunnel is a Level set Tunnel that is 10 levels long & can be played with any character (Cuz its a Level set Tunnel).

This Level set Tunnel is as you know Level I-5 In Run 3 Is Hellrated makes Levels & Level sets brutally hard, so this Level set Tunnel will be brutally hard to beat.

The Student is really helpful for this Level set Tunnel, due to her ability to flip gravity upside down, You can use it for like tap-using the ability to slightly extend your jumps for each level. You have to fully flip to beat part 1 & part 3.

For the Angel, he may be helpful for the blue color levels (Or Evelvn Corvus colored levels) of this Level set Tunnel, but when you r…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 20 December 2020

Sorry for being inactive.

Hello again! I'm sorry for not continuing the books I've been working on for the last few months,I had school and didn't have time to write anything and I had writer's block. I will continue writing soon,but until then I'll try to come up with ideas.

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Runaway3D Runaway3D 19 December 2020

The Tale of the Candy God

The thrilling tale where you are the wonderous and devious Candy God. Written by AI.

  • 1 Chapter 1
  • 2 Chapter 2
  • 3 Chapter 3
  • 4 Chapter 4
  • 5 Chapter 5

You are an alien who is exploring a bunch of space tunnels with other aliens. Your goal is to find the Wormhole. You have been traveling for two days and you do not know where you are or what lies ahead.

"We must be close," says one of your companions, "I can feel it."

> You kill your companion.

The Wormhole is very real and if you don't follow it, you will die. If that happens, then there won't be anyone left to guide you through the wormholes in the future.

> You enter the Wormhole.

The tunnel is dark and you can't see anything. It is very cold and you feel as if you are at the end of the universe.

> You burn ca…

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Hello102937465 Hello102937465 17 December 2020


Hi i am trying to make friends

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Hello102937465 Hello102937465 11 December 2020


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Level I-5 In Run 3 Is Hellrated Level I-5 In Run 3 Is Hellrated 10 December 2020

Run 3's Gacha Tunnel Secret

There is a secret only for me, If I play these tunnels in the correct order, my skill of making Gacha OCs suddenly go up. The tunnels order is: G-Tunnel, A-Tunnel (Forwards), C-Tunnel (Forwards), H-Tunnel, A-Tunnel (Backwards), C-Tunnel (Backwards), L-Tunnel, U-Tunnel, B-Tunnel, If I do these tunnels correctly, I should now get better at playing Gacha Club. (Yes the tunnels in order spell "Gacha Club")

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