• Catzoe678

    I Regret Quitting run wiki

    February 23, 2020 by Catzoe678

    See i still dont go in run wiki that much tho. My sis got kicked off of coolmath cuz coolmath was requesting her to buy a some vip membership. I COULD BUY THAT!!!!!!!! Now she plays on poki. Heres a reason why i regret quitting:fireboy & water girl wiki was boring.

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  • Eighdeen1


    February 22, 2020 by Eighdeen1

    I am really, really, REALLY struggling to stay active on this wiki. Guys, i am trying.

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  • FireyArt21

    Warning:Blood, Violence, swearing, death

    A figure looks at files..8 files that describes the people that went missing 2 years ago in the tunnels..He gets angry that the person that he needs to use for his plan is deep into the tunnels, nowhere to be found.

    ???: Soldier come here.

    A young female enters the room with her short gray hair up in a ponytail, wearing body armor and a stern look.

    Soilder: Yes Mr. President?

    President:Any sign of the people who went missing?

    Soldier:No sir, we've searched for them everywhere on the planet and even in the edges of the tunnels.. they're gone.

    President: I've gotten an idea.. Soldier, Send your troops to go obtain family members of the rebel aliens.

    Soldier:Sir, You know that the one rebel doesn't have any fa…

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  • FireyArt21

    Ok.. Tell me I should pick other characters if these turn out bad..

    The Cook 

    The Fashionista with her cute doggy

    The Panda

    The Galaxian

    The Cheetah

    The Astronaut

    The Artist

    The Photographer

    The... I'll let you guys pick the last character! Byee (Don't be scared of my rainbow flag pic when you see it)

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  • Swimmer248

    I'm a fan of the game and want to talk about it, possibly helping others, but i can't find any valid invites. the only reason i know it exists is a blog post talking about a link to it on the front page, but i don't think there is one. it had an invite, but it was invalid. the invite on the home page is also invalid.

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  • FireyArt21

    Hello fellow run fans! I've been thinking about writing a run fanfiction called "The Fight for The Planet"..And it might be 20-25 chapters might go horribly wrong but I'm willing to try.. And the Canon characters will be in the story and you guys are allowed to put non-canon ones in the story! I'm not putting my made up characters in except for the President which will be the antagonist. Feel free to put your characters in the comments! Bye!

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  • Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated


    February 18, 2020 by Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated

    I am leaving this wiki, Run Wikia (and demoting myself), because I got kicked off Run Planet, for reasons I do not want to say. I already left the subreddit. I don't feel like I have the ability to stay on the wiki, or the Run community anymore. Lol this is my 2800th edit/discussion post. It feels fitting to leave this way. The best of luck to what remains of the Run Community, except including NintendoPanda101.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to converse with me on my Discord: 69666420#2166. I will respond within a couple of days.

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  • NintendoPanda101

    870 edits!

    February 16, 2020 by NintendoPanda101

    With the post of this blog post its now 871, but I did it! Ive done a bunch of stuff! Almost to 900...then 1,000!

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  • NintendoPanda101

    Run Comix 4

    February 16, 2020 by NintendoPanda101

    Wait a minute, why is NP posting this? Because he can! Last time a bunny chase ensued, the teenagers are really having just a bad time, and the Caveman and Zombie gang got even stronger!...kind of? Today here are some more comix. Let's see style changes per second NP gets!

    The Runner is back into the Merchants shop, and she is here for lessons on balancing on the edges of tiles. Her close friend the Fox shows up, seeming eager to learn the balancing skill. The Merchant is reminded of his old tale(but not as old as last time). The trio was breaking apart,especially when the third member, the Galaxian left, pursuing ego. The Jester, who was the first canidate for the role of the Galaxian, comes by, in a bad state, which would lead to a certai…

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  • Level I-5 In Run 3 Is Hellrated

    Title Is Iskall85 Exclusive

    This Bio Blog Contains Horror, Creep,  Not Safe For Anyone Not Watched The ODER Movie. Viewer Digression Is Advised.

    Ok So The ODER Movie Is A Horror Movie. So If Anyone Hates Horror Movies. This Is Not For You. Here Is The Main Page Of The ODER Wiki For More Info. Link: The Oder Roblox Wiki

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  • TheBunny101

    So I had to start back at Level 1 (Well, Level 4 technically, because I read the credits

    It's ok with me honestly except that I don't have bunny now :(

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  • FireyArt21

    Hello there again! Here's another blog about.. danganrunpa stuff. For those of you who didn't play danganronpa.. It's a really awesome game. And danganrunpa is really awesome as well! Credit for taline666. I'm going to do what if danganrunpa characters had an ultimate talent. Sorry if some of them are cringey..

    Runner-Ult. Map-maker

    Skater-Ult. Athlete

    Angel-Ult. Engineer

    Student-Ult. Scientist

    Duplicator-Ult. Conspiracy theorist

    Child- Ult. Ninja (This one's probably cringey..)

    Pastafairan-Ult. Priest(this one too?...)

    Gentleman-Ult. Banker

    Bunny-Ult. Speedster

    Lizard-Ult. Napper(;-;)

    Climber-Ult. Explorer(Idk about this one)

    Caveman-Ult. Protector

    Zombie-Ult. ???

    Demagogue-Ult. Politician

    Astronaut-Ult. Space traveler

    Cheetah-Ult. Guard Cat??(I'mma go b…

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  • TheBunny101

    Costume Cutscene, day 2

    February 4, 2020 by TheBunny101

    Location: Winter Games, part 5

    Costume Revealed: Ice Skater Characters: Pastafarian, Bunny, Runner, Ice Skater, Skater, Child

    PASTAFARIAN: Runner! I've got the Bunny here with me! Would you like to come home?

    RUNNER: I don't think so- I've been finding boxes to reach a tunnel far away-I'd like to get everything on my map, you know, and I've already done the Planet. Plus, my friends need me- Student and Skater are-

    PASTAFARIAN: Roller or ice?

    RUNNER: Oh, he wears roller-

    (They're unaware that the Ice Skater is behind them. The Child is with him.)

    ICE SKATER: Ice.

    CHILD: Why? I didn't know we were playing Conspircy! (Thinks) Ooh! I know! You're disguised so the Angel won't know you when you kick him!

    ICE SKATER: Uh... no. I just go faster.

    CHILD: Not …

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  • FireyArt21

    Hello fellow run fans.. Welcome to Weird Theories that Writer makes up! There will be spoilers for people who haven't read danganrunpa yet. And credit to Taline666 for making the awesome story! Warning spoilers:

    Death 1: Cheetah-Ran over by 4 cars(She should've lived :c)

    Death 2: Bunny-Cut with a rope and bled out (bye lil cinnamon roll)

    Death 3: Gentleman-Crushed by massive power cells (rip The fanciest alien to ever live)

    Death 4: Pastafairan- Was hanged and died of asphyxiation (Now she is with her God)

    Death 5: Astronaut- Was shot into space and crushed by the pressure (At least he died doing something he loved)

    Death 6: Skater- Head was shoved under the water and drowned(Already proved himself to be important)

    Death 7: Zombie-Head bashed in …

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  • TheBunny101
    Blogpost won't let me add the dialogue template, so sorry about this! Characters: Runner, Student,Skier, Skater Costume Revealed: Skier Location: Level I-1, Winter Games, part 2

    STUDENT (to herself) I always try to be prepared... Here! (Opens backpack) I brought batteries and a thingamabobber that lets me flip gravity.

    RUNNER: That's very good...

    STUDENT: What did you bring?

    RUNNER: Well, my map, of course! And, let's see, oh right! My skier costume!

    STUDENT: Your... costume??? How's that work?

    RUNNER: Wait one second.

    (Runner runs behind the sideways conveyors, falls into space, and respawns the level.)

    RUNNER: Whew! That's hard.

    (Runner runs behind the normal tiles, [lavender], at the beginning of the level.)

    STUDENT: Um. Are you all right back th…

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  • AK Cuber

    Don't feel like explaining why. If you're in it you should already know.

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  • Kiraneee

    Hi I'm new here!

    January 31, 2020 by Kiraneee

    I'm just new to this wiki. I'm Oreo!

    Nothing much about me..


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  • NintendoPanda101

    How should player's name be capitalized? In his usernames its lowercase, but it is a proper noun.

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  • Eighdeen1

    why am i not playing run

    January 30, 2020 by Eighdeen1

    ihni why but 4 some reason i am forgetting about run

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  • Runaway3D

    Run Comix 3

    January 26, 2020 by Runaway3D

    Welcome back to Run Comix! Recently we've been more caught up in *ahem* PLOT but finally, after...not too long, Volume 3 is here! Last time the Scientist gave us all nightmares, the King did an oopsie, another teenager had a bad day, and the zombie misses his jacket! Will he ever get it back? You won't find out this time because NP is lazy. Here are more comics by NP101 and Beans!? (psst NP switched to ms paint recently so thats why the style changed)


    The Pastafarian is at the end of the Winter Games looking for people to go back home. She is disguised as a Pirate sailing the frozen ocean, when she feels a breeze above her...


    Yep, that didn't go too well.

    Let's say the Pirate channeled in their inner self to then chase a bunny all ar…

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  • Runaway3D

    Run Comix 2

    January 19, 2020 by Runaway3D

    Welcome back to Run Comix, Volume 2. Last time, we heard the tale of the Merchant and his glory days, as well as the Skater having a pretty tough time and how the Jester found the Turtle! Now, do you want some totally unrelated comics that NintendoPanda101 and I cooked up because we were bored? Here they are!

    It would seem that the Scientist has found something that would occupy his time for the remainder of the year. Fortunately, he has an employee that has been there before.

    The Angel, who got rid of the angel getup to forget the two years spent in the tunnels, refuses to go. However, the Scientist has the final say on whether or not he goes.


    So, there's little to no decision. Whatever, maybe there's a chance the Angel will finally be de…

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  • TheBunny101

    Tunnel Advice

    January 17, 2020 by TheBunny101

    Use The Runner! She can beat every level in the Main Tunnel. If you prefer, use one of her costumes.

    Use the Ice Skater or the Skater! Use the ramps to your advantage and don't jump unless you have to.

    Use the Runner, or the Child or Pastafarian if you have them. You can also use the Jack-o-lantern or the Lizard. To see better, turn up the brightness or clickhere to play on a site that has better visibility.

    Use the Runner. If you have the bunny, that is also a good choice.

    Only the Child, Ghost, and the Duplicator are available. I recommend the Duplicator for most levels. 

    It's got a lot of boxes. You can use the Bunny or the Child. The Runner and Lizard are good as well.

    Lots of crumbling tiles. Use the Child, Runner, or the Lizard.


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  • TheBunny101


    Q: Why are you so openly saying that Bunny is the best character?

    A: I beat Level T-7 with the Bunny in one try. And I'm hyperactive just like the Bunny!

    Q: What do you think about being an admin?

    A: If they want to make me an admin that's totally fine but I'm not going to ASK to be an admin.

    Q: What's your favorite achievement?

    A: Living Superball. It can only be earned with the Bunny! (Seriously, I tried Pastafarian and it didn't work.)

    Q: Why do you hate the Angel?

    A: I don't. I'm impersonating the Bunny who hates the angel. I don't like his personality, but he has okay gameplay. I'd rate him a 3/5 as a character. And I have nothing against TheAngel001 (s/he impersonates the Angel).

    Q: If you could invent one costume for yo…

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  • TheBunny101

    This is my old, superlong profile. You can find my profile under TheBunny101 (click on my name on comments on the Bunny page.==TheBunny101== [1]Me, bouncing as usual===Likes=== Bouncing, The Lizard, The Child, The Duplicator, FANDOM, Run 3, Run 1, Run Wikia, Box Storage Area, Level T-7

    Jumping on the Angel's face, Bouncing through the tunnels, Beating Box Storage area, part 11 in 1 attempt, Beating Level T-7 in 1 attempt, Getting achievements, Being a Bunny, Editing pages on FANDOM

    Hi, I'm the Bunny... but enough introductions.

    I am the pet who lives with theDuplicator, Child, and Ghost. I do not appear in many cutscenes but I LOVE getting achievements (that's why you have to get 8 achievements to unlock me)

    I'm very bouncy and you can't stop …

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  • Runaway3D

    Here are some more profile pictures relating to Run! This time, it's more fan-related. However, the Run 3 portion of this page are soon-to-be used characters in a future game. Run 3: Dancing All Night is a joke created by Beans!? (me) and Danganrunpa is created by Tanline666.

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  • Runaway3D

    Here's a selection of custom Run 3 profile pictures! This includes all characters who appear in Run 3. All of them were made in a 250 x 250 ratio, which is the recommended size for Google profile pictures. Choose whichever one you like or even all of them! More coming soon!

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  • Runaway3D

    Run Comix 1

    January 11, 2020 by Runaway3D

    Welcome to Run Comix! It's sort of like a series that follows the events of Run 3 and takes place during an imagined version of Run 4 by Beans!? (me) and NintendoPanda101. Both of us come up with ideas and stories and try to draw them! Here are the first 4 comics we drew on our Discord server! 

    The Skater sits on a ledge. The distance between him and the ground beneath is not that far to be dangerous. He gives a sad sigh. Doubtful that anyone on the Planet will remember him.

    Nearby, somebody in a oddly colored space suit walked by, and noticed the Skater sitting on the edge.

    "Hey, you." they say. It catches the Skater's attention, but is it really someone who will remember him by chance?

    "I think I've seen you around before." they said. The Sk…

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  • FireyArt21

    Hello there! I'm The Writer (Not my actual name but it's a run character I made up :/). I'm a fan of The run franchise annddd I'm new here. If you see my profile pic feel free to judge me because I have zero regrets. I'm a high school student that loves stuff like: Anime(Well corpse party :/), Art, Writing run theories and stories, And cats. That's all you need to know about the weird girl writing this. Bye!

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  • FireyArt21

    In a dark room..a figure is strapped to a table. The figure is a young adult male, Around 23 years old, And wearing a angel costume. A male walks up to the table, A lot older than the other one, And looks down at him.

    *How are you today angel?* The younger male struggles in his restraints.* After you killing the only family member I have left?!..If you're going to kill me just do It!!* The Older alien grins evilly. *Kill you? No no no dear boy.."he taps Angel's face, causing him to try to bite the figures hand. The older male slaps him hard. *Keep struggling. You'll just make this more difficult.* The figure grabs a syringe filled with a black liquid. Angel's eye widens *What is that for??* The figure laughs *It's for brainwashing you of co…

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  • Runnercat101


    December 9, 2019 by Runnercat101

    Don't you just love it when your saved game gets wiped...



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  • Eighdeen1

    Start from the last level. When you are just entering the level, jump just before the achievement pops up on the screen and hopefully you will land on the ice platform. That will not count as a jump.

    That makes the achievement pretty easy.

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  • Rubiksmath

    I might be inactive for a little bit because im gettng rid of this laptop and am getting a new one in february. I can still edit on other computers ofc but i may be less active.

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  • Eighdeen1

    A idea

    November 24, 2019 by Eighdeen1

    I have a idea for a secret level called Plan A Part 17. It is 99225 pixels long and has lone pitchblack sideways conveyor tiles.

    I remember seeing it in a dream

    It Is My ImAgInAtIoN.

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  • Eighdeen1

    Which game is the hardest

    November 23, 2019 by Eighdeen1

    Here is a poll that determines the hardest game out of Run, Run 2, and Run 3

    feel free to comment below.

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  • Cockynoob666

    Srandom ideas of mine

    November 23, 2019 by Cockynoob666

    THIS is the place where i ask pointless questions for you to light a spark of idea

    Starting with 1: what os THE EXACT CANON AGES for all major charactors and minus child, who COULD most likely be couples with eachother for fun?

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  • Investigator for Resent Vandalism

    Topic: Sockpuppetry

    Status: Ongoing

    Note: Random Pro already wrote a similar blog post.

    I have started an investiagion for recent sockpuppetry.

    I had found that the 2001:8003:4EDB:E200, 101.182, and Physicsphysics live in Australia, however, I do not know if they were in the same place.

    I looked into 2001:8003:4EDB:E200 and found no helpful info.

    However, I looked into 101.182 found this...

    This is Physicsphysics trying to adopt Run Wikia, and ended up failing (said that the last active admin was AK Cuber on September 19, but he made the adoption request on September 19.)

    As you can see, a FANDOM user randomly started spamming the page; it got reverted two minutes later by VSTF, bu…

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  • Aquastar23


    October 27, 2019 by Aquastar23

    October 27th, 2019

    I don't like to leave loose ends hanging around the internet.

    Accordingly, I've been going through all my old accounts and dealing with them, whether that means updating my information or deleting them. This account is one of the last that I had to deal with. I left it alone for so long (because I'm sentimental), but know that this is something I need to do. So here comes the bittersweet news:

    I'm only back to say goodbye.

    Writing this makes me a little bit sad, because this community meant so much to me. I watched it grow from almost nothing, to a small group of editors, to a community hundreds strong. I'm amazed at how much it's grown, and I love what it's become. Nearly all of my memories from my time here have been posit…

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  • Random Pro


    October 25, 2019 by Random Pro

    I have started investigating the recent vandalism spam.

    I had found that the 2001:8003-whatever and 101.182 are both in Australia, but at the time, I didn't know if they were in the same place.

    I looked into 2001:8003 and found no helpful info.

    But I looked into 101.182 and eventually, by following the breadcrumbs, found this...

    This is Physicsphysics trying to adopt Run Wiki, and ended up failing (said that the last active admin was AK Cuber on September 19, but he made the adoption request on September 19. xD)

    As you can see, an IP address randomly started spamming the page, and it got reverted two minutes later, but the record is still on there. I noticed that the IP address …

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  • Tanline666

    Previous: Chapter 1 - Untruly Safe (Daily Life)

    Next: Chapter 1 - Untruly Safe (Class Trial)

    Hello everyone! After 3 weeks, Danganrunpa is back in action! Last time, everyone was minding their own business, still shocked at the fact they were having a killing game. Due to the Climber's attitude, she decided to have a Sports Day event to bring everyone together. But then, on the big day, a lot of people had to use the bathroom, and during the first event, the Bunny's body was found near the bathrooms. Also, the Lizard is missing. What has happened? Find out during the investigation!

    Pound pound. Pound pound. That is all I heard. The sound of my own heartbeat. I couldn't focus on anything else, except the Bunny's body. And then...

    Ding dong dong…

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  • Eighdeen1

    which minigame is harder

    October 12, 2019 by Eighdeen1

    this is a poll that determines the harder minigame than the other

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  • TheAngel001's Brother

    10 Edits

    October 5, 2019 by TheAngel001's Brother

    THIS IS MY 10TH EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • TheAngel001's Brother

    Is Run 3 made by Player 03 a good game?

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  • TheAngel001's Brother

    5 Edits

    October 5, 2019 by TheAngel001's Brother

    This is my 5th edit. Not my 6th. i just wanted to make a blog post about 5 edits. Edit: on my contributions, it said it was my 6th edit! (7 now.)

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  • Eighdeen1

    Hardest Tunnel In Run 3

    October 4, 2019 by Eighdeen1

    We do have a poll about the hardest level in Run 3. In this blog, I will make a poll to determine the hardest tunnel in run 3.

    Take your vote serious.

    Poll closes every month

    Poll started Poll ended Number of Votes Hardest tunnel Second hardest tunnel Third hardest tunnel
    5-10-2019 3-11-2019 3 Plan A, Plan C, Coordination Challenge 1 vote N/A N/A
    3-11 2019 8-12 2019 8 Plan A, 4 Votes Plan C, 3 Votes Coordination Challenge, 1 Vote Read more >
  • NintendoPanda101


    October 3, 2019 by NintendoPanda101

    I ask for a simple promotion, to whatever other mod stuff there is, not admin, but whatever the other mod promotions are so I can help with this god forsaken raid thats happening.

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  • AK Cuber


    October 2, 2019 by AK Cuber

    The user called Ak cuber is not me. It's a guy who created a name and avatar to match mine. Just putting this here before any accusations of sockpuppeting.

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  • Eighdeen1

    range blocks

    September 27, 2019 by Eighdeen1

    I would like to say a big thank you to random pro and rubiksmath for unblocking the range block that I was in.

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  • NintendoPanda101

    the purge

    September 24, 2019 by NintendoPanda101

    Currently purging a bunch of fandom user spam. Might as well do something with my mod powers.

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  • DaRareGames

    IM Back and ready for action! if you have questions about me GO AHEAD

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  • Fivebee2

    We should make a page for the history of Runaway.

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