FireyArt21 FireyArt21 20 July 2020

Rising Sun Chapter 13: Darkness.

Runner's POV:

"Ok..the coast is clear."

I gesture for them to come out into the hallway as Chemist helps Sailor out of the tunnel. I don't hear anyone,which is good I feels too quiet.

Sailor:"Something wrong?"

" just feels..odd."

I sigh, brushing my bangs away from my face. We just need to find the way out..if there is one. There's always an exit if there's an entrance..right?

???:"Hey Runner."

I looked towards the voice, surprised. I then sigh in relief when I see that it's just the Trickster. He looks like he's been crying..did something happen to Child? 

"Hey Trickster..-"

Trickster:"Child's dead."

My heart stopped. I began shaking as I asked him how it happened.

Trickster:"He was that monster. I just don't mean s…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 16 July 2020

Rising Sun Chapter 12:Long gone

Raindrop's POV:

"Sissy?..Where are you?"

I was walking down the hall, holding onto the wall because It's really dark and it stinks..It smells like when I get a red nose or a scrape. I jumped into the puddles that I found on the floor because I love puddles! I never really cared how messy they had gotten me, except when I'm told to not to get dirty.


I see looks red,like koolaid. Except it has an iron smell to it..sis told me if I smell iron I should run the other way but.. it's scary back there. So I ran past the iron puddle and into a room. 


That's better. It's still covered in red smells better! I turn my head around to see..Gamer? She looked like she was sleeping under that blankie but..her eye was open. I…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 22 June 2020

Rising Sun Chapter 11:To survive.

Street Artist's POV:

"Waitress please stop blaming yourself for Student's death.."

Waitress:"She gave up her life to protect me. I wish I just gotten hit instead.."

"You're not alone in people you wish lived instead of yourself..I lost my closest friend to that pyschopath last year."

I sighed a bit, looking at the walls. It looked just like the maze felt colder and..oh god.

There was a puddle of blood on the floor..and it looks like it's new. With Waitress holding the baby close..we followed the blood trail to see..

Pure hell.

Waitress:"Oh god.."

"Is that.."

The walls were covered with blood, almost painting them,And the figure in the middle of it..

Was the dead, dismembered body of the Gamer.

Chemist's POV:

" really you.. Sailor?"


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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 10 June 2020

Rising Sun Chapter 10: Different.

Runner's POV:

"Chemist stay here.."

Chemist:"What is something wrong..?"

"I think I'm seeing things..I just saw someone who looked like.. Gentleman."

I point to a person who was on the other side of the hall,with this long katana like thing sticking out of his gut. He started walking towards us with this blank and dull look. 

Chemist:"Sis he's got a knife."

We back up and run away from the Gentleman look-a-like screaming our heads off as he starts walking faster towards us. Luckily Chemist managed to grab a gun that was discarded on the floor and shot him in the head. I walked towards the body to inspect it and I instantly spotted wires in his head. This guy was making clones now?! 

"Great. Just great."

Chemist:"Runner please calm down..-"


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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 5 June 2020

Rising Sun Chapter 9: Memories.

Photographer's POV:

"You two ok?"

Gamer:"Yeah.. I just want to get my sister back. I'll be back."

She then..Kissed Publisher. She then blushed and left.

"Since when were you two together?"

Publisher:"Well..a few hours ago. She's been my best friend since we were kids..And has been helping me a lot since the maze.."

She was blushing a lot while talking about her..She then asked me if I had a crush on anybody.

"Not one's really interesting to me."

We both talked about the past..and the happier times in our lives..Then something came up from the other side of the hallway. I gasped in shock seeing who it was,And Publisher looks like she's having a panic attack..

It was a clone of her sister. And she was probably going to kill us.

Merchant's P…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 21 May 2020

Rising Sun Chapter 8: Fighting Ourselves.

Merchant's POV:

I woke up to a knife in my arm. Yep. A knife was in my arm when I woke up in a old bed,wozzy and disoriented.


I get up, walking to the door to get out of this room,but I was knocked back into the wall, crying in pain as the knife went deeper into the arm. I look to see Neturalist coming into the room, holding a button.


Neturalist:"You surprised to see me?"

"Why did you bring me here?!"

Neturalist:"Simple. To finish what I started. First I'll wipe out the people who went in the tunnels..then the rest. It was never about ruling..I just want complete chaos. With everyone dead."

He smirked a little as I tried to get up,only to have the knife inserted even deeper, impaling the arm. I gasped in pain while I went t…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 15 May 2020

Rising Sun Chapter 7:Deadly Playground.

Trickster's POV:

"Come on answer the phone.."

No answer. I put down the phone and try to figure out where my grandson is. Child(Or his preferred name,Sneakster.) Maybe at school? No it's a weekend. With a girl? He has been crushing on a girl in his class,but he would answer the phone even if he was hanging out with her. Maybe..The Park. I put on my jacket and walk over there.

"Come on Sneak where are you..?"

I bump into someone, making both of us fall over a bit.

Climber:"Sorry Trickster! Just looking for Runner.."

"It's fine.. I'm looking for My grandson as well."

Climber:"When I went to visit her..their house looked like it was broken into. Chemist and Runner are both missing from there."

"Maybe they just went somewhere?"

Climber:"She hasn't trav…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 12 May 2020

Rising Sun Chapter 6:One life begins,One life ends.

Street Artist's POV:

I woke up restrained to a chair..I blinked several times to see because my eye stung and felt heavy. It was a dark room.. like the room in the maze where Zombie..died. Don't Tell me I'm back here again. A voice came from a speaker on the roof.

???:"Hello Artist.  You can see that you have two old tapes in your hands. Pick one for you to watch."

"Ok..The left one."

???:"Ok then.."

I heard the door open and saw.. Neturalist walking over and taking the tape out of my hands. He then put the disk in a cassette.

"I swear to God if you show me Zombie's death I will kill you as soon as I get out of this chair."

Neturalist:"Nope.. It's something else. And the straps are made of a strong metal so you can't really escape..Plus if you do…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 12 May 2020

Rising Sun Chapter 5: Motherly hangout.

Waitress's POV:

"So is when this little bundle of joy coming out?"

Student:"In a few days..Is motherhood difficult?"

"Not really.. just takes patience..The hardest thing is losing them.."

I started crying a bit thinking about Skater..I miss him. My husband died a few years ago due to the events. Student hugged me, trying to comfort me.

Student:"I miss him too.."

"Student.. I'm ok..I don't want all that stress going into your body."

She put her hand on the bump, feeling the kicking of her child.

"Picked out a name yet?"

Student:"I'm going to name her..Hm..I don't know yet.."

She smiled a little and then went to use the restroom,for the 11th time today. Being pregnant causes you to pee a lot. I felt something sharp going into my arm and I blacked out.…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 11 May 2020

Rising Sun Chapter 4: Bookworm vs Clever Pyschopath.

Publisher's POV:

I was in my house watching a funny video to get my mind off that the pyschopath that killed my sister and several others escaped from jail. I have a knife next to me in case he decides to get in.. I'm not letting him get me. I won't give him the opportunity to kill me..I hear a knock on the door. 

???:"Hello? Publisher you in there?"

"Oh just a second Gamer!"

I open the door to my childhood friend and her baby sister,who is about 3 years old.

"Hi Gamer! Hi Raindrop!"

Gamer:"I need to talk to you about something.."

"What is it?"

She sat on the couch while Raindrop played with the toy doll she had in her hand. She seemed to be embarrassed about something..then she opens up.


"Oh.. That's perfectly ok! I'll support you…

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