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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 7 August 2020

Secrets Chapter 6.

"Ok! They're all in. Close it off."

Alchemist:"Got it!"

He pressed the button and the entrance to the tunnels closed off, making it look like it was just a wall. I then turned around to look at the screen, watching them walk through the tunnels.

I hope it goes well.


"Hey Jester?"

Jester:"Yes Cook?"

"I don't want to alarm you but.. Don't look down."

He stands there,alarmed.

Jester:"I'm about to fall off the ledge aren't I?.."


He quickly jumped back as he stared at the black void, seemingly petrified. I walked over to him and waved my hand in front of his face.

"You ok?"


"Jester? Are you ok?"

Still no response. I gently grabbed his shoulders and shook him. 

"Snap out of it!"

Jester:"Sorry.. Just flashbacks. I don't really like…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 4 August 2020

Secrets Chapter 5.

"I think this is the house.."

After somehow sneaking out of the facility I was in,I bolted to my wife's house. Hopefully she didn't move anywhere in the last year's,in which she likely did.

"Demagogue? Are you home?.."

I then waited until I heard footsteps and finally,the door opened, revealing my wife.

Demagogue:"Who are you?.."

"Heh..hey Dem."

She stared at me for a second, seeing my changed appearance because,well, I ate something I wasn't supposed to eat. I then held up the hand that had my wedding ring on it.

Demagogue:"I'm sorry about that! I didn't recognize you for a second because,you know..your skin is a bluish green."

"Yeah..I was a bit of an idiot when I was gone."

Demagogue:"That reminds me.. where were you??. You've been gone for two …

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 25 July 2020

Secrets Chapter 4.

We turned around to see the person behind us. The person was male,middle aged,and had a blue ribbon on him. 

???:"It won't be safe if you guys decide to stay. So we have to send you back."

Student:"Why are you here then Founder?"

Founder:"To help cover up any evidence that you came back. Don't worry. I'm not going to rat you guys out.."

I was pretty skeptical about this. I don't know if he's lying or telling the truth. I looked at Student,who looked just as puzzled.

"How do we know if you're lying or not?"

Founder:"Simple. If I was lying,I would've told by now. Plus I know the president is definitely hiding something. I stole a file from his office."

"Isn't that.. illegal?"

Founder:"Nope. Files go missing all the time. He'll probably think he lost…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 12 July 2020

Secrets Chapter 3.

"What do you mean "Send me back in the tunnels?!"

Chemist:"Well..they searched your bag that was somehow intact from the fall..and they found some pretty interesting stuff."

"What sort of stuff..?"

Chemist:"Well..the notebook you wrote in for years,a contraction that looks pretty useful for moving around,and a floating orb."

"That's some of the stuff that was in the tunnels.."

Chemist:"That's kind of why they're debating on sending you back. They want to gather more details about what's in there problem..The President would pull his hair out if he did find out."

"Now that you've brought that up..Why build the tunnels if he's just going to forbid people from entering..?"

Chemist:"Maybe there's something he's maybe a cover-up?…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 10 July 2020

Secrets Chapter 2.

"Who..are you?!"

???:"Well..who do you think I am? Tell me the truth of what you think of me. I don't mind."

"If you insist..My guess is that you're a lunitic that has brought harm to others for no good reason."

He stood there, stunned by my guess. I guess I went a bit too harsh on him but..hey,I don't even know this guy. He then left the room to make a phone call as I struggled with my restraints.

"How long was I unconscious?.."

???:"3 hours."

I looked over at the voice, seeing a guy, probably a few years older than me, wearing Goggles and these rubber boots and gloves.

???:"Well I think it's been 3 hours.. time flies in here."

"Who are you..?"

???:"Oh! I'm the Chemist.. Just an intern that works here. I'll help with those restraints,sorry my boss…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 8 July 2020

Secrets Chapter 1.

"How..did this get here?"

Pastafairan:"It just appeared..One second it was in the T tunnel,The next it's here, scaring the heck out of both of us."

Skater:"Either way, it's extremely odd."

I looked at it, seeing the big black orb in the middle. No one knows what might be in there..maybe a tunnel,maybe another world,maybe nothing..may be even death. A crash is then heard nearby, causing everyone to turn their heads towards the noise,plus waking Gentleman up.

???:"I think we crashed.."

???:"You think?."

A hand pushes itself out of the rubble, revealing Duplicator and the others,who were all looking pretty scratched up.


Gentleman:"How..did you get that?."

He points to the remains of the rocket, which had caught on fire at this point, anoth…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 7 July 2020

Secrets Prologue.

Hello! This a new series I would like to call Secrets! It doesn't take place in The Fight for the planet series timeline, it's a completely new timeline. Enjoy!

I was laying on my back, looking at the many stars that the tunnels have. They seem endless,as space is. Which gets me thinking,how many tunnels are there? Are they endless as space? Do they end at some point like everything else? I was about to dose off when I feel someone touch my shoulder.

???:"You ok there Student?"

I look behind me and sighed in relief,it was Runner,a person who's like a mother to me..and basically the only mother figure I can look up to.

"Yeah.. I'm ok mom-I mean Runner."

She smiled a bit at that. 

Runner:"Did you just almost call me mom?"



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