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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 7 August 2020

The Shadows Chapter 22:Broken light

Runner's POV:

Everything..hurts.. I held Skater's lifeless body, unable to stop crying. Can I just lay down..and not move anymore? 

Chemist:"Sis.. I'm sorry.."

"I.. just wanna go home.."

I covered my face with my hands, trying to wipe my tears. 


He tried to help me up again,but my leg just gave out. I covered my mouth as I tried to stand up, taking in pained gasps of air.

"Chemist..Go find a way out..leave me here.."

Chemist:"Runner no.. I'm not leaving you."

"I can't move my leg Chemist. I'll be ok.."

Chemist:"I said I'm not leaving you!"

He went to pick me up..But then I heard the guys coming back from the other hallway.

"Run Chemist!"

He hesitated for a second, but hugged me,told me to stay alive, and ran out of the room.


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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 13 April 2020

The Shadows Chapter 21: Making it

Chemist's POV:


I ran out of the corner I was hiding in to run over to her as she sobbed holding Skater's body. I hugged her, holding her tight as I stared at the wound on her arm, seeing the message written on it,along with other injuries I don't want to point out right now.


I helped her up, wanting to leave this place,when I was grabbed by the arm and thrown down.


Neutralist:"I wouldn't."

I rubbed my head as Runner,who was struggling to stand,tried to warn the others to call the police by using a radio, But Clockmaker noticed her signing at something.

Clockmaker:"What are you doing?"


He shoved her down again.. making her cry in pain as a bone in her left leg snapped.

"Stop!! Leave her alone!!"

He turned…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 13 April 2020

The Shadows Chapter 20:The end?

Student's POV:

Ow..That was not a pleasant fall..I woke up to see my arms pinned to the wa!l with some sort of metal casting (maybe copper or something like that.) And my lab coat and backpack was gone.

"Hey! Anyone in here??"

Dead silence. I felt like I was 18 again. Exploring tunnels, getting shot and put into a coma, other bad stuff. That was not the best year.. Everyone who experienced the horror had to go to therapy because of the trauma..or some bad but I can't blame them coping mechanisms. Maybe slipping my arms through the casting will work? I struggled to get free..but nothing worked.

"Dang it.."

That's when the door opened. It was The Scientist,who was carrying someone who was unconscious. 



He hurried over a…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 12 April 2020

The Shadows Chapter 19: Dying here.

Runner's POV:


The Neutralist was the person hidden under the mask,the person who killed or badly mutilated guards,one of the only people the people could trust,was the person who put us through this hell.

Neutralist:"You got it right.. congratulations."

Student:"Why..?"Why did you do this?"

He looked at her and sighed, adjusting his Fedora.

Neutralist:"You really want to know? Fine. I think this government's bad as the first one."

Trickster:"You know the first government killed innocent people right? They're the reason my son's dead."

That mention made Trickster start to tear up a bit. 

Neutralist:"But still..You guys aren't afraid of them?"

"I'm scared,but I know they're good people."

Neutralist:"Hm..maybe this will change your mind. Clo…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 12 April 2020

The Shadows Chapter 18: Nowhere to go.

Merchant's POV:

"Come on Lizard.."

Trying to drag a heavy lizard. Not an easy task..but that just brought back memories of the time Cook tried to eat him.

" still haunt my memories Cook.."

I wiped my tears, holding the doggo to my chest with one hand, holding the reptiles with the other. That's when I heard screaming coming from down the hallway.



I put down the animals inside of a safe area,then ran, trying to reach my older brother. I urged myself to go faster as the screaming had gotten louder.

"Marketer I'm coming!!!"


I ran over to a door, and bashed it open. Seeing someone pinning him to the ground, Using some sort of button to hurt him.

???:"Quit screaming!!"

I ran over and threw the …

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 11 April 2020

The Shadows Chapter 17: Running out of time.

Demagogue's POV:

"Sneak I have to use the bathroom..wait here ok?"

Child:"Ok mom!"

I walked into another room and did my business,washed my hands and face, and was about to leave when I felt something heavy on my chest, making it a little hard to breathe. 

"Ok..time to get out.."

I was suddenly yanked back and felt electrical tape being wrapped around my wrists. My attacker had my antenna tight with one hand as I struggled.

???:"I'm sorry Dem.."


I turned my head back, seeing Detective,an old person I used to work with until the incident. Heh, I even remember him calling the ambulance when I went into labor with my little boy.

"Why are you doing this?.."

Detective:"I was forced to. Or he'll kill you."

"Who will kill me?"

Detective:"I can…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 10 April 2020

The Shadows Chapter 16:The truth

Street Artist's POV:

I woke up expecting to be in pain..or near death,but I wasn't in any sort of pain, except for the pain in my shoulder.



"He's what.?"

He pointed to someone on the ground. It was Zombie,dead. My heart stopped as I pieced together what happened while I was unconscious while looking at his body.


Scientist:"I'm sorry..I tried to talk him out of it..but he wanted to protect you.."

"It's my fault!"

I buried my head in my lap and started crying, knowing my best friend,the person who gave me the will to live again,was no longer alive. All because he wanted to save me from death. I..hate myself.. I'll never be able to forgive myself for this.

"I..why didn't you just let me die.."

I sobbed as I held h…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 10 April 2020

The Shadows Chapter 15:A lonely,dark hallway.

Runner's POV:

I ran, hearing my brother's screams, fearing something got him as a saw cut my back. When I found him in another room..there was blood everywhere. With two bodies on the floor, a girl and...Jogger??! 

" this.."

Chemist:"Some guy killed him..."

I looked at him, seeing cuts from traps and other injuries..but no stab wounds..thank god. 

Trickster:"No one knows who he truly is..but all I know he's a damn psychopath."

Now that just gives me an idea.. I whisper something to Chemist,which he thinks the plan is crazy and dangerous,but after killing innocent people..I just want to get this guy.

Zombie's POV:

Seeing Artist's now frail form on my lap, trying to help even though it's going to be impossible to find a cure or something t…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 9 April 2020

The Shadows Chapter 14: Getting closer to the end

Merchant's POV:

I was sitting next to Cook's dead,cold body. Crying my eye out because most of the people I know are dead. 


Marketeer had given me the camera that was filming what had happened inside of the room. Seeing Cook push me closer to the door..and the current pushing him back. Then seeing Marketeer opening the door as the water draining out of it. 

Superhero:"I managed to get you breathing again..but no matter how many times I tried..he never woke up."

I hugged him, buring my head into his shoulder to hide my tears.

"Please don't leave me..."

Superhero:"I won't..I won't.."

I smiled a little, with him hugging me back.

Superhero:"What was that.."

There was something coming from the hallway, which was actually Zombie and Artist walk…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 9 April 2020

The Shadows Chapter 13:All going wrong

Chemist's POV:

"Stop.. chasing me!!"

???:"Get back here!"

I ran throughout the corridor, trying not to let this psychopath catch up to me. It didn't work for long because he grabbed my antenna and basically pulled me backwards.


Jogger:"I wouldn't bucko!"

Jogger grabbed a stick and swung it at the guy,barely missing his head as he dropped me on the floor and retreated.

Jogger:"You ok?"


That's when we heard a petrified scream coming from the other hallway.

Dancer's POV:


That's when I woke to my hands in a concrete bowl,with the cement being dried around them. My legs were tied with some sort of cord. What the hell is this.

Writer:"Looks like they pulled a mafia on us."

I looked over to the girl, being in the same p…

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