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Boat Ride is the 49th cutscene in Run 3, if counting all of the prior hidden and optional cutscenes.

This is a major cutscene, which affects the gameplay throughout the levels from The Way Back, part 8 to 16.


Upon clicking The Way Back, part 8, a cutscene with everyone who is going home will begin. The Duplicator, Child, and Bunny are teaming to cross the gap (found in the cutscene Of Course). The Angel says that will never work and tell them to get in the boat (found in the cutscene Obvious). Everyone gets on the boat when the Bunny starts to attack the Angel. The Child encourages the Bunny, cheering the Bunny on. The Angel complains and asks the Child to get the Bunny off of him. The Child refuses saying that the Angel completely deserves it.

The Pastafarian interrupts saying that Blackbeard once said that peace is only achievable through love. The Child reluctantly agrees. The Duplicator also saying that they are losing that moral high ground here. The Child tells the Bunny to get off the Angel even though he completely deserves it and gives him a treat. The Angel then starts the boat.

The Child asks the Pastafarian if Blackbeard had a bunny and she says no and asks where he got the idea. The Child replies that he thought if Blackbeard knew how to calm the Bunny, he should have a bunny. She says a pirate's wisdom is universal and asks if he wants to learn the Eight Condiments of Piracy. The Duplicator intervenes saying no, and tells his son to get off the boat. The Duplicator gets off, but the Child doesn't, and loses his balloon. When the Child tells the Angel to stop the boat, the Angel keeps going, saying the Duplicator must have wanted to go for a walk.


  • This is the only cutscene to feature a unique sprite for the Bunny.