Cutscene Transcript


This is a transcript of the cutscene Boring.


Location: Level B-12                                      Characters: Child, Student

(The Child and the Student stand on a platform, the angle skewed to the right.)

ChildFront.png So if you're a scientist, where's your lab coat?

StudentFront.png Huh? I don't need one.

StudentFront.png (Facing the Child) Science is the process of forming hypotheses, and trying to disprove them experimentally. There's no dress code.

ChildFront.png (Angrily) Stop. Stop!

StudentFront.png Stop what?

ChildFront.png Talking about school science. It's boring! Talk about movie science instead!

StudentFront.png You know, "school" science doesn't have to be boring.

ChildFront.png (Looking away) My teachers all say that. And they're always, always wrong.

StudentFront.png (Looking away) Well, maybe I'll be the exception.

ChildFront.png No thanks. I don't need science anyway.

StudentFront.png Oh, so that's why... Let me get back to you on this.

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