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Nucharacter This level is a major plot point!

This level is a major level in the game. After you finish the level, you may be able to access other characters, minigames, and tunnels. Most of them also include a cutscene.

Introduction Edit

This is Level 11 of the Box Storage Area in Run 3.

Suggested characters: LizardFront ChildFront IceSkaterFront

Gameplay Edit

In this level, the tile size is monstrous. When you jump onto the box and ice tile made platforms, do a long jump every time. Fly high and float to the nearest box available.

If you use the Child, remember to jump and float, land and jump again, until you see the area without anymore platforms. Since this is the last level of Box Storage Area, feel free to jump into it. This will initiate a cutscene.

The Ice Skater is also good. He can jump farther than the Lizard, and can move faster on ice tiles, which are common in this level. Just find a route as you go.

Walkthrough Edit

Box Storage Area, part 11 Walkthrough (Run 3)

Box Storage Area, part 11 Walkthrough (Run 3)

Although the Runner isn't a suggested character, she can do all of the jumps. More timing may be required, that's all. You can follow the route used in this walkthrough using an easier character.

Achievement Edit

Wind Sailor Edit

This level is the easiest to get the Achievement "Wind Sailor" with the Child. Just do a long jump right at the end of Box Storage Area, part 10 and when you land on Box Storage Area, part 11, you will get the achievement.

Plot Edit

There is a cutscene featuring in this level. More information on this cutscene can be found here.

My Turn Edit

After beating the Box Storage Area, part 11, a cutscene featuring the Runner and the Angel will begin. The Angel demands that the Runner give him her map, saying "It's not like you're using it." He goes on to complain that she's had more than enough time to find a way back home, and asks for the map once again. The Runner protests, "How come everyone already wants to go home?" revealing that she has no desire to go back to the Planet yet. This cutscene marks the beginning of the Angel Missions.

New Minigame Edit

After beating this level, also if you have beaten part 9 of the Winter Games, you successfully unlocked the Angel Missions! Go to the galaxy map and press on the Going Home Checklist.

Trivia Edit

  • There is no music in this level.
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