Normal gameplay Bridge Building

Introduction Edit

This is Level 5 of the BSA part 6 Box of the Bridge Building minigame in Run 3. You must use the Student to play it.

Gameplay Edit

This is probably the hardest part of the first box. You need to push it three times. Without failing, because failing causes you to start at this level with the box at the start as well. Unless you get Protip upon pushing the home button, this will be very hard.

If you find the box closer to any wall, do not hesitate to go to that wall. Upon the third push, the Student goes to Level 35. So even if you fall, it will be fine. Just stick close to the wall that the box is nearest to, and you will be out of the woods.

Dialogue Edit

StudentFront Anyway, where was I...

StudentFront The next step is a class presentation, or a research paper.

StudentFront Or worse, both. Bad memories...

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