Normal gameplay Bridge Building
Thevoid This level is hell!

This level is extremely difficult! It can prove a huge challenge to even elite players. It is deemed impossible to not-so-skilled players. Play with caution, and may luck be with you.

Introduction Edit

This is Level 5 of BSA part 7 Box of the Bridge Building minigame in Run 3 . You must use the Student to play it.

Gameplay Edit

This level is hard, because you have to get the box, then head back with the box. For the first part, you'd need to pass this level first. You can do jumps to reach the swirling paths of Boxes, and run on them. You can use jumps to slow yourself down as you maneuver on it. Then, do a jump and use her ability to land on the Crumbling tiles platforms and Boxes, repeat a few times and you beat this.

Next up, you get to beat this again, while transporting a Box. Do a jump and smash it with your head, and try to land on a Crumbling tile platform. The easiest way is to do a jump, hit it, and just control your fall and you can land on it with ease.

The next hit is the hardest. You need to count your timing correctly, or you will miss the Box. Worse still, the Box will return to its initial place after you respawn. A weird way to do this is you jump sideways so the box blocks you, then you just jump right.

After reaching on the large swirling path of Boxes, jump instantly and use your ability immediately. Just before you reach that Box, release your finger and move your character to where the path is going to. Then, the Student will hit the Box, and land safely on the path.

Next, you just need to get to where the Box is. Just jump and smash it, and you don't even need to be scared on that you may fall. This level ends after you hit it the third time.

Poll Edit

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If Hard=10, Extra Hard=11, Insanely Hard=12, and Hell=13 (the numbers of their difficulties), then the average difficulty voting is (3*10+1*11+2*12+24*13)/30=(30+11+24+312)/30=377/30=12.5666.... Rounded up to 13, this level is Hell!

Dialogue Edit

StudentFront Hey, here we go!

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