Introduction Edit

This is Level 19 of Run 2 played by the Skater.

Gameplay Edit

So, as stated in this level's title, this level has a bridge that leads to the end. This bridge is the only way to finish the level, as no other platform is an ending platform. However, the bridge has a gap in it that is too far for even the Skater to jump, so you must seek an alternate route. The best way to reach the bridge is to go left and do one long jump and a series of short jumps until you are able to jump onto the bridge.

Bonus Edit

Jump down and go to the right platform. Play normally until you reach a platform that you can catch onto. Change gravity on the right of the platform, keep playing, and perform a timed jump that just clips the edge of the bonus. If you don't do that, the jump will either not land on the bridge or not hit the bonus.

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