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Cutscene Transcript


Candy is the 17th cutscene in the game Run 3, or the 19th if counting the cutscenes Batteries and Cheating.

It is a minor cutscene, yet, after this cutscene, the Child is unlocked and available to be used. This is also the only cutscene which features a costume.


After beating the Low-Power Tunnel, a cutscene featuring the Child and the Angel will begin. At the end of the Low-Power Tunnel, the Child finds a bag of candy. He announces this loudly and holds it above his head. The Angel is standing in the background, but he barely reacts when he hears the Child. The Child then disappears from the cutscene and the focus switches to the Angel.

The Candy.

What appears to be his thoughts show on the screen as follows: "Another dead end. Well, at least one of us got something out of it this time. But you know what?"

The Angel turns around. "I'm done with all this. I'm done waiting for the Runner to get us home. Now it's my turn, whether she likes it or not."


  • The Child actually didn't like the candy when he tried it later, and burned it instead, according to Infinite Mode trivia.