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Achievements are optional challenges in Run 3. They are not required to beat the game, or for any other aspect of gameplay, but they can give a sense of success when they are finally accomplished after many tries. They can also help to hone skills that are can be used in other aspects of the game, as well as providing varying amounts of power cells upon completion.

While the amount given after completion differs from one achievement to another, it is always between 25 and 1000 power cells, relative to the achievement's difficulty. The Bunny is unlocked after earning eight achievements, assuming that it has not already been bought in the shop.

Achievements are varied in their difficulty levels; some take only a little extra effort, while others are hard for even experienced players to achieve. They usually require a level to be played in an alternate, even difficult way, which is what makes most achievements such a challenge. Many are geared more toward veteran players; beginners find these types of achievements to be near impossible.

Achievements can be viewed by clicking on the crown icon in the Main Menu, where every achievement will be displayed in the order that they were implemented into the game. If there is an achievement that can only be completed in a specific level or Infinite Mode level, it will show up in the Pause Menu when playing that level. There is also an option to pause for achievements in either Explore Mode or Infinite Mode; if this is enabled, at the start of a level with an achievement, everything will slow down to the point where it almost stops, and a text box with the name and description of the achievement will appear at the bottom of the screen. This only lasts for a few seconds; afterward, everything goes back to normal speed and it is up to the player to decide whether or not they want to attempt the task necessary for the achievement.

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