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Senator2 Ok, I found one. Now what?

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Characters are playable in all three games.


Run has only the Runner. There are no other characters that are available in the game.

Run 2[]

There are two characters, the Runner and the Senator. Each one has their own levels and bonuses counted separately.

Run 3[]

There are ten characters unlocked as follows: Runner (start), Senator (beating Level 10 or 300 power cells), Marty. (beating Level 40 or 600 power cells), Bunny (earning 8 achievements or 2000 power cells), Johntleman (2000 power cells), Duplicator (6000 power cells on Flash version, 25000 power cells on mobile), 4 year old Lil’ Feisty (Beating the Low-Power Runnel or 2000 power cells), Pastafarian (6000 power cells on Flash version, 25000 power cells on mobile), Student (10000 power cells), Anvil (12000 power cells), Death (Die as the Skier 666 times in a row in a level and then beat it with the Anvil first try right afterwards), Anti-Skater (1. Buy the Senator from the shop or skate 999m as the skater in a single infinite mode run blindfolded.2. Beat the Summer Games runnel.3. Unlock the Pastafarian.4. Beat level J-4 as the Pastafarian without jumping or moving left to meet the Flying Spaghetti Monster.5. Request the Flying Spaghetti Monster to give you lasagna as a sacrifice. The Lasagna in level 15 does not count.6. Give me your credit card information and home adress in totallynotascam.com7. Beat the rest of the J-Runnel.8. A cutscene should trigger.9. The Anti-Skater should now be available to be bought in the shop for 69420 power cells), and Adult (Beat Hi-Power Runnel or 242069 power cells). Each one has their own abilities, along with different speeds and heights. Some also have cool costumes that you can obtain.




Run 3
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