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The Caveman is a bonus costume in Run. He's unlocked from the start and can be worn for Kongregate members. He is extremely likely to be a canon character.


The Caveman looks exactly the same as the Runner, with the only added design being a crude cheetah hide garment, based on the stereotypical caveman design.


I remember when...

This section is about old info that has been changed or fixed.

In an alpha version of Run 3, the Caveman is playable. He had poor stats, but the ability to stomp to the ground in mid air, sending him bouncing higher, allowing him to control his jump height, which wasn't a feat most characters could do all that well in this version.

Ability rating
Jump length
Jump height
Special ability


Speed: His default speed is quite low, about the same as the Angel's default speed. However, depending on how you stomp, you can gain some speed. It isn't quite known how this works.

Jump Length: As his speed isn't great, his jump length isn't either. Even with his ability, there are a couple gaps that pose as huge problems for the Caveman in Infinite Mode. For maximum distance, make sure to stomp a lot to gain height for the jump if you see one ahead.

Jump Height: By default it's quite low, possibly the lowest in the game in fact, but with his stomp ability, he can gain impressive height. Remember to stomp at the peak of your rebound to gain maximum height.

Maneuverability: His strafing is about the same as the Runner's (in this version at least, it's comparable to the present day Angel), but since he moves slower, he can complete L-2 without jumping.

Special Ability: When midair, if you press the jump button, you stomp and fall quickly down. When you land, you bounce up, usually putting you into a position where you need to stomp again to save yourself. With his stomp he can easily gain good jump height.

Overall, the Caveman is a character similar to the Bunny in playstyle, but with much more control. He's a character you can't overshoot a jump with, although undershooting jumps is his biggest weakness.


  • player_03 replaced the Caveman with the Bunny after he thought his ability was lackluster. Afterwards, it was decided he would be to hard to fit in the story anyways, and he was completely cut. There is some code referencing the Caveman dislodging normal tiles, so it is possible that the Caveman was going to get another iteration like the Zombie, but the ability was either too hard to program, or the Caveman was still difficult to fit into the story, so he was cut regardless.


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