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Change the Subject is the 11th cutscene in Run 3, 13th, if counting the optional cutscenes Batteries and Cheating. This is a minor cutscene.


After beating Level 65 of the Main Tunnel, a cutscene will begin showing a conversation between the Pastafarian and the Skater. The Pastafarian thanks the Skater for returning her wooden spoon after she lost it. The Skater acknowledges her thanks and goes on to ask how she is doing, but gets cut off when the Pastafarian tells him that, "The Flying Spaghetti Monster extends His gratitude as well." The Skater blurts out that he can't believe that she believes in "magic sky food". The Pastafarian mumbles something along the lines of "Did you really just say that?". But aloud she tells him that it's fine and that the Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn't excessively penalize non-believers, and that she won't hold it against him.

The Skater seems to be bored, and in an attempt to change the subject, he asks the Pastafarian about her hobbies. She says that she likes cooking, reading, and knife throwing, at which point the Skater interrupts and asks for a demonstration. The Pastafarian agrees, and uses her spoon like a "blade-heavy throwing knife" to show him. As she begins her demonstration, the camera angle rotates and zooms out until the characters can't be heard any more. However, if you zoom in on the screen enough, you can see what the Pastafarian said. She said, "Hitting a target requires a specific combination of throwing speed and angle, based on your distance away." This can be seen after you zoomed in on the frame at least by 200%. This is only possible on the Flash version.


  • The event the Pastafarian refers to was actually drawn in one of Player_03's streams. The Pastafarian dropped her spoon in Level 35 in a similar manner to Coming Through. The Skater then says the Runner taught him a trick for this event.
  • The Skater originally called the Flying Spaghetti Monster 'sentient flying pasta' rather than 'magic sky food'. This may have been changed in order to make the Skater seem more childish, as he is one of the younger characters. Also, the Pastafarian's mumbling text was originally absent as well.
  • The developer has said he hasn't really finished this cutscene and plans on continuing it in the future.

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