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Did you draw on my map?

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Cheating is the tenth cutscene in the game Run 3, or the ninth if not counting the optional cutscene Batteries. This is a minor cutscene.

This cutscene is very unique since it requires you to beat Level B-4 without jumping as the Skater, Child, or Runner, and it is the only known hidden cutscene in the game to date, and similar to The Way Back, part 8, this cutscene is entirely optional.


After using the Skater, Child or the Runner to beat Level B-4 without jumping, a cutscene will feature, which is called Cheating.

The Child is standing in Level B-4. Apparently, the Skater did not jump in this level. As the Skater skates by, the Child asks “Wasn’t that cheating?” The Skater simply says that it was fun and skates off.


  • This cutscene became widely known since it was discovered in the Run Discord, and the game developer, Player 03, confirmed that it exists. It is one of the lesser-known secrets of the game.
  • This cutscene was added as early as May 2014, but it remained unknown to players until 4 years later.
  • Before it had an official name, this cutscene was called "Wasn't That Cheating?" as a conjectural name.
  • It is now suggested that this cutscene could be added to the Cutscene Gallery. It is unknown if it will appear there sooner or later.
  • Player 03 said he may add more secret cutscenes, but only after each character gets an introductory cutscene (like Coming Through, Student Teacher, Nice to Meet You, and Heavy Sleeper.)
  • The secret cutscene originates from Player_03 showing his family the ability to go over tiles. They responded with "Isn't that cheating?" The achievement also has the same origins.
  • The cutscene was found when NP101 was reenacting the story. The Skater was rushing towards the box bridge to the Student and Runner.
  • Player 03 has confirmed on Discord that this is the only hidden cutscene in the game so far.
  • Originally the Runner was here instead of the Child, but it was changed. This may have been due to the fact that almost every cutscene involved the Runner at the time, and most had the Skater and the Runner.