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Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Climber is a scrapped character idea for Run 3. Player 03 mentioned on the Run Discord that he couldn't fit the Climber into Run 3, but he might be able to use it in a future game. Player_03 has confirmed the Climber is being worked on for Run 4, and that she will have a sci-fi grappling hook and a slightly more detailed design than the fandom's design, which is a red bandanna, and a spunky personality. A suggestion was made for a grappler character, and it was said a similar idea was in the works. This was confirmed to be the Climber.

On June 4th, 2020, TreacherousAppleMan8 uncovered a work in progress version of the Climber. Her placeholder design had a yellow helmet with a green ring around it.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

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Climber's gameplay is somewhat similar to that of the Gentleman. After pressing the jump button in mid-air, you can throw a small box that serves as a destination for your ring to go to. Once the box lands on a tile, the ring will bring you to that location. It can be used as many times as you want and you could even travel underneath tunnels. If the box lands on a powercell in Infinite Mode, the powercell will be collected.

As this is a prototype, everything is subject to change once the Climber is finalized.

Infinite Mode Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Both the Climber and the Angel wear rings on their head. For different reasons, both won't tell you why.

Sprite sheets[edit | edit source]

Since the Climber is ultimately rejected for Run 3, she shares the same sprite sheet as of Runner's. However, a placeholder sprite sheet exists for her. It's still certain that this will change. In an earlier version of the game, she had a hardhat and a green ring.

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