Introduction Edit

This is Level 15 of Run 2 played by the Runner.

Gameplay Edit

In this level, the gaps are relatively large. This level may take a few tries and be a bit of a challenge for the less skilled players. The strategy is to gain momentum for your jump by moving to the side and pressing jump at the last second.

Bonus Edit

When you're on the platform right before the end of the level, instead of finishing the level, jump to the skinny platform to your right. When you're under the two-block wide platform, jump. The bonus is under the platform you're standing on, and it looks impossible to get, but is it? No. What you have to do is when you're on the two-block wide platform, move left until you fall, and then move right. You'll catch onto an end-level area, possibly getting the bonus. This is difficult.


The name is a reference to the phrase 'Come on Down" used in commercials.

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