Cutscene Transcript


Coming Through is the 1st cutscene or major cutscene in the game Run 3. In this cutscene, the Skater is introduced and becomes available for use.


After beating Level 10 with the Runner, a cutscene will begin featuring her and the Skater. The Skater is skating through the Tunnel when he runs into the Runner and knocks her over. When she falls, she lets go of her map and it floats up to the ceiling of the tunnel. He apologizes for running into her and attempts to retrieve the map by skating around the tunnel. However, as he goes around the tunnel towards the map, it moves away from him. The Skater notices and wonders out loud what it's doing. The Runner comments that it's probably just following the gravity in the tunnel. 

The Skater jumps in an attempt to reach it but falls back down to the same side that the Runner is standing on. The Skater thinks that it is stuck, but the Runner tells him to jump. They both jump at the same time and flip around to land on the ceiling. The Skater picks up the map and hands it back to the Runner before skating off in the other direction. The Runner calls after him that she didn't catch his name, but the Skater simply responds, "There's no time for that. I've got exploring to do!" Implying that he is about to explore throughout the tunnels.

When playing through Level 10 and watching the cutscene for the first time, the last frame will turn darker and say "Choose your character!" You will then have the choice to play as either the Runner or the Skater as you continue on to the next level. However, if you view the cutscene in the gallery, this last frame will not appear.


  • Prior to the introduction of this cutscene, a pop-up would appear telling you that you had unlocked the Skater, and there was a button you could press to try him out.
  • No matter what character you play as, you'll always have this cutscene play when completing Level 10 for the first time. Same applies to Heavy Sleeper.
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