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This is the transcript of the cutscene Coming Through.

Transcript Edit

Location: Between Level 10 and Level 11                    Characters: Runner, Skater

SkaterFront (Skates past Level 10) Coming through! (Knocks down the Runner)

RunnerFront Gah! (Falls down on the floor, and her Galaxy Map floats up to the ceiling)

SkaterFront (Faces the Runner) Oops, sorry!

SkaterFront Don't worry, I got this! (Skates onto the wall on the right, trying to reach to the map)
(The Map floats to the left.)
SkaterFront Wait. Where's it going!?
RunnerFront I guess it just follows gravity.
SkaterFront Hup! (Lands flat onto the ground) Oof.
RunnerFront Huh.
SkaterFront I think it's stuck.

RunnerFront Don't give up yet. I have an idea.

SkaterFront Yeah?

RunnerFront Jump! (Jumps into the air)
SkaterFront (Jumps into the air as well) Then what? (Both of them land on the ceiling, and reach the map.)
SkaterFront Oh, that's what. (Gives the map to the Runner) Here you go!
RunnerFront Thank you. So I don't believe I caught your name.
SkaterFront No time for that now! I've got exploring to do! (Skates away)

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