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Conspiracy is the 24th cutscene in Run 3, if counting the cutscenes Batteries and Cheating. This is a minor cutscene, yet it is one of the longest.


After beating all 9 levels of the New Tunnel, a cutscene starring the Duplicator and his son will begin. The Duplicator says that they will review what they know about the conspiracy. The Child is confused, because he never noticed any conspiracy. The Duplicator then explains his theory, saying what he knows about each of the characters, and how he thinks they are involved.

  • The Skater always skates around everywhere. The Duplicator says he must be the messenger for the group.
  • The Pastafarian is always talking about the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and the Duplicator recognizes this as scaring people into submission.
  • The Gentleman is the treasurer for the group. The Duplicator says they can take this to their advantage, as they put a greedy person in charge for their money.
  • The Child says that the Angel is mean and wants to go home. The Duplicator is surprised, saying that splitting up is unusual for conspiracies. The Child then says he worked at the factory, and the Duplicator says he is a government agent.
  • The Child mentions that the Runner is very nice. The Duplicator tells him that it is a just ploy to make people do what she says.
  • The Child observes that the Student just sits around most of the time, saying she's doing science, but "she doesn't even have a clipboard." The Duplicator seems to think this is significant, and declares that they need to find what the Student is truly up to.

After all of this, the Child says he doesn't want to play a game where the Runner is bad. The Duplicator tells him that it is no game, saying, "Recognizing conspiracies is a vital life skill."


After the end of this cutscene, all characters can then be used in the New Tunnel, which is originally only Child and Duplicator are allowed to use.


  • It is shown that the Child can't pronounce "conspiracy" properly. He says "conpiracy" in frame two of the cutscene, and then "conspirspacy" in frame thirteen, implying that he is quite young.
  • The slightly blurry images of all 6 aliens in the Duplicator's conspiracy are actually shown in other various cutscenes (except for the Gentleman):
    • Skater - "Batteries"
    • Pastafarian (mirrored) - "Teapot", Frame No. 2
    • Angel - "ABCD", Frame No. 19
    • Runner - "Nice to Meet You", Frame No. 2
    • Student - "Join Us", Frames No. 1 & 2
  • Note: In Frame No. 23 of "Morning Hypothesis part 5", since the Student wasn't wearing her backpack, the image of her is the exact same one used for the Runner since both of them looked identical.
  • The Duplicator is humorously pacing back for the entirety of the cutscene, while the Child is tangling his balloon strings around his antennae.
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