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This is a transcript of the cutscene Conspiracy.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Location: New Tunnel, part 9                       Characters: Duplicator,Child

DuplicatorFront.png (Faces the Child) So! Let's review what we know.

ChildFront.png What we know about what?

DuplicatorFront.png About the conspiracy, of course.

ChildFront.png What conpiracy?

DuplicatorFront.png You mean you haven't noticed?

(Hologram of the Skater appears)

DuplicatorFront.png (Turns away) Consider the Skater. What does he do?

ChildFront.png He skates around really fast. He never stops except to sleep I guess.

DuplicatorFront.png Does that sound like fun to you?

ChildFront.png Maybe?

DuplicatorFront.png No, it sounds like a job.

DuplicatorFront.png (Looks out into space) Clearly, the Skater is the messenger for the group.

ChildFront.png I never saw him messenging for anyone.

DuplicatorFront.png You probably missed it.

(Hologram of Pastafarian appears)

DuplicatorFront.png (Turns back to face the Child) Now let's talk about the Pastafarian! What do we know about her?

ChildFront.png Sometimes she tells you what you should do. Sometimes she tells you about the Spaghetti Monster.

DuplicatorFront.png (Turns away) Scaring people into submission. Classic.

(Hologram of the Gentleman appears)

ChildFront.png Is the Gentleman part of it?

DuplicatorFront.png (Turns back to face the Child) Absolutely! He's the official conspiracy treasurer.

ChildFront.png The official what?

DuplicatorFront.png He keeps track of everyone's money.

ChildFront.png (Pulls his balloon down to eye level) How do you know he's the treasure? Just 'cause he loves batteries?

DuplicatorFront.png (Turns around) Well, yeah. Who else would it be?

DuplicatorFront.png Wait... This means they put a very greedy person in charge of their money.

ChildFront.png That's bad?

DuplicatorFront.png Yeah: for them. It's great news for us!

DuplicatorFront.png (Whispering) We need to capitalize on this, if you'll excuse the pun.

(Hologram of the Angel appears)

DuplicatorFront.png Ok, next is the Angel.

ChildFront.png He's mean and he wants to go home. I don't like him.

DuplicatorFront.png Splitting up? That's unusual for a conspiracy.

ChildFront.png (Gets his balloon string tangled in his antennae) I heard he works at the Factory...

DuplicatorFront.png Aha! He's a government agent! And probably an engineer. That explains everything!

(Hologram of the Runner appears)

ChildFront.png (Gets the string untangled) The Runner can't be in the conspirspacy.

DuplicatorFront.png (Turns back to face the Child) She can, and she is.

ChildFront.png She's too nice for that.

DuplicatorFront.png (Turns away) It's a ploy to make people do what she says.

ChildFront.png Ploy?

DuplicatorFront.png A trick.

ChildFront.png Being nice is a trick?

DuplicatorFront.png Yes.

(Hologram of the Student appears)

DuplicatorFront.png Have you found out anything about the Student?

ChildFront.png Not really. She just sort of sits around most of the time.

ChildFront.png She says she's doing science, but she doesn't even have a clipboard.

DuplicatorFront.png (Turns back to face the Child) Good observation! That's exactly the sort of clue we need.

DuplicatorFront.png Ok, your next job is to figure out what the Student's really up to.

ChildFront.png Dad?

DuplicatorFront.png Yes?

ChildFront.png I don't wanna play a game where the Runner's a bad guy.

DuplicatorFront.png What? This isn't a game. Recognizing conspiracies is a vital life skill.

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