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Conveyor tile is a tile found in Run 3. It is also one of the two types of tiles that cannot be used in the Level Editor, the other type being Barrier Tiles.


Conveyor tiles are the only tiles that have an animation. They appear as blue tiles with blue arrows sliding in the direction of the conveyor. Conveyor tiles only appear in Run 3, although they are similar to Sticky Cubes and Fast-Run Tiles in Run 2. They first appear in the N-Tunnel, and they also appear in the I-Tunnel, the C-Tunnel, and the H-Tunnel. (They also appear in Infinite Mode.)


What conveyor tiles do is that they push you in the direction the arrows are pointing and flowing. If the arrows are pointing towards you, they slow you down. If they're pointing forwards, they make you go faster. If they point left or right, then when you're standing on the tiles, they will move you in the direction they're pointing.


Look for where the next platform is when you jump. If the direction the conveyor tiles point forward, jump earlier. If the conveyor tiles are pointing backwards (slowing down your speed), only jump until you are on the edge of your present platform, this will decrease the distance between platforms. If you are using a faster character (such as Skater, Bunny, although the Bunny is not allowed in the N, C, H, and I-tunnels), you need to make the jump to the next platform much earlier if the Conveyor tiles are pointing forward. You may jump a little later than usual if the conveyor tiles are pointing backwards.

If there are many Conveyor tiles pointing left/right, they will divert your direction, making you turn to the other side, (thus making you fall right into a hole if you are unlucky and careless). You may want to keep jumping, making you less affected by their diverting behavior, but be more careful if you are using a fast-paced character, such as Skater they are more difficult to maneuver when you jump. Also, the tiles that point left or right do not appear in the N-tunnel.