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 Introduction Edit

The Coordination Challenge is a tunnel that connects to the Box Storage Area. It consists of levels canonically created by the Gentleman however some of the levels have been created by editors of the Wiki (2,3,6,7,9,10,11). The only playable character is the Pastafarian. The tunnel was implemented into the game on August 5, 2018.

It is unlocked after watching the cutscene "Superpowers" and beating the "Memory Evaluation" tunnel.

Gameplay Edit

All of these levels have different styles, since most of them (7 out of 11) are made by different players. These levels are considered to be harder than average, since this is a "challenge" by the Gentleman.

Something unusual about these levels is that if you played some of these levels in a challenging way (Such as avoiding the Normal tiles and staying on the light bridge only), there will be a progress bar on the top of the screen. If you can successfully fill up that bar, there will be hidden dialogues shown to you.

There is a cutscene at the end of the tunnel, named "Thanks for Playtesting". However, it is still incomplete.

 Plot Edit

There is one cutscene that takes place in the Coordination Challenge. If you want to know more about the story, go here.

Thanks for Playtesting Edit

Thanks for Playtesting is a one-frame cutscene with dialog boxes of the Pastafarian and the Gentleman talking to each other. The cutscene is incomplete, and it will only show that the two characters are talking, and there will only be bubble boxes containing dialogue on the bottom of the screen.

Bug Edit

Sometimes the cutscene glitches making the Galaxy Map unusable and Explore Mode sends you to the Galaxy map, this problem can be solved by refreshing the page.

In addition to this sometimes the cutscene won't play, however you can still see the cutscene in the cutscene section.

Difficulty Edit

Very easy
Not too easy
Almost medium
Over medium
Above medium
Fairly hard
Extra hard
Insanely hard
The levels of Coordination Challenge.
1 3 5 1 1

Gallery Edit

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