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Did you draw on my map?

This page contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.


This is Level 1 of the Coordination Challenge in Run 3.

There is hint dialogue in this level. 

You can only use the Pastafarian,Gentleman, so she will be the only suggested character in this tunnel.


The first half of the level has pink spiral platforms and boxes filling up most of the space, which is only made easier by the light bridge. The second half of the level is a trail of boxes, which can be easily passed by hugging the sides of them.

To obtain the hint dialogue, you must not jump at any point past the first light bridge tile or touch anything other than the light bridge. This isn't as hard as it is annoying, as it is impossible to beat this if you reach some areas in the level. Also, the boxes at the end are troublesome.

Hint Dialogue

GentlemanFront.png Should I be offended by your aversion to the slightest contact with my challenge? A challenge whose construction process, I remind you, has consumed months of my time.

PastafarianFront.png No, um-

GentlemanFront.png Don't worry, that was in jest. As a matter of fact I'm moderately impressed you managed it.

PastafarianFront.png Oh, haha. In that case, thanks.

PastafarianFront.png Hang on. When you said you spent months building this singular challenge, was that an exaggeration?

GentlemanFront.png I spent months on these challenges collectively, not this challenge alone. The length of time spent is no exaggeration.

PastafarianFront.png I admire your dedication.

GentlemanFront.png Indeed, but it's my hope I can enlist some employees. Do you know where I might find one capable of quickly bridging gaps?

PastafarianFront.png My apologies, but I'm unable to commit that much of my time.

GentlemanFront.png I should mention that I am able to compensate any and all employees extremely handsomely.

PastafarianFront.png You certainly should mention that, but not to me. I already have what little money I need.

PastafarianFront.png When I talk to the others, I'll make sure to pass along your requests.



Run 3 - Hint Guide for Coordination Challenge 1