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Introduction[edit | edit source]

This is Level 11 of the Coordination Challenge in Run 3. This is also the final level of the tunnel.

This level was originally made by Tanline666 for the Creator Contest. The original upload can be played here.

There is hint dialogue in this level.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The gameplay should not be too hard to figure out yourself, just follow the long tile paths to the end. When running on the tile paths, it is recommended to run on the ice tile sides rather than the crumbling tile sides since the crumbling tiles will crumble beneath you.

There will also be a few rings of tiles throughout the level. This part would be pretty difficult if it weren't for the Pastafarian's light bridge. With it, she doesn't have to land exactly on each of the rings and can make a few mistakes here and there without falling.

At the end there is only one path to the end of the level. Make sure you are able to jump to that path or you will not be able to make your way to the end of the level.

In order to get the hint dialogue, you must not touch the light bridge, and fall into the void on the second set of rings of crumbling tiles, upside-down of the final platform. This also means the crumbling tiles since when the tiles crumble, the light bridge will save you (that would go against the requirements to this hint dialogue). However, there is one exception to this rule. At the end of the level before jumping to that final platform, you will be faced with a bunch of crumbling tile rings. You are allowed to step on them here, but here is the only place where you are allowed to step on crumbling tiles to get the hint dialogue.

Hint Dialogue[edit | edit source]

PastafarianFront.png Oh.

GentlemanFront.png Heh. I take it you didn't expect to encounter that ruse twice in a row?

PastafarianFront.png Not particularly.

GentlemanFront.png That's the beauty of my stratagem: after evading a trap, your natural instinct is to attempt to outsmart me by anticipating something entirely new.

GentlemanFront.png But I anticipated your anticipation of me, letting me subvert your expectations.

PastafarianFront.png I don't buy it.

GentlemanFront.png It was effective, was it not?

PastafarianFront.png Not exactly. You created some uncertainty, but the scenario remained on my mind nonetheless.

PastafarianFront.png Since I considered the possibility, I spotted it well in advance. Then I chose to walk into it.

GentlemanFront.png Why?

PastafarianFront.png To see what avenues of escape might be available to those without my bridge.

GentlemanFront.png Hmm... ok. And the verdict?

PastafarianFront.png If not for the ease with which this trap can be avoided, I'd chide you for building it.

GentlemanFront.png I can appreciate that reasoning.

Plot[edit | edit source]

There is one cutscene that takes place in the Coordination Challenge. If you want to know more about the story, go here.

Thanks for Playtesting[edit | edit source]

Thanks for Playtesting is a one-frame cutscene with dialog boxes of the Pastafarian and the Gentleman talking to each other. The cutscene is incomplete, and it will only show that the two characters are talking, and there will only be bubble boxes containing dialogue on the bottom of the screen.

Walkthrough (Hint Guide)[edit | edit source]


Run 3 - Coordination Challenge 11 (Hint Guide)

Hint guide walkthrough of this level.

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