Did you draw on my map
Did you draw on my map?

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Introduction Edit

This is Level 5 of the Coordination Challenge in Run 3.

There is hint dialogue for this level.

Gameplay Edit

Whether or not you decide to use the crumbling tiles, the gameplay is still roughly the same. If you accidentally hit a crumbling tile, that is perfectly okay; the level is can still easily beatable, thanks to the Pastafarian's light bridge.

Although the large number of crumbling tiles dislodging leaves only so many normal tiles, the distance between the remaining tiles are short enough that the bridge will last longer. Pro tip: jump on the light bridge whenever you can. This will give you the highest chance of survival in this level. If the bridge fades, the large spaces left from the crumbling tiles will let you fall into the void of space.

Overall, this level is not entirely challenging, but also not that easy. The light bridge is the key in this level, as it can save you from accidentally missing a jump and falling.

Hint Dialogue Edit

There is some hint dialogue in this level. To get it, you must not touch crumbling tiles in the first half of the level.

PastafarianFront As I thought. Even without dislodging any, cracked tiles are sparse here.

PastafarianFront Is that intentional?

GentlemanFront Those tiles have a unique and highly annoying tendency to detach from my manipulator ring. This has naturally delayed the collection process.

PastafarianFront Oh. That sounds like a pain.

GentlemanFront Nonetheless, I assure you that this challenge will be saturated by the time of the grand opening.

PastafarianFront And may His Noodly Appendage lighten your load.

Walkthrough Edit

Coordination Challenge 5 Walkthrough (Run 3)

Coordination Challenge 5 Walkthrough (Run 3)


  • A ring can be seen on a tile at the end of the level. It looks like the image below.
  • It might have been left behind by the Gentleman when he was building this tunnel.
    Ring CC5

    The Ring found in the level.

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