Introduction Edit

This is Level 6 of the Coordination Challenge in Run 3.

This level was originally made by Fivebee2 for the Creator Contest. The original upload can be played here.

There is no hint dialogue in this level.

Gameplay Edit

In this level, you will have to run across large spirals of tiles, and the path is generally narrow. Fortunately, the level is largely easier than the original upload.

This level composes of a few parts, with the first part being spirals made out of Normal tiles and the second half comprising of Boxes. Fortunately, with the Pastafarian, the bridge makes the path a lot wider than the original, and you can leap on the light tiles to boost the bridge.

The same goes for the spiral made out of Boxes. Though, be careful when you jump, so you don't accidentally jump into the space.

Walkthrough Edit

Coordination Challenge 6 Walkthrough (Run 3)

Coordination Challenge 6 Walkthrough (Run 3)

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