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Did you draw on my map?

This page contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.


This is Level 8 of the Coordination Challenge in Run 3.

There is a hint dialogue in this level.


This level consists of small chunks of lime-green tiles. Because of how close the platforms are to each other, you can make your bridge strong and just walk your way.

However, this is not for the entire level. Sometimes the platforms are farther apart, leaving holes in your bridge, in which case you can jump to another platform (or onto some of the bridge next to it).

To obtain the hint challenge, you cannot step on the bridge. Then, near the end of the level, you must jump off a ramp that leads into the void, and fail the level.

Hint Dialogue

PastafarianFront.png How was I meant to continue from that point?

GentlemanFront.png I suggest re-evaluating your route.

PastafarianFront.png I realize superior routes exist, but that particular ramp still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

GentlemanFront.png Then I suggest not tasting that particular ramp.

PastafarianFront.png Did you just-

PastafarianFront.png Heh, touché.

PastafarianFront.png Nonetheless, a ramp invites leaping off, and promises the opportunity to land afterwards.

GentlemanFront.png No such promise exists or will exist in any of my contracts.

PastafarianFront.png Then it implicitly promises such. Either way, I took a leap of faith, and my faith went unrewarded. Such experiences are never pleasant.

GentlemanFront.png ...I see. However, I project a low monetary impact, so I cannot assign this a high priority.



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