Did you draw on my map
Did you draw on my map?

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Introduction Edit

This is Level 9 of the Coordination Challenge in Run 3.

This level was originally made by TreacherousAppleMan8 for the Creator Contest. The original upload can be played here.

There is hint dialogue in this level.

Gameplay Edit

This level is made up of small groups of boxes. It is not to hard to pass the level, as the gaps are generally small, and the layout is pretty straightforward. Just walk along the path, and do jumps when necessary.

Hint Dialogue Edit

To obtain the hint challenge, you are only allowed to touch the light bridge after the starting blue tiles. Be careful of the last ice tiles, they count as a tile and will make you fail. To avoid them, just try to do jumps on the bridge in order to strengthen the bridge, then run across them, before jumping to the next bridge tile.

PastafarianFront I've been talking to the Angel.

GentlemanFront My condolences.

PastafarianFront Please be serious.

GentlemanFront I am. Time spent talking to the Angel is time wasted.

PastafarianFront What about time spent attempting to convert the Angel?

PastafarianFront If he could learn to see the universe from a Pastafarian perspective, both he and those around him would greatly benefit.

PastafarianFront Regardless of the effort required, one can hardly call that a waste.

GentlemanFront I'm sorry, but I can hardly imagine the Angel admitting fault, much less making any show of faith.

PastafarianFront Thanks so much for the vote of confidence.

GentlemanFront I'm merely reminding you that there exist for more profitable uses of your time.

PastafarianFront I'll leave you out of it, but I must try.

GentlemanFront Hmph, if you insist.


Run 3 - Coordination Challenge 9 (Hint Guide)

Run 3 - Coordination Challenge 9 (Hint Guide)

Walkthrough of this level. (With the hint dialogue)

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