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This is a transcript of the cutscene Discoveries.

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Location: Level U-5                                      Characters: Student, Angel

(The Student is sitting on a platform, the Angel standing to the left.)

AngelFront (Smiling) There you are! I was about to head home without you!

StudentFront Home? But we just got here!

AngelFront (Facing away, no longer smiling) You aren't very good at keeping track of time, are you. It's been a year now.

StudentFront (Standing up) So? Scientific discoveries take time. Be patient!

AngelFront What scientific discoveries? The discovery that space is empty?

StudentFront Oh come on. What about gravity manipulation, force fields, holograms, and teleportation? Aren't any of those worth your time?

StudentFront The Runner and I are close to figuring out how to suspend heavy objects in midair!

AngelFront (Walking away) Congratulations, you discovered the yellow rings. Only seven and a half months after I did.

StudentFront Sticking a ring to yourself isn't enough. You don't really understand something until you can build one from scratch.

AngelFront (Facing the Student) Who cares about building new ones? We have plenty in good condition.

AngelFront And if you really cared about understanding, you'd let actual scientists do the research.

StudentFront (Facing away) No! The Runner and I are more than qualified to handle this. Mostly the Runner.
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