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Dodge the Squares is an in-game achievement in Run 3. This achievement is found in Level 4.

Suggested Character: RunnerFront.png

Note: Since this achievement can be only be obtained with the Runner, she will be the only recommended character.


In order to earn this achievement, Level 4 must be completed as the Runner without jumping or dislodging any Crumbling tiles.


Finishing the level without jumping or without dislodging any tiles separately is fairly easy. However, doing both at the same time presents more of a challenge, especially because the achievement can only be earned using the Runner.

The Crumbling tiles are scattered all throughout the level, but there are many different paths that lead around them. Even after a path is chosen, it can still be difficult to finish without dislodging any tiles. Most paths require at least one hard timing. The best strategy is to be as far away from the holes as possible since the crumbling tiles are next to the holes, but other than that, good luck!