Cutscene Transcript


This is the transcript of the cutscene Don't Knock It.


Location: On Level L-4                             Characters: Skater, Angel, Child*

ChildFront.png (Hiding on a platform slightly left of the center of the scene.)

AngelFront.png (Walks into the scene. At the same time, the Skater keeps falling and respawning.)

AngelFront.png Wait.

SkaterFront.png (Misses another jump, falling off into space).

AngelFront.png (Standing in front of the Skater) Slow down, you idiot!

SkaterFront.png Hey, watch it!

AngelFront.png You'll have a much easier time if you slow down. You know that, right?

AngelFront.png Don't you care that those skates make your life harder?

SkaterFront.png Hey, skating is fun. Don't knock it till you've tried it.

AngelFront.png (Talking to himself) You know, some of us use tools to solve problems...

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