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This is a transcript of the cutscene Don't Question It.

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Location: Level M-3                                       Characters: Skater, Student

The box which the Skater delivered to the Student floats in the middle of the tunnel.

SkaterFront (Facing the Student) You know what? I'm done. I'm here to have fun, not participate in mad science.
SkaterFront Maybe when you're older, you'll realize some things shouldn't be questioned.
StudentFront (Facing the Skater) Maybe when you're mature, you'll realize everything should be.
SkaterFront ...
SkaterFront Why?
StudentFront Because asking questions leads to discovering new things.
SkaterFront (Face palms) No, that was a rhetorical question.
StudentFront It was a legitimate question, and I gave you a legitimate answer.
SkaterFront Ugh, just- Stop explaining the joke!

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