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Cutscene Transcript


Fame is the 57th cutscene in Run 3, if counting all of the previous optional and hidden cutscenes.

This is a major cutscene, as it gives the player a background of the Skater and Runner's lives on the planet.


After beating I-7, a conversation between the Runner and Skater will begin. The Skater asks why the Runner is here even though the Angel is going home. She replies saying that she likes it out here. The Skater says, "But you're famous!" The Runner says she got tired of fame, surprising the Skater. He says he would never give up fame like her. He explains how he skated across the planet to make friends with everybody. But everyone forgot him. He says, "It was like my official nicknames were 'that kid' and 'hey you.'" Then he continues saying that the Runner was different and everyone talked about her, then continues to name a bunch of quotes about her. Then he realizes he's being rude and stops. He says he is sorry and the Runner accepts his apology.

The Runner says she didn't like any the quotes he said either. She begins to say that she doesn't know everything, and doesn't pretend to. But people began to think she did and took her opinions for granted. She then explains an example of the Sailor and thunderstorms. The Runner says it is mostly her fault that the Sailor got struck by lightning. She didn't know that the Sailor wanted to go in a storm, but she admits to showing him an unfinished map. She continues saying that she gave him a mental map. He assumed he knew everything and almost got killed. The Skater says she is blaming the Sailor, but the Runner says that she always makes this error.

The Skater changes the subject and asks her how to get famous. The Runner refuses to tell the him how because she doesn't want to give him an incomplete map.